Puterile occidentale si ale lumii arabe discuta despre viitorul Libiei fara Gaddafi la putere

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Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 8:58 Actualitate | Internaţional

Mai multe natiuni occidentale si arabe, care formeaza "grupul de contact", urmeaza sa se intalneasca in Emiratele Arabe Unite pentru a discuta cum ar putea sa se desfasoare evenimentele in Libia fara Muammar Gaddafi la putere, relateaza BBC.

Intalnirea are loc in contextul in care NATO a intensificat bombardamentele asupra orasului Tripoli.

Grupul, care include Marea Britanie, Franta si SUA, precum si Iordania, Kuweit si Qatar, se va reuni joi la Abu Dhabi, unde va discuta si despre angajamentul luat de a finanta un fond de ajutorare a rebelilor libieni.

Intre timp, procurorul-sef al Tribunalului Penal International, Luis Moreno Ocampo, a declarat, miercuri, ca detine probe care arata ca liderul libian Muammar Gaddafi le-a furnizat soldatilor din subordine medicamente de tip Viagra, "pentru a spori posibilitatea violurilor". Ocampo a adaugat ca este "din ce in ce mai convins" de faptul ca Gaddafi a decis sa foloseasca violul ca arma impotriva femeilor, in incercarea de a insufla frica si de a controla populatia.

Consiliul ONU pentru Drepturile Omului se va reuni la Geneva pentru a dezbate un raport care indica incalcari ale drepturilor omului comise atat de trupele guvernamentale, cat si de rebeli.

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    corectie (Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 10:04)

    radu [anonim]

    se intalnesc pentru a-si imparti cotele de acces la petrol libian iar in absenta armelor de distrugere in masa este buna si viagra. pe dealta parte batranul Muammar le cam incurca socotelile intr-o rezolvare rapida. mai vedem ...
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    ... (Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 10:35)

    *-* [anonim]

    Prin uciderea lui Gaddafi laureatul premiului Nobel pentru pace va avea acces la petrolul libian si baza aeriana de langa Tripoli. Ministrul de razboi Gates Robert cearta NATO pentru ca nu depune un suficient efort in acest sens.

    Gates presses US allies to take on bigger role against Libya


    Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World"

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      ? (Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 14:09)

      *)* [anonim] i-a raspuns lui *-*

      Wheelus Air Base ? Unde in prezent este Mitiga International Airport ?

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      Help ! (Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 22:11)

      utug [anonim] i-a raspuns lui *-*

      Ministrul de razboi Robert Gates este suparat ca nu toate tarile NATO participa la bombardamente. Cele care participa - Anglia, Franta, Belgia, Canada, Denmarca, Italia, Norvegia si Qatar dupa peste 10.000 bombardamente se simt extenuate, nu mai fac fata efortului si cer ajutor.

      Nations Bombing Libya Ask for Help Amid Strain
      TRIPOLI, Libya — Nearly 12 weeks into the air campaign against Col. Muammer el-Qaddafi’s government, the growing strains of the operation on the participating nations dominated a NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.
      But with the United States, Britain and France prodding behind closed doors for other NATO nations to join more aggressively in the air campaign, there were few signs that the five countries that were the main targets of the appeals — Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Turkey — were willing to forsake their political reservations and commit themselves more deeply.
      Since NATO took control of the bombing and missile strikes from the United States at the end of March, the alliance has conducted more than 10,000 air sorties. In the heaviest strikes yet, concentrating on attacks in Tripoli, NATO launched 157 strike missions on Tuesday, more than three times the previous daily average ...
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    incredibil (Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 14:14)

    MirceaA [utilizator]

    este incredibil cum toti vor sa-l termine de Gaddafi, in timp ce in Siria se omoara civili NEINARMATI cu miile.
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    a rare diplomatic success ... (Joi, 9 iunie 2011, 22:40)

    *(* [anonim]

    Libya emerges as Opec’s big winner

    By David Blair in Vienna

    Published: June 9 2011
    Libya’s regime has scored a rare diplomatic success by emerging from this week’s Opec meeting with its output quota intact and its seat at the table secure despite pumping scarcely any oil.

    Omran Abukraa, a former head of the Libyan electricity board and a loyal apparatchik in Muammer Gaddafi’s regime, was allowed to travel to Vienna to represent his country at Wednesday’s Opec ministerial meeting.
    UK warns Libyans over Iraq lessons - Jun-09
    Gates criticises five allies over Libya - Jun-08
    Plans sought for Libya post-Gaddafi - Jun-08
    Gaddafi troops shell Misurata - Jun-08
    Editorial Coment: Making plans for peace in Libya - Jun-08
    Gaddafi defiant as Nato strikes intensify - Jun-07

    His presence deprived the rebel movement of an opportunity to seize Libya’s place at the Opec table. Shokri Ghanem, the oil minister, joined the rebels’ ranks when he announced his defection from the regime last month.

    Two Opec members, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, have recognised the rebels as Libya’s legitimate government and joined Nato’s military campaign against Col Gaddafi. Yet Mr Abukraa was allowed to attend the meeting, although he arrived late and entered the Opec secretariat building via the basement to avoid being photographed.

    A proposed review of Libya’s membership of Opec’s quota system then came to nothing. Delegates had expected Libya’s status to be a big item on the agenda. “In fact, that’s all the core activity of today,” said Suleman Ademola Raji, Nigeria’s national representative at Opec, just before proceedings began.

    “Definitely, we are aware that Libyan production has gone down because of the crisis there. How that is decided, we’ll have to wait for the conference.”

    The ministers could have reduced Libya’s quota to zero, reflecting its current level of production, and reallocated is barrels elsewhere ...
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    ? (Vineri, 10 iunie 2011, 7:55)

    unoarecare [anonim]

    Noam Chomsky spune ca in Libya este vorba despre inlocuirea unui dictator ce se opune intereselor USA cu un dictator precum monarhii tarilor petroliere din Golful Persic. Pretextul: "humanitarian intervention". Interventie in parte subcontractata unor tari NATO la care si Romania ia parte ?

    "... [Gaddafi] is an oil-rich dictator who’s not reliable, who’s a loose cannon [The allusion in the phrase is to improperly secured cannons on ships which were likely to roll about on deck and damage the ship]. That’s Libya. And there, there’s a different policy: try to get a more reliable dictator. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Of course, describe it as a humanitarian intervention. "

    Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World"

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