Alegeri SUA 2012

Intalnire online. Malou Innocent, analist Cato Institute, discuta despre pozitiile de politica externa promovate de Mitt Romney si Barack Obama​

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Vineri, 19 octombrie 2012, 15:41 Actualitate | Alegeri SUA 2012

Malou Innocent
Foto: Cato Institute
Situatia din Orientul Mijlociu si relatia SUA cu puteri precum Rusia sau China au constituit, pana acum, principalele teme de politica externa dezbatute in confruntarea Barack Obama-Mitt Romney in campania pentru prezidentiale. Malou Innocent, analist de politica externa la Cato Institute, raspunde intrebarilor puse de cititorii pe tema pozitiilor celor doi candidati in privinta afacerilor externe, exprimate in campania electorala.

Malou Innocent este analist de politica externa la organizatia independenta de cercetare Cato Institute si membru al International Institute for Strategic Studies. Principalele domenii de expertiza sunt Orientul Mijlociu si politica SUA referitoare la Afganistan, Pakistan si China. A publicat materiale pe teme de securitate nationala si afaceri internationale in publicatii precum Congressional Quarterly si Harvard International Review, Foreign Policy, Wall Street Journal Asia, The Guardian, Christian Sicence Monitor.

  • Puneti intrebari folosind formularul de comentarii de la finalul articolului pana luni, 22 octombrie, ora 20.00. Malou Innocent va raspunde marti, 23 octombrie
  • Nota Redactiei: Pentru coerenta si relevanta discutiei, nu vom aproba comentariile care nu contin intrebari, nu se refera la temele anuntate sau constau in atacuri la persoana.

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  • questions (Vineri, 19 octombrie 2012, 17:16)

    David [anonim]

    What are the real differences between what Obama and Romney say about America's military presence abroad, considering Mr. Romney's attacks on Obama's "soft" approach? How much of what Romney says is campaign speech and how much of it do you think is really something that would mark a Romney administration?
  • question (Vineri, 19 octombrie 2012, 20:31)

    Andu [anonim]

    How will Mitt Romney affect the geopolitical relations in the Black Sea area, considering the newfound oil and gas deposits? Is he a strong supporter of shale gas, and if so, would he push for contracts between Chevron and the ro gov despite the recent rise of influence of Gazprom in Ro? If reelected, would Obama do something against russian influence in this area?
    Thank you!
  • two questions (Vineri, 19 octombrie 2012, 23:20)

    mato grosso [anonim]

    What are the key ideas pushed by each candidate that is most probable to have an influence on the other once he becomes president? That is, are there any foreign policy ideas which this campaign is forcing on the next president, whoever that is?

    Also, was Europe and its crisis - with its effects on world and American economy - ever discussed in detail by either Obama or Romney?

    Thank you
  • Curiosity (Sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012, 1:37)

    twi [utilizator]

    Why should Europeans care about the skirmish between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama​. What's to lose and what's to gain for us?
  • questions (Sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012, 13:12)

    romanian [anonim]

    1.What is the Obama program for external policy in Balcans and how is going to influence Romania in the next few years, in the event Obama will succeed?
    2.Considering Romney will win the elections how will this influence romanians, in terms of US external policy?
  • intrebare (Duminică, 21 octombrie 2012, 15:37)

    scaramush [anonim]

    Care sunt principalele politici sau prioritati de politica externa care credeti ca se vor schimba oricum, indiferent de cine castiga in alegeri?
  • questions (Luni, 22 octombrie 2012, 2:00)

    ..13 [utilizator]

    1. Cyber War and China - are there different opinions regarding this issue? If Yes, how these will influence US actions in the future?

    2. Middle East - is a common approach for Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel? If NO, which are the differences and expected different results? What would be your recommendation as a specialist?

    3. Please comment foreign relation US - Russia - Obama vs. Romney - differences and similarities. From your point of view, what would be a realistic perspective? Why?

    Thank you.
  • Taxation & Infrastructure (Luni, 22 octombrie 2012, 10:54)

    Octavian [anonim]

    Is any of the candidates pushing for reducing taxation?
    Which are the main topics supported by the candidates, regarding major infrastructure in US? (ex. Amtrak subsidizing)
  • romneys speech (Luni, 22 octombrie 2012, 13:42)

    gorun [anonim]

    US media seems to agree with Obama when he says Romney's speech on foreign affairs shows lack of experience and is not one proper for a president. Do you agree with that? And how much does what the media says in this regard matter in the eyes of the American public in this campaign?
  • rusia (Luni, 22 octombrie 2012, 16:35)

    mandela [anonim]

    Cum comentati atitudinea lui Obama si a lui Romney fata de Rusia? E Obama prea soft? E Romney prea belicos? Sunt doar atitudini de campanie sau sunt real deal?
  • intrebare (Luni, 22 octombrie 2012, 16:37)

    gr3uc37nu [anonim]

    Credeti ca se va schimba ceva in politica americana in privinta statelor din "primavara araba" incepand cu mandatul urmator?

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