Yemen: Mii de oameni au iesit in strada protestand impotriva presedintelui Saleh, aflat la putere de 32 de ani

de Alina Neagu
Joi, 27 ianuarie 2011, 19:02 Actualitate | Internaţional

Proteste la Sanaa, joia trecuta
Foto: Reuters
​Mii de oameni au iesit in strada, joi, la Sanaa, in urma unui apel al opozitiei, cerand plecarea de la putere a presedintelui Ali Abdallah Saleh, aflat la conducerea tarii de 32 de ani, anunta AFP. Protestatarii au scandat ca presedintele tunisian a fugit din tara dupa 20 de ani la putere, iar in Yemen, Saleh este la putere de peste 30 de ani. "Ajunge!", au scandat ei.

Revolutia Iasomiei, cum a fost numita revolta din Tunisia, a provocat o unda de soc in mai multe tari arabe, in special in Egipt, teatrul unor manifestatii fara precedent impotriva presedintelui Hosni Mubarak saptamana aceasta. Hosni Mubarak se afla la putere de 3 decenii. Protestele din Egipt s-au soldat cu 6 morti.

Ministrul de Interne din Yemen respinge, insa, asemanarea cu Tunisia: "Yemen nu seamana cu Tunisia, Yemen este o tara democratica", a declarat el, pentru AFP.

Opozitia a organizat 4 manifestatii distincte in Capitala tarii, in incercarea de a deruta fortele de politie. Protestele, care au debutat acum cateva zile, nu au degenerat in violente.

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  • +1 (3 voturi)    
    on the wrong side ... ? (Joi, 27 ianuarie 2011, 22:18)

    anonim [anonim]

    " Yemen is perhaps an excellent example of America being 'on the wrong side of a world revolution,' (M L King) ... as the secret war in Yemen being exacerbated in the name of 'fighting al-Qaeda' is in actuality, about the expansion and supremacy of American power in the region. It is about the suppression of natural democratic, local, revolutionary elements throughout the country seeking self-autonomy in changing the nation from its current despotic, authoritarian rule sympathetic to American interests, into a nation of their own choosing. It is about repressing struggles for liberation ... "

    "... the pretext for war was to stop the spread of Communism; today, it’s done in the name of stopping the spread of terrorism. Terror has since time immemorial been a tactic used by states and governments to control populations "
  • +1 (3 voturi)    
    Curat democratica Coane ... (Joi, 27 ianuarie 2011, 22:35)

    utug [anonim]

    "Yemen este o tara democratica" ?

    Cine este Ali Abdullah Saleh ?
    R in:

    "He is the longest-serving president of Yemen, ruling for more than 32 years ... With less than elementary education, he joined the North Yemeni armed forces at an early age and became a corporal.
    On July 17, 1978, Saleh became president... having been unusually promoted to the rank of major and then colonel. Later he became a general ... and ... parliament approved his promotion to field marshal. ...
    - On Aug.10, 1978, as president, Saleh ordered the execution of 30 officers on the charge of conspiracy to topple his regime ... He became president of unified Yemen on May 22, 1990, South Yemen's Marxist regime of Aden having merged with the conservative regime of Sanaa.
    -He has executed several journalists and opposition figures for exposing him
    - In the summer of 1994 he started the civil war in which about 50,000 Yemenis died
    - In 2004 he ordered a military campaign against the Houthis [South Movement], that lasted until 2010 where about 25,000 civilians were killed.
    - He is known to be the most corrupt politician to have ever ruled Yemen and uses his family members to keep himself in power through appointing them to leading military and security positions.
    - His children and relatives are known for robbing land and oil resources ..."
  • +2 (4 voturi)    
    Asta e. Ce poti ca sa faci ? (Joi, 27 ianuarie 2011, 23:18)

    utug [anonim]

    Yemeni protesters demand change of government
  • +2 (2 voturi)    
    Egypt ... (Vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011, 8:07)

    anonim [anonim]

    Egypt moves to cut access to Internet

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