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13 Romanian judges opened 56 lawsuits where they are both indicters and defendants

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 26 iunie 2008, 0:07 Actualitate

13 judges, all presidents of Appeal Courts, opened lawsuits demanding higher salaries and bonuses. Within these lawsuits, the magistrates appear both as indicter and defendants. According to labor legislation specialists, the judges are in a clear conflict of interests. On the other hand, the judges say that the double quality does not affect the act of Justice and that the Justice Ministry is to blame for the situation. The stake for the lawsuits is to obtain at least double salaries for presidents of instances.

In brief:
- The judges ask six types of benefits, which would at least double their income
- Some of the benefits existed, but were annulled, such as the 50% bonus for psychological stress
- In an Emergency Ordinance, the Government established that lawsuits regarding salary rights will no longer be judged in ordinary Courts, but in Appeal Courts instead.

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