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Financial Times: EU has no choice but to accept Romania's citizenship policy

de A.C.
Vineri, 17 aprilie 2009, 11:46 Actualitate

The European Union has to face situations in which certain states abuse their sovereignty and act in their own interest, British daily Financial Times reads, referring to Romania's decision to accelerate the citizenship process for one million Moldovans. The paper reads that the EU finds itself obliged to accept this policy from a dysfunctional and undisciplined state as Romania even if it cannot agree with it and was not consulted.

Romania's Presidency urged the Government to modify the citizenship law so that Romanian origin citizens in Moldova could obtain faster their citizenship, if they request it. According to communitarian law, the EU finds itself compelled to accept the decision taken by Romanian authorities.

In the same way, Brussels accepts the useless policies undertaken by Turkey (a country wishing to join the EU)  in the relation with the Greek Cypriot government or Slovenia's maritime disputes with Croatia. In other words, EU states can ignore the rules but the Union cannot, Financial Times concludes.

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