Canada: Peste 300 de pisici, salvate dintr-un apartament din North York

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Marţi, 7 mai 2019, 16:58 Actualitate | Internaţional

pisici North York
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Peste 300 de pisici înghesuite într-un apartament din North York au fost descoperite sâmbătă de către organizațiile pentru salvarea animalelor din Toronto, relatează National Post.Patrupedele erau într-o condiție surprinzător de bună, deși unele păreau malnutrite și deshidratate.

Potrivit contului de Instagram al organizației Toronto Cat Rescue, voluntarii ONG-ului au răspuns unui apel al serviciilor pentru apărarea animalelor din oraș care cereau scoaterea a peste 70 de pisici dintr-un apartament. Au fost complet nepregătiți și copleșiți de imaginea care îi aștepta pe voluntari.

Potrivit Organizației, totul s-a aflat după ce s-au plâns vecinii.

”Unele dintre ele erau puțin malnutrite sau deshidratate, dar nu aveau purici, paraziți sau probleme medicale sau dentale”, a spus directoarea executivă a organizației.

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Rescue In Action: We (TCR) worked with Toronto Animal Services yesterday to remove cats from a perilous hoarding situation in an apartment in Toronto. Over 300 cats were found, and we were on hand to help out and take 70 of the cats on Saturday. The cats and kittens are doing well in their foster homes. We are so grateful to our volunteers and staff who stepped up to the plate to get cats of the apartment right away. It is the beauty of Toronto Cat Rescue's flexible structure that allows us to place this many cats at once with our incredible volunteers who care deeply about animal welfare and the health and happiness of all the cats in our care. This is the second large cat hoarding situation we have been involved with in a month! It's very important that this NOT continue. It's a terrible way for cats to live. If you know that someone has too many cats, it is best to report it sooner rather than later. Unsterilized cats breed prolifically, and with only a nine week gestation things get out of control VERY quickly. To make a report in the City of Toronto, call 311 and you will be directed to the appropriate department. What is too many cats? Toronto defines this as a maximum of 6 cats in one home. Ensuring cats are spayed or neutered is equally important to prevent pet over population. The city offers a mobile SNYP truck service: All of the cats will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and observed by their foster home for behaviour and medical issues. We will post the cats and kittens as they become available for adoption. To help with this incredible rescue, please click to donate. If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out an application on our website: Thank you for your ongoing support. #CatRescue #RescueInAction #HoardingNeedsToStop #catsofinstagram @toanimalservices

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