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Mother-branches invested 3.5 billion euros in Romania last year

de Dragos Comache, transl/adapt. C.B.
Marţi, 16 martie 2010, 18:15 Actualitate

Companies in Romania with foreign capital have received last year capital injections worth of 3.51 billion euros from their foreign shareholders, namely 11%less than in 2008, when capital infusions raised to 3.98 billion euros, according to Romanian Commerce Registrar National Office (ONRC). The value of the social capital subscribed to companies with foreign shareholders went up 16.2% in 2009, amounting to 25.23 billion euros.

Investors' residency countries classification has not undergone major changes since 2008. The first countries leading the top of investors with subscribes social capital are still the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and France. Greece came up to the fifth position from the tenth. Following are Cypress, (5th in 2008), USA (maintains position), Italy (6th in 2008), Spain (8th in 2008) and Hungary (15th in 2008).

Most of the 166,728 companies with foreign shareholders were active in the en gross and retail commerce, namely 35.7%, while 11.9% were active in the manufacturing industry. 8.8% were involved in professional, scientific and technical activities. At the same time, 1.1% of the societies with foreign shareholders were handling financial intermediations and insurances, while 3.1% were involved in the hotels and restaurants industry.

According to the data from the Romanian National Bank (BNR), the direct foreign investments in Romania from non-residents amounted to 4.90 billion euros in 2009, in contrast with 9.49 billion euros, the figures for 2008, out of which capital participations amounted to 3.06 billion euros. Mother-branches granted their Romanian subsidiaries loans worth of a total of 1.83 billion euros.

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