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1.Romanian new car market dropped 49% in five months. Ferrari registrations tripled. Dacia registration dropped 43% New car registrations in Romania saw a 24% decrease in May 2010 in comparison with May 2009 and from January until end May, the recorded drop was 49%, show the data coming from the Driving Licence and Car Registration Authority (DRPCIV). Ferrari registrations almost tripled in the first five months of the year, while Chinese brand Great Wall went up 70%, even if the volumes are small. Volume brands saw drops similar to the market's average: Dacia 43%, Volkswagen 52%, Toyota 58%, Skoda 45%. 153 Dacia Duster SUVs have been registered in May.
2.BSA study: Software piracy level dropped to 65% in Romania in 2009 The software piracy level for PCs dropped by 1% in Romania last year, from 66% in 2008 to 65% in 2009, while almost 50%. Half of the 111 countries entered in the study recorded drops in the piracy level and 17% of them have seen an increase in the trend. . The losses of the industry caused by software piracy dropped to 183 million dollars in 2009, a study Business Software Alliance carried out in partnership with IDC. 
3.Renault will increase massively parts deliveries from India to plants in Romania, Turkey and South Africa to reduce costs Renault Group aims to deliver overseas parts worth of 250 million euros, produced in India, in 2013. Last year, it exported machine parts worth of 10 million euros. The new plan wants to see production costs cut, Renault India head said quoted by Bloomberg. The group's plants in Romania, Turkey and South Africa will use an increasing number of parts produced in India, which are sold by 15% less on average. 
4.Ford wants a second look to some clauses in the Automobile Craiova privatisation contract Ford requested AVAS to reassess certain clauses in the selling - buying contract for Automobile Craiova shares. The next step aims for a Governmental Decision to create a Commission to negotiate with Ford the changes, a decisional project published by AVAS website shows. Ford started to produce with the plant in Oltenia (South Romania) last autumn. So far, its production counts below 1,000 Transit Connect utility cars. The government approved on May 5 the Decision to form a commission in order to reassess the privatisation contract. The commission will be formed by AVAS and Finance Ministry representatives. The reason for this second look on clauses has not been discussed. Ford claims that it will keep its arrangements, but it did not declare what the company was planning to renegotiate, despite HotNews insisting on it. 
5.Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovenia - part of six countries group where car production increased last year Out of the 39 states that produced over 10,000 cars last year, only six recorded production growth. Romania is one of them. The other five are China, India, the Czech Republic, Taiwan and Slovenia, according to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA). The global car production dropped 13.5% last year, from around 70 million automobiles to 60 million. For the first time, China was world leader.
6.Romanian hackers broke into two sections of The Telegraph, angry that British press reads Gypsies = Romanians A group of Romanian hackers attacked two sections of one major British daily, namely The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian reads. Apparently, the hackers were angry with the British press for identifying "gypsies" with "Romanians". They posted link to Gheorghe Zamfir's song The Lonely Shepard and picture with a Romanian flag with and a message, saying they had enough with the British press writing about the Romanian gypsies and create an image different from the reality, The Guardian notes.
7.Romanian new car market drops 70% in Q1 New car registrations in Romania dropped by 70% in the first three months, recording below 9,000 units, according to Romanian Driving Licence and Car Registration Authority (DRPCIV). The effects of the Scrappage Scheme programme had a weaker impact. The market dropped to half of its March 2009 value. Dacia registrations plummeted by 78% in the first quarter of the year, Ford dropped by 43%, Volkswagen saw new car registrations losing 65% and BMW - 13%. 
8.Suzuki recalls 150 Swift cars in Romania for possible technical issues Suzuki Romania recalls 147 Swift cars in service to check the position of a fuel lead the company’s director Alin Radu declared, quoted by This action has taken place the Japanese from Suzuki decided last week to recall 39,000 Swifts made in Hungary to check the lead's position.
9.PHOTO GALLERY See Dacia Dulster exhibited first time at the Geneva Auto Showroom Dacia presented for the first time SUV Duster at the Geneva Auto Showroom. Open to the press on March 2, the Showroom represent the moment the car producers waited for to introduce the first Dacia 4x4 model ever created.
10.Romania - the lowest EU car market in January. Portugal +62% January 2010 was the lowest month for the Romanian car market in 20 years: only 2,100 new cars have been registered, meaning an 85% drop against January 2009. This was the lowest decrease in the European Union car market business, according to ACEA. Hungary, Bulgaria and the Baltic states saw significant drops, while Portugal, Sweden and Denmark recorded increases between 30 and 60%.
11.American dealer claims to sell in the US electric cars assembled in Romania on Dacia patterns A piece of news from an American newspaper, Des Moines Register, has attracted big interest online. The owner of a company that used to sell Chrysler found a solution to get him out of the crisis brought by the economic environment: he'll bring from Romania electric cars put together in this country - cars based on Dacia models. The news needs to be read with caution: the article talks about high selling prices, of up to 30,000 dollars, an unusual high autonomy - 400 km, and it does not mention who's the producer and where they are produced.
12.Romanian new car market dropped 59% in 2009 In 2009 in Romania about 116,000 new cars registered, dropping 59% against 2008, while the second-hand Romanian car market dropped 29%, amounting to 213,000 units, the Driving Licence and Car Registration Authority informs. January was the best months for car registration - about 14,000 units - and half of the last year months saw under 10,000 units registration, Regarding second-hand cars, March saw a boom - over 52,000 units, but in none of the last eight months did registration go over 20,000 units. It's long since the Romanian new car market saw such a low volume, recording a total of 116,012 units, in contrast with the over 285,000 units registered in 2008. Before the financial crisis, some months saw over 30,000 new cars registered. Last year, the maximum level was seen in January, when 13,815 cars were registered. The weakest month was September- only 6,780 new cars registered. December saw slightly better figures - some 11,300 units. When it comes to second-hand cars, registration dropped from 300,900 in 2008 to 212,836 in 2009. Volkswagen, Opel and Ford dominated the second-hand. March was the best month for old cars' registration - 52,897 units. January was the weakest month - only 5,931, while the last eight months of 2009 could not record more than 20,000 units. December was the best second-hand cars registration month from April onwards, with a total of 18,839 units. 2009 registration figures in RomaniaMonth                                        New cars              Second-hand cars      January                                     13.815                           5.941                February                                   7.183                             17.950March                                        8.123                             52.897April                                           11.052                          22.936May                                            11.475                          17.705June                                          11.005                          11.647July                                            10.613                          11.374August                                       8.591                            12.089September                               6.780                            12.637October                                     7.572                            13.889November                                8.490                            14.932December                               11.313                          18.839
13.Dacia sold in Germany twice the number of cars sold in Romania Last year was the first when the Romanian market hasn't been the main selling space for Dacia. Romania, the car's country of birth, ranked third, after Germany and France. Dacia sold 85,000 cars in Germany in 2009, owning 2.1% of the German car market. In Romania, sales were under 45,000 units, half the figure compared with 2008. But the low in Romania was compensated by countries like France and Italy, where Dacia ales went over 60,000 and 20,000 units, respectively.
14.The Romanian car market dropped 55% in the first eleven months Car sales dropped 55% on the Romanian market during January - November, from over 300,000 units to under 140.000, an APIA report shows on Friday. Nevertheless, the car production increased by 13% against 2008, supported by Dacia exports, which has seen figures 56% bigger. 
15.Google awarded a Romanian company for creating one of the best 10 applications for Android system phones Romanian company iQuest ranked 1st in the "tourism" category in a global competition initiated by Google to award the best applications developed for Android operation system phones. The Company has sofware centres in Cluj (Central-West) and in Brasov (Central) and it won one of the ten categories of the competition, getting in front of another 19 firms which had subscribed at the "applications for tourism" section. The award was 100,000 dollars. The software developed in Cluj allows the following of routes through GPS and visualising position on Google Maps, stocking coordinates and taking photographs with notes, the company announced in a communiqué.
16.Dacia publishes first pictures of Duster series version. SUV will be available with an option of three engines Dacia announced SUV Duster's engine versions and dimensions. The car will be launched in spring, 2010. The car will have available with an engine running on gasoline with 110 HP, and two engines running on diesel - 85 HP and 105 HP, respectively. The car will be 4.31 meters long, slightly longer than Logan sedan, and the ground guard will be 20 cm, Dacia announced. The car will have five seats and will weigh1.180 kg in the 4x2 version, and 1.280 kg in the 4x4 version. Dacia publishes the first pictures with the series version. 
17.EC approves 57 mln euros aid for Romanian state to train Ford Craiova staff The European Commission authorised, with a single condition, a financial aid worth of up to 57 million euros planned by Romania for Ford. The aid supports a programme for training current and future Ford staff working at the plant in Craiova (South). The formation programme addresses a total of 9,000 staff over five years' time. The total cost of the programme is approximately 185 million euros, out of which the society will finance 128 million euros, an EC communiqué announces. 
18.Audi launched a new A8 limo generation, to reach Romania next spring Audi launched worldwide the newest A8 limo generation, a model that is available with two engine options, namely V8 and V6. The new A8will be brought in spring 2010 on the Romanian market by Porsche Romania. During the last three years, A8 sold about 150 cars in the country.
19.Romanian hacker "Unu" returns, exposing vulnerabilities on Symantec website The Romanian hacker calling himself Unu, the same one who attacked anti-virus producers Kaspersky and Symantec websites in February, returns to the foreground. He took advantage of several vulnerabilities and accessed personal client data after an "SQL Injection" attack, informs. Symantec reps confirmed the attack, but claim that confidential data have not been put at risk and the vulnerability will disappear.
20.The Romanian car market dropped 57% during the first 10 months New car sales dropped 57% in Romania in the first 10 months of the year and the import went down by the same percentage on a market where Diacia holds 29% and other five brands own between 5% and 8%, according to APIA data. Kia ce'd was the best sold car from import, followed by Renault Clio. About 70% of the cars sold in Romania run on gasoline.
21.Top Gear Brits were eventually won over by Romania, a country they imagined to be "full of oxes and people throwing stones at Gypsies" BBC broadcasted on Sunday the Top Gear edition filmed in Romania. In the opening, the Brits say they expected the country to be "full of oxex, with people "throwing stones at Gypsies". By the end of the show, they seemed to have enjoyed driving cars worth of hundreds of thousands of euros on Transfagarasan's dazzling twists and turns. Nevertheless, Romania is presented as an exotic country, fairly backward, with the standard images: Gipsies, The People's House, carts and bad roads.
22.Dacia, Hyundai and Alfa Romeo - top car registrations in Europe this year. SAAB and Chrysler - champion drops  Dacia, Hyundai and Alfa Romeo are the brands to record the most registrations in Europe during the first ten months of this year. On the other pole, the most drastic drops in registrations were recorded by Saab and Chrysler, according to the European Automobiles Constructors Association (ACEA), covering 28 countries. Overall, the number of new car registrations by 11% in Europe last month. During the first ten months of the year, the market shrank by 5% against the same 2008 period.
23.Citroen will launch C-Zero, the 100% electric car, on the Romanian market Citroen will launch mini class model C-Zero in Europe at the end of next year. The car has autonomy for 130 kilometres and an engine that develops 64 horses power. The car is 3.5 metres long and it is being developed by Mitsubishi, which has already launched the i-MIEV model, while Peugeot presented an electrical model of similar dimensions, called iOn. The company's representatives said the car will reach Romania as well, but the date is not yet certain.
24.New Subaru Legacy and Outback generations launched in Romania Subaru launched in Romania the new generation of the Legacy model, both in the sedan and break variants, plus the new generation of Outback crossover, the company announced. Prices start with 28,310 for Legacy Sedan and 33,189 for Outback, VAT included. Subaru sold 600 cars last year in Romania. Half of them were Forester.
25.Renault Group business figure dropped 11% last quarter. Dacia registrations went up by 88% Renault reported an 11% drop in their business figure for the July - September quarter. But the group claims that the result is positive, bearing in mind that in the first quarter of this year Renault's business dropped 31% and 17% in the second. During the previous quarter, Renault registration recorded an increase for the first time since the start of the crisis and Dacia registrations saw an 88% boost.
26.The car market dropped 57% in the first nine months After three quarters, the car market still makes no comeback. September was one of the weakest months in terms of sales. Nine months after the beginning of the year, new cars sales have dropped by 57%, amounting to 114,000 units and quite a number of the large cars saw their sales plummeting by 50-60%. Kia cee'd and Renault Clio were the best sold import models. Dacia sales have been reduced to half in Romania, but the company exported 85% of its production, according to the Romanian Producers and Importers Association. 
27.Peugeot Romanian importer: We're compelled to sell cars under production prices to reduce stocks Some Peugeot models are sold under the production prices to reduce significant stocks. This is valid for models which saw their market plummeting by 70%, claims Trust Motors marketing director Radu Cristian, Peugeot importer in Romania. Additionally, the network of dealers selling new cars are designed for a market of 260-280.000 units, but the figure will pretty soon drop to half. Therefore, players are forced to include in their offers second-hand cars as well, but of good quality, not with an unknown past, Cristian claims.
28.After SUV, Dacia will launch two or three larger models Dacia will launch SUV in 2010, which will be followed by two or three bigger models on the BO Logan platform, Renault's operational manager Patrick Pelata declared in Bucharest. He says that there won't be a Dacia to meet five starts after the EuroCAP tests soon, since the newest impact tests feature some conditions which Renault do not consider important for safety and will include them because it would increase the price.
29.German company Preh opened a car-part plant in Brasov Preh GmbH company from Bad Neustadt/ Saale (Germany) opened a new production unit in Brasov (Central Romania), where it will produce car parts for wheels and regulation systems for air conditioning, especially for German car producers, the company announced.
30.The new Toyota generation, Toyota Prius, will arrive in Romania in September, costing 25.000 euros Toyota Romania will start selling in September the newest Prius generation. The price will revolve around 25.000 euros. The new Prius is lighter, has a more powerful engine than the previous generation and the producer claims it also consumes less gas. 

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