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Third day in the International Court of Justice

Romania continues to demonstrate that Serpent Island is not relevant in continental platform delimitation

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 4 septembrie 2008, 14:13 Actualitate

The third day of pleadings in the Romania - Ukraine lawsuit in the International Court of Justice are still dedicated to proving that the Serpent Island can not be considered as relevant shore point and therefore can nor be used in the continental platform delimitation. Romania's representatives have five lines of argumentation, said Romania's agent Bogdan Aurescu.

After the pleadings held by professor James Crawford and agent Bogdan Aurescu on Wednesday, there are still three lines of argumentation left. Professor Allain Pellet will discuss about the Serpent Island as relevant circumstance, not relevant shore. Pellet analyzes the international practice in continental platform delimitation, showing that sea formations, including large islands with a significant populace usually receive limited effects in sea space delimitation.

Pellet will be followed by Vaughan Lowe - a sea law specialist - will discuss the Serpent Island statute from the point of view of the Montego Bay Convention on Sea Law, demonstrating that the natural attributes of the formation classify it as "rock", a statute that does not entitle it to continental platform and exclusive economic area.

Closing the pleadings, Romania agent Bogdan Aurescu will discuss the previous attempts made by Ukraine to modify the statute of the island and "develop" it in order to support its current position.

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