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Romanian President Iohannis welcomes Transylvanian Saxons "home" in Sibiu

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Duminică, 6 august 2017, 13:09 Kultur Sibiu - EN

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday told Transylvanian Saxons convened for their annual reunion in Sibiu these days that they're welcome "home", wherever they've come from. Iohannis, himself an ethnic German, told a dense audience in both German and Romanian that he saw good signs in the presence of youth in the public.

It showed, he said, that these lands not only mean for the young Saxons the place where their parents came from, but are also a part of their identity.

The Saxons form a community that has loved in Romania for centuries before leaving en masse after the fall of communism.

Iohannis: "The fundamental message of the history of Transylvanian Saxons is that of tirelessly seeking God and of never giving up in search of freedom. That we always respect each other and prize solidarity and tolerance".

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