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The International Education Expo Beijing, 2005

Spiru Haret University stands beside important Universities in China, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea.

A new and clear international affirmation
Education links mankind

Prof. A. Bondrea, Rector of Spiru Haret University extends warm congratulations to mr. Zhu Shanlu

Meetings and discusions of Prof. Aurelian Bondrea, Rector of Spiru Haret University with officials and personalities in the field of education in China and other participating countries.

Education links mankind
At the beginning of the 3rd millenium, this motto has a double signification. First it offers the possibility of discusions in a field which is more and more important for the formation and better use of the planet’s human resources. It offers the Romanian society the possibility to benefit from life long education, to become what scholars call an educational society, a society of the future.

These are the challenges that all those involved in educating the young generations all over the world have decided to meet on a medium and long term.

It is on this background and under the above-mentioned motto – Education links mankind – that the International Education Expo 2005 took place in Beijing. The annual meeting in the Asian capital between 9 – 11 July was the second organized by the Educational Board of Beijing municipality.

After the success of the last year’s Exhibition the 2005 reunion situated itself at a higher level both due to the larger number of participants coming from all continents and to the complexity of the educational programmes, to the very modern approaches, as well as to the facilities offered for the development of the educational processes.

World - wide concern with training and capitalizing on human resources

Institutions at all educational levels were present at the International Education Expo held in Beijing; more than 600 participants were registred, beside a few hundreds Chinese educational institutions, 200 colleges and universities with a solid international reputation and tradition from 30 countries were present.

The International Education Expo Beijing, 2005

Among them were American universities (Harvard, Yale University CT, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of San Francisco CA, California State University, UC Berkeley, Minessota University, Central Michigan University, Gould Academy, Hawaii Pacific University, University of Wisconsin – Milwakee, Stanford Graduate School of

Business CA,

Microsoft), British Universities (Wales International Consortium, Boston College, Oxford&Cherwell College, Oxford Brookes University, University of the Arts London, Aberdeen Business School World Wide – MBSW, University of Manchester), Canadian Universities (Canada International College, The Great Lake College of Toronto, Cape Breton University, Trinity Western University, Ryerson University –

Toronto, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology), Australian Universities (Department of Education – Victoria, Melbourne Institute of Technology, The University of New South Wales, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Queensland – Brisbane, Taylors College – Sydney Melbourne – Perth, Monash University, The Kilmore International School ) European Universities: Germany

(Humboldt University- Berlin, Sunfield Language Centre and Preparatory College), Italy (SDA Boccony University Milan), France (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises, Aix-en Provence, Centre des Etudes en France), Russia (Moscow University), Asian universities: Japan (Tokyo), South Korea (The Catholic University of Korea, Paichai University), Singapore (Singapore Institute of Management),

Malaysia (University of Kuala Lumpur), Hong Kong (Faculty of Business, City University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Business, City University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong), India (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade). They presented their offer adapted both to their countries and to the Asian public.

The Beijing Exhibition occasioned the meeting of education providers with the beneficiaries: important business and financial groups, sponsors, decision makers.

Conferences and symposia were organized during the Exhibition, on topics such as: Development of vocational training, Promotion of IT-based Education. The hundreds of stands hosted by the 5 pavilions of the Exhibition witnessed thousands of bilateral contacts and a sui generis international Forum on education outstanding both in side and scope.

Manufacturers of educational technology and equipment met in the central pavilion and presented state – of the – art exhibits.
Important universities from the Western academic world presented complex offers within the programme of the Conference: Cooperation in Education with China and for other foreign students; the offers were meant to improve communication and cooperation among institutions, colleges and universities and other providers.

The negociation sessions, bilateral discussions, the promotional activities represented the core of the Exhibition that took place between 9 – 11 July (with a series of bilateral contacts rescheduled for the 8th of July).

The Education Commission of Beijing Municipality organized the International Education Expo with the purpose identifying the best ways to use the educational resources in an ample professional meeting.

The exhibition was conceived by the organizers as an international cooperation and communication event under the aegis of a high – profile, internationally recognized entity meant to stimulate theoretical research and to discover points of mutual interest.

Student and teacher exchange programmes were another topic of discussion as well as experience sharing from a new perspective adequate to our times.

The presence at the Beijing exhibition highlighted the outstandinurg achievements of Spiru Haret University, comparable to those of other Universities in Europe and the world over

Spiru Haret University stand

The organizers enabled scholars, trainers, specialists in pedagogic sciences, experts, managers, parents, pupils and students from all over the world to meet in order to share expe-riences meant to foster communication and to enrich networking and resources.

Loyal to the principles of international openness and cooperation (reflected in the participation in other international education fairs, such as the World Education Fair – Lisbon 2003, the Middle East Intrenational Education Fair – Beirut 2004) the management of Spiru Haret University was highly interested in participating in the International Education Expo, Beijing, 2005.

The outstanding results obtained in the 15 years that have passed since it was founded place Spiru Haret University among the most modern, highly performant and best endowed academic institutions in Romania.

Wishing to promote the name and the achievements of the University abroad, its representatives were happy to realize that their university’s performances are comparable to those obtained in the rest of Europe and in the world.

Spiru Haret University was the only Romanian University present at the second International Education Expo. Other European educational institutions that participated in the event were: 7 British universities, 2 French and 2 German Universities and one University from Italy as well as the Moscow State University.

The Romanian presence was well appreciated by the organizers, a fact reflected in the meetings of Prof. Aurelian Bondrea, rector of Spiru Haret University and president of the Romania Tomorrow Foundation with Chinese officials.

The reception organized by the City of Beijing in honour of the participants occasioned interesting talks between dr. Aurelian Bondrea and Mr Zhu Shanlu, member of the Standing Committee of CCP and Secretary of Beijing Municipality Education Commission. On this occasion Dr. Bondrea presented the hosts with the album and promotional CD of Spiru Haret University.

Together with representatives of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology dr Aurelian Bondrea thanked the organizers for the invitation and congratulated them for their work at the same time expressing his wish that the Romanian-Chinese relationships should deepen and diversify, especially in the field of education.

In reply, the Chinese official had words of praise about the Chinese – Romanian relationships which he hoped would diversify and extend in the field of education too.

Prof. Aurelian Bondrea also met Mr. Geng Xuechao, Director of the Beijing Education Commission and Director of the Exhibition. The Chinese high official offered an exclusive interview for the Romania Tomorrow Television Channel and congratulated Spiru Haret University for its participation in the Exhibition, speaking warmly about the Romanian – Chinese relations.

A partnership project – The Academic and Cultural Complex Romania Tomorrow will be built in Bucharest. The host country looks foward to implementing IT

The Rector of Spiru Haret University had talks with Ms. Song Lijun, director of Bureau of Cooperation and International Exchanges within the Beijing Education Committee, with Mr. Si Zhansu deputy director of the same bureau, and with other Chinese decision makers.

During the talks with the representatives of the host country Rector Aurelian Bondrea presented the achievements of Spiru Haret University in its 15 years of existence as well as several priority projects for the near future, involving our Chinese partners to a great extent. Thus, the Academic and Cultural Centre Romania Tomorrow will be built, to the mutual advantage of both parties.

It will include a University hospital, a four star hostel for visiting professors, a three star hotel for students, a conference centre, new headquarters for Spiru Haret University. The specialization Chinese Traditional Medicine will also be part of the Faculty of Medicine, recently set up in our University.

The hosts were obviously interested in the proposals made by the rector namely to set up a bilateral contract with a view to finalizing partnership contracts

A delegation of the University of Medical Sciences in the Chinese capital will visit Spiru Haret University to produce the final draft of the partnership contract between the two universities

The interest aroused by the presence of Spiru Haret University at the International Education Expo, Beijing, 2005, is also reflected by the many meetings and contacts with other delegations of the higher education establishments (colleges and universities) who wished to learn more about the achievements of our University.

Meetings and talks were held with the vicechairman of the Department of Education, Hainan province, Mr. Shi Yi Yun, the President of Dongfang University in Beijing, professor Guanying Li, with whom the bases for an ampler cooperation were discussed.

Other important meetings were with the representatives of the International College for Business Administration in Beijing , with the delegation of the University of Political and Law Sciences in China, with the representatives of the Department of Education, Nanjing province, and with the National Chemical Equipment Company in Beijing which finances an important university.

At the Exhibition stand, the management of Spiru Haret University welcomed the delegations of the largest teacher – training Universities in China, namely the delegation of the teacher – training University in Shanghai and the delegation of the teacher – training University of Beijing.

Some major issues were thoroughly disscussed the result of which being the specialization in the Chinese language included among the others at Spiru Haret University with a department made of Chinese associate professors.

Intense cooperation with Dong Fang University in Beijing, Universities
in Beijing and Shanghai.

In the last day of our presence at the Exhibition the delegation of Spiru Haret University visited the University of Medical Sciences in Beijing, number one of its class in Asia. With its 18,000 students and 13 hospitals it is one of the most highly reputed higher education and research institutions in Asia.

Suffice it to mention that 3,000 liver and kidney transplants were performed in one of its hospitals in the last 2 years.
Rector Aurelian Bondrea and the Chancellor of the University of Medical Sciences met in order to establish a framework for the mutually advantageous cooperation of both parties. A delegation of the Chinese University was invited to come in September this year to Bucharest, to sign the partnership contract between the two universities. The invitation was graciously accepted.

The meetings and discussions in Beijing, during the International Education Expo, provided a new opportunity for the performances of Spiru Haret University to be known abroad at the same time being a means of benchmarking them in an international context.
It was yet another occasion on which Spiru Haret University defined itself as a University of the 21st century.

Let’s start and develop our collaboration

INTERVIEW with professor Guanying Li
President of Dongfang University in Beijing

Question: Professor Guanying Li, what does your university expect from the participation in International Education Expo?
Answer: Our university, Dongfang, participates in this exhibition because it wishes to establish relationships of cooperation with foreign universities. At the same time we wish to present our educational methods to foreign universities and to establish cooperation programmes.
Question: How do you see the collaboration with Spiru Haret University in Romania?
Answer: Romania is one of the first countries with which we established and maintain a good friendship relationship. We want to further collaborate with Romanian universities.

We value the Romanian-Chinese friendship.
We would like to make exchanges and to cooperate in the educational field.

INTERVIEW with the Director of the Organizing Board of the International Education Expo, Beijing, 2005
Geng Xuechao, – Director of the Education Commission of Beijing Municipality

Cordial meeting of prof. A. Bondrea and Mr. Zhu Shanlu and Mr. Geng Xuechao

Question: How difficult is it to organize an international event of this size?
Answer: We are very happy to receive the visit of our Romanian guests. This is the second edition of the International Education Expo organized by Beijing. In comparison to the last year’s edition, the number of participants both from China and abroad is larger. We wish to have as many friends as possible. The larger the number of participants, the better.
Question: I would like to ask you about distance learning. About 40% of our students prefer this form of education. What do yo think about this form of learning? Is it really the education of the future?
Answer: You are right. Distance learning is indeed the future. Each student can create for himself / herself the best conditions of learning. As far as China is concerned, distance learning is an advantage.
Question: Would you like to address a few words to our viewers in Romania and Europe?
Answer: We value the Chinese – Romanian friendship which dates back to the bilateral relations initiated in Mao Zedong’s time. For the future we wish more and more Romanians to came to Beijing to study, to have greater mobility. In our turn, we would like to come to Romania, to Europe in order to study and cooperate in the field of education.
You will always be welcome in Beijing!
Corneliu TOADER

Accredited institution of higher education, private legal entity of public utility, part of the national educational system FACULTIES SPIRU HARET UNIVERSITY

Spiru Haret University

1.The Faculty of Foreign Lanuages and Literatures (Bucharest, 314.00.75)
2. The Faculty of Law and Public Administation (Bucharest, 314.00.75)
3 The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (Bucharest, 346.64.14)
4. The Faculty of Medicine and Kinetotherapy (Bucharest, 314.39.08; Cluj Napoca Traditional Chinese Medicine (courses held in English)
5. The Faculty of Marketing and Foreign Trade (Bucharest, 316.97.93)
6. The Faculty of Financial and Accounting Management (Bucharest, 316.97.85)
7. The Faculty of Finance and Banking (Bucharest, 316.97.86/103)
8. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Bucharest, 230.69.16)
9. The Faculty of Philosophy and Journalism (Bucharest, 334.44.19)
10. The Faculty of Sociology and Psychology (Bucharest, 255.60.94)
11. The Faculty of Management (Brasov, 0268/42.04.37)
12. The Faculty of Music (Bucharest, 317.19.01)
13. The Faculty of Geography (Bucharest, 317.19.00)
14. The Faculty of Financial and Accounting Management (Constanta, 0241.54.50.15)
15. The Faculty of Theatrical Arts (Bucharest, 314.00.75)
16. The Faculty of Romanian Language and Literature (Bucharest, 314 00.75)
17. The Faculty of History (Bucharest, 314.00.75)
18. The Faculty of International Relations and European Studies (Bucharest, 334.44.19)
19. The faculty of Law and Administative Sciences (Brasov, 0268/42.04.37)
20. The Faculty of Financial and Accounting Management (Craiova, 0251.59.82.65)
21. The Faculty of Law and Public Administation (Craiova, 0251/59.82.65)
22. The faculty of Accounting and Finance (Campulung –Muscel, 0248/51.22.48)
23. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (Bucharest, 314.00.75)
24. The Faculty of Architecture (Bucharest, 314.00.75)
25. The Faculty of Law and Public Administation (Constanta, 0241/54.50.15)
26. The faculty of Accounting and Finance (Ramnicu Valcea, 0250.40.16.26)
27. The Faculty of Law and Public Administation (Ramnicu Valcea, 0250/40.16.26)
28. The f aculty of Psychology and Pedagogy (Brasov, 0268/42.04.37)
29. The faculty of Economic Sciences (Blaj, 0258/71.12.31)
30. Teacher Training Departament (Bucharest, 312.15.38)


• Faculty of Law and Administation, Bucharest
• Community Law
• Material Community Law
• Penal Sciences
• Building a Case in criminal Cases
• Corporate Law in European Context
Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, Bucharest
• Analytical Psychotherapy
• Judicial Psychology and Victimology
• Organisational and Human Resources
• Management
• Family and Society
• Inter-Ethnic Relationships, Ethnicity and Nationalism
• Social and Cultural Change
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bucharest
• Comparative Linguistics and Contrastive Analysis
• Specialised Translation; Techniques for Terminology and Documentation
• Modernity in European Literatures and Cultures
• North American and Hispano American Literatures
Faculty of Financial and Accounting Management,
• I.T based cost calculation
• Financial and Accounting Management of Public Administration
• Auditing banking finance and accounting coputerized systems
• Financial and Accounting Audit
• Evaluation of comparies
Faculty of Marketing and Foreign Trade, Bucharest
• Marketing in the Context of European Integration
• The Management and marketing of logistic operations
• Real estate market-present and future
Faculty of Philosophy and Journalism, Bucharest
• Media and Communication
• Main Issues of Contemporary Philosophy
Faculty of Geography, Bucharest
• Geography of Tourism, Tourism and Regional Integration
• Geographical Hazards; Land Planning
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest
• Pet Pathology
• Hygiene and Control of Animal Origin Food
Faculty of Music, Bucharest
• The Art of Music
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest
• Sports Management
• Communication and mass-media in Sports
Faculty of Accountancy and Finance, Constanta
• Integrated Accountancy
• Accounting inspecting and evaluating busineess.
• Accounting, reporting and auditing
Faculty of Management, Brasov
• The European Dimension of Organisational
• Management

Duration of studies: 3 semesters
Master of art postgraduate activity which may be a Spiru off of the Graduation Project or a follow up of studies in related fields of interest for the candidate. It helps develop the research competences of university graduates abd is a must for doctoral studies.

The master degree certifics the holder’s general and specific competences obtained thowgleant the course as well as to his/her cognitive copabilities.

The Palace of Education, Science and Culture (own property)
The Rector's Office of Spiru Haret University
13 Ion Ghica Street, Bucharest
Phone nos.: 0040/21/314.99.31; 314.99.32;
Operator nos.: 0040/21/314.00.75; 0040/21/314.00.76

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