Congrats to Costin Borc designated deputy prime minister and minister of economy in Romania! The Universities of Maryland and Wisconsin are proud of this, no doubt. Congrats to Marius Bostan! Twenty years after Corneliu Coposu’s passing away, his former personal secretary and the former chair of the National Peasant Christian Democratic Party student organization, become members of their country’s government. Both come from the private sector, both have been highly successful in their fields. Both cherish liberal values, entrepreneurship, transparency, accountability.

Vladimir TismaneanuFoto: Arhiva personala

Two other nominations are also exciting: civic activist Cristina Guseth for Justice and University of Bucharest professor Vlad Alexandrescu for Culture. Let me add that designing Mihnea Motoc, one of the most skillful Romanian diplomats and a most unambiguous pro-Western figure as Minister of Defense is a very strong signal to our NATO allies that Romania is fully aboard in the war against terror. All this is encouraging news.

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