Benjamin Netanyahu la Adunarea Generala a ONU: Acordul cu Iranul trebuie modificat sau anulat

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Miercuri, 20 septembrie 2017, 1:21 Actualitate | Internaţional

Premierul israelian Benjamin Netanyahu a declarat marti, in plenul Adunarii Generale a ONU, ca acordul nuclear din 2015 cu Iranul trebuie modificat sau anulat, informeaza DPA.

Netanyahu a afirmat ca dupa ridicarea unor sanctiuni internationale ca urmare a acordului din 2015, Iranul s-a transformat intr-un "tigru flamand, dezlantuit" care inghite una dupa alta natiunile din Orientul Mijlociu, potrivit Agerpres.

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    Why ? (Miercuri, 20 septembrie 2017, 17:16)

    utug [utilizator]

    Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Israel’s Nukes?
    Netanyahu wants to talk about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but why isn’t anybody talking about Israel’s not-so-secret arsenal ?

    FULL: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speech at UN (9-19-17)

    On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to Washington, D.C., and appeared before a joint session of Congress — not the Knesset — to give a speech on the dangers of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.
    Iran’s nuclear program, Netanyahu declared, poses a clear and present danger not just to the Jewish state he heads, but to the entire region, and the United States, too. In stern tones the implied “Senator from Tel Aviv” warned Congress that the nuclear deal being cobbled together by Washington and Tehran in order to ward off war between them was a bad deal that would leave Iran unacceptably close to possessing a bomb.
    By his calculations, with the in-place nuclear infrastructure Washington’s deal would likely allow Iran to keep, Netanyahu estimated Iran would be able to build a nuclear weapon in a year or less.
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      Simply, my dear. (Miercuri, 20 septembrie 2017, 21:29)

      A.Corneliu [utilizator] i-a raspuns lui utug

      Because Israel is threatened officially by Iran on daily basis to be destroyed
      Also, the Arab and Muslim world have always acted to see Israel destroyed.
      Have you ever looked at a map to see the difference between the proportions of Israel and its enemies?
      I suspect you would like to see Israel without deterrents against its enemies, so that they could carry their mission successfully to the end.

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