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1.Air crash from Tuzla: The three survivors were rescued by a colleague Investigators continued the searches on the ground on Tuesday, in order to determine the circumstances of the tragic air crash on Tuzla Airport (South-East Romania). According to them, the three survivors, with serious injuries [who were taken to the hospital, one of which died], have been served by "a hero, a marine colleague". "No one jumped from the plane, the altitude did not allow it, the air flotilla general Victor Strambeanu. He also mentioned that the air crash took placed several seconds after take off and there are no clues leading to an explosion during flight.
2.IMF raised the inflation target for Romania after authorities increased the VAT The IMF managing Council approved the rectification of the inflation rate for 2010 set by the stand-by agreement with Romania, namely from 3.5% to 7.9%, after Romanian authorities raised the VAT from 19 to 24%, IMF chief of mission to Romania Jeffrey Franks told Romanian news agency Mediafax.
3.Romanian PM, attacked with eggs and tomatoes. "The people's right to protest can't be stopped. That's life!" Two men and a woman threw several eggs and one tomato towards the Romanian Prime Minister, when the Executive's chief was coming out of the County Committee meeting for Emergency Situations in Galati (East), Agerpres informs.
4.UPDATE Verdict ruled out: Dan Diaconescu and Doru Parv, arrested for 29 days. Several supporters protested at the Court Bucharest Sector 1 Court magistrates decided on Wednesday morning that Dan Diaconescu, one of the most well known TV persons from Romania, and Doru Parv, who claims to be clairvoyant, to remain under arrest for 29 days. They are accused of blackmail and complicity to blackmail, respectively. Their lawyers appealed for a recourse attacking the sentence and they will go to court in three days. The hearing started on Tuesday evening and continued  on Wednesday morning, with the lawyers representing the two accusing judge Elena Zamfir of making her mind too soon regarding the accusations, that there was not sufficient time for her to study the file and for signing the search warrants for Dan Diaconescu. Their objections were overruled.​
5.Medvedev stops gas to Belarus Russian president Dmitri Medvedev asked gas state company Gazprom to cut gas exports to Belarus because Minsk has outstanding debts at this chapter, a Kremlin communiqué, Reuters informs.
6.Yellow code for rain and storms in South and South-West Romania Weather specialists have issued a new yellow code warning for the period starting June 21, 19 o'clock to June 22, 9am, addressing heavy rains, flushes of lightning and thunders, strong winds and hail. According to the National Meteorological administration, the affected areas are Banat (West), Oltenia (South), West and North Muntenia (Central-South) and the Muntenian and Western Carpathians.
7.Lib Dems decide today what to do with MPs who voted the censorship motion The Main Romanian governing party, PDL, is meeting on Monday, June 21, starting with 6pm, in an extraordinary session to decide what to do with their own MPs who voted in favour of the censorship motion last week.​
8.Romanians hired by Czech company asked Embassy in Prague for help after not receiving pay A group of Romanians who have been hired by a Czech construction company have asked for the support of the Romanian Embassy in Prague, complaining about not receiving their incomes. The diplomat representatives are to mediate a meeting between the Romanian workers and the representatives of the company on Tuesday, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
9.Whit Sunday pilgrimage: 10,000 Hungarians visited the ex-Austro-Hungarian Empire border Approximately 10,000 Hungarians visited the former border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from Ghimes-Faget Romanian town, Bacau county, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. The pilgrims visited the place to see the ruins of the Rakoczi fortress and have laid flowers or the Hungarian flag, as remembrance sign. 
10.Lustration Law - adopted by Romanian Chamber of Deputies The Romanian Chamber of Deputies has adopted the Lustration Law on Wednesday, May 19, a project which has made a five-year long legislative tour. According to Romanian news agency Agerpres, the decision was voted through nominal call, with 203 favourable votes, 40 against and 12 abstentions. The Lustration Law was adopted by the Senate in April 2006 and the Chamber of deputies had to be the decisional forum in this case. 
11.Bulgarian MPs' official cars to be sold at auction The official limousines belonging to the Bulgarian Parliament will be put out for auction because their maintenance is too costly, Bulgarian Speaker Tsestka Tsacheva announced. According to her, the Bulgarian officials will have to use their own cars after the work cars are taken out of use, informs. 
12.Armed intelligence officers on TAROM transatlantic flights necessary to include Romania in US Visa Waiver programme Armed Romanian Information Service (SRI) officers will have to insure the security for TAROM transatlantic flights. The request was included in the Visa Waiver special visa programmes signed on Monday by SRI and the American Security service for the Federal Air Marshals (FAM) flights. 
13.Lech Kaczynski - a pro-American and anti-Russian president Lech Kaczynski was a controversial figure of the world's political scene. His right-wing orientation pushed him at the top of the Polish electorate preferences and was elected president in 2005. During his mandate, Kaczynsky has firmly supported Poland's positions that were not favourable for the largest European powers. He also advocated for tighter relations with the US.
14.Romanian soldier injured in Afghanistan A Romanian soldier was injured in Afghanistan on Wednesday morning, in an attack carried out by the insurgents, Romanian Defence Ministry (MApN) informs. Sergeant Bida Ionel Eugen was part of a joint Romanian-Afghan team patrolling in Zabul province. The soldier was immediately transported to the Lagman camp hospital, where he was taken to the surgery room.
15.Romania paid 10-20 ml Euros worth of damages following CEDO decisions Romanian Justice minister Catalin Predoiu told reporters at the public radio station on Monday, March 29, that Romania paid 10-12 million euros over 20 years following CEDO's decisions, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. 
16.Teachers will not record grades in register starting today Academic staff member of the three education unions in Romania - Spiru Haret Federation, Free Unions Education Federation, National Education Federation have stopped writing pupils' grades in the schools' registers as a protest towards the unique salary scheme, as recommended by education unions' leaders, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. The recommendation was forwarded to all union members across the country.
17.Public Finance order to ban alcohol and tobacco commerce in duty-free shops was overruled in court The Romanian Public Finance Ministry's order regarding border register for goods sold in duty-free shops which banned selling tobacco and alcohol was suspended by the Appeal Court in Ploiesti (south), Mediafax informs. The decision is not final, but it has to be enforced. The MFP has the right to appeal against the decision to the High Justice Court.
18.Romanian Foreign Affairs minister on Roma ethnics: You can call them anything but imbeciles  Romanian Foreign Affairs (MAE) minister Teodor Bachonschi recalled on Tuesday, February 23 2010, the times when he used to be presidential councillor. He remembered having met with "a group of educated, diploma earners Roma people". Referring to this meeting, he told his friends that "you can call then anything but imbeciles", Romanian news agency Mediafax reads.
19.Jean Michel Jarre will perform in Bucharest Jean Michel Jarre will perofrm in Romania, Bucharest, on June 3. Although the concert was initially planned to take part at Sala Palatului, it was moved to Sala Polivalenta due to the grandiose production, concert organiser Phoenix Foundation announced.  
20.Ex-communist Moldavian governance asked EU for money to bail out the country in secrecy The ex-communist governance from Republic of Moldova's capital Chisinau asked, in secrecy, the European Union for 300 million euros to get the country out of bankruptcy, Unimedia informs. According to the Moldavian portal, the information is confirmed by a document sent by ex-president Vladimir Voronin to the then PM Zinaida Greceanii, telling her to ask the European Commission for help, which she did. 
21.Seven patients infected with swine flu died in the last 48 hours The number of deaths recorded in Romania in patients infected with the AH1N1 virus reached 92. Forty-four new patients have been tested positive for swine flu during the last two days, according to the latest survey published by Romanian Health Ministry.  
22.Republic of Moldova cinemas forced to run Romanian subtitled films The Government in Chisinau will vote in the months to come a regulation that will force cinema operators from the Republic of Moldova to run films with Romanian subtitles. The announcement was made by Moldovan Culture minister Boris Focsa during an intervention at the ProTV Chisinau channel, according to Unimedia. 
23.Iuscenko wrote to Basescu on Romania's National Day: I'm convinced by the regulation of the bi-lateral issues and the construction of good neighbouring relations between our countries Ukrainian President Viktor Iuscenko is convinced by the regulation of the existent issues in the Romanian - Ukrainian relationships and the construction of good neighbouring relations between the two countries, according to the card Iuscenko sent Romanian President Traian Basescu on Romania's National Day. 
24.Ex-Romanian president: Basescu's claim about the Romanian Revolution is irresponsible, false, a genuine abjection Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu declared on Monday that "after Ceausescu's fleeing in 1989, those who took over the power got the army out in streets and killed 1,600 Romanians". Ex-president Ion Iliescu (PSD) tagged the statement as "irresponsible" and "false". "I heard many rude words and even insults from Mr. Traian Basescu. But what he allowed himself to declare on the airport, before going to Berlin, is a genuine abjection", Ion Iliescu writes on his blog.
25.Liberal leader: "PNL will submit a censorship motion. This Government is utterly unrepresentative, without any parliamentary majority" PLN president Crin Antonescu declared in Timisoara on Thursday that his party will keep an eye on the manner in which the temporary minister roles will be assigned and PNL's point of view is certain to take the form of a censorship motion against the Executive, because the PDL Government is "utterly unrepresentative", "without any parliamentary majority". 
26.Lib-Dem vice-president: "PDL is ready to govern alone" Liberal-Democratic Party (PDL) vice-president deputy Ioan Olteanu declared on Thursday that his party is ready to govern alone, labelling PSD as "a cowardly and proud party, lacking any responsibility", Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. Asked if there will be decentralised chief replacements, Oltean stated that it will happen only where people have been promoted due to their party membership instead of their skills.
27.Liberals appeal to the President to start discussions for a technocratic Government, lead by an independent PM PNL first vice-president Ludovic Orban declared on Thursday for NewsIn that his party appeals to Traian Basescu, Romania's president, to start consulting the parties in order to form a technocratic Government, headed by an independent PM.
28.Magistrates from the supreme court continue protests Judges from the High Justice Court (ICCJ) decided to continue their protests. The decision was taken during the General Assembly called on Monday, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs. The Magistrates of the Supreme Court will announce the form their protests will take. Starting Monday, the Justice in Romania will enter its fourth week of protests. 
29.Romanian Transport Ministry signed a 300 million euros loan with EIB for the Drumul Taberei-Universitate underground Romanian Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) signed a loan with the European Investment Bank (EIB) worth of 300 million euros for the Drumul Taberei-Universitate underground in Bucharest. The deadline for the agreement was November 22, Romanian Transport minister Radu Berceanu announced on Thursday, according to Romanian news agency NewsIn.
30.PNL: The Government modified the Education Law for which it had taken responsibility. We request Cabinet Boc's urgent resignation The liberals claim that the Boc Government modified the Education law after assuming responsibility in the Parliament for this legislative package. The statement is proved by the difference of the texts from the Government's website and the text on the Deputies' Chamber's website. Therefore, they request Premier Emil Boc and his Cabinet urgent resignation, according to a PNL communiqué on Thursday.

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