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1.UPDATE Hungarian Presidency of the EU quoted by German press: Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen was postponed Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen was postponed, Hungarian Interior minister Sandor Pinter declared, quoted by the German news agency dpa. The Hungarian official, whose country now holds the EU presidency declared that both countries still have to fulfill a series of requirements so that the deadline is impossible to be met.  UPDATE 11:50 AM Hungarian Interior ministry Spokesperson declared for that they will issue a press release clarifying the information published by dpa news agency. 
2.Interview with Traian Basescu: If we do not join Schengen, I am pessimistic that it will be possible before the justice mechanism is lifted / Plus: At Brussels, I cannot say: you know, Mrs. Ridzi is sick 
IF Romania's joining Schengen will be blocked because of the way justice functions in Romania, probably no one will be able to sustain Romania to join Schengen until the justice mechanism will be lifted, namely until we will have a working judicial system, President Basescu declared in an interview for - RFI with Dan Tapalaga. The chief of state declared that Romania, technically speaking is ready to join Schengen but the decision is based on consensus. Read in the text some interesting declarations in the interview. I do not see Boc losing elections in the party if he will run. I hope he will run. PDL Parliamentarians should search for alternative solutions they have. But do they have them? Dan Voiculescu has finally found a political vehicle in Crin Antonescu (the Liberal leader) after years in which he could not get terrains or commercial spaces I have doubts that the IT search in the Ridzi case was serious but it was a request from the prosecutors after all. A vote cannot be recast unless prosecutors have something to add to what they already presentedI will have a talk with Mrs. Gatej to see what this is all about (referring to the news that recently appeared reading that Gatej collaborated with the secret securitate structures in Communism). This situation makes me wonder, indeed. I cannot go to Brussels and tell them that Mrs Ridzi is sick. There are things that I can comment with you or others but there is no justification for Brussels. The political decision needs to stand beyond sentimentalism. 
UPDATE Communists are the winners of the elections in Republic of Moldova after counting 92.4% of the votes / Publika TV exit poll was invalidated 
After counting 92.4% of the valid expressed votes at the elections in Republic of Moldova, Communists, PCRM party received 41.3%. Other three parties with chances to meet the threshold: PLDM lead by Filat with 28.16%, PDM lead by Lupu with 13.11% and PL lead by Ghimpu with 8.9% according to Official partial results contradict the exit poll released by Publika TV that estimated that the winner is Filat's party, PLDM. 
4.Those accountable for the technical faults of the AC installation at the Giulesti maternity ward, undisclosed by the hospital 
​​​The cause of the explosion at the Giulesti maternity ward on Monday was, according to officials, the faulty AC installation and the problem was not clarified after 24 hours since the tragedy, in which 4 newly borns lost their lives and another seven are in severe condition, occurred. investigated the case, in an attempt to answer some of the questions related to the technical faults. The financial director of the maternity, Ion Pecingina declared that he cannot name those who were in charge of the AC installation. On the other hand, sources declared for that the maternity did not manage, so far, to explain to investigators who were those in charge with the AC functioning. There are several questions related to the capacity of the electrical system of the hospital to take a high energy consumption. The same sources declared that on Tuesday, that they questioned all eletrical engineers of the hospital who declared that they were in charge of making sure the ACs were plugged.
5.More rain to cause problems in Romania. Bucharest mayor to call meeting with extreme weather conditions Commandment The warnings for more rains to come over the next few days made Bucharest mayor call the Commandment for extreme weather conditions on Monday morning at first hour, a communiqué indicates. The Danube has gone beyond historic levels recorded in 2006.
6.Romanian Agriculture minister: Romania could plant genetically modified organisms Romanian Agricultural minister Mihai Dumitru discussed live online with readers on Monday, June 28. One of the issues raised referred to the genetically-modified food. The minister was asked to detail what he has done to protect the Romanian seeds and plant species, whose quality was considered by the reader to be far superior. The minister was also asked if he intended to support the research and experiment centres from the agricultural sector. The reader believes the imported foods are of a poorer quality in comparison with Romanian products and insisted that the genetically-modified products were a ticking bomb for the public health.
7.Romanian PM: Government has the budget deficit cut alternative package. Measures to be made public after IMF, EC and WB negotiations Romanian PM announced on Friday that the Government has prepared the alternative package to cut budget deficit. The measures this package includes are going to be made public after the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the World Bank. Emil Boc has also announced that the 25% cut is not affected by the Romanian Constitutional Court's decision and can be enforced.
8.Liberal leader: If tax rise is enforced, Romania will collapse PNL Iasi leader Relu Fenechiu considers that taxes are going to go up in Romania, the country will collapse. "The Government had better not have the nerve to come with the second option, namely increasing taxes. Such measures would bring Romania to financial collapse. The companies deal with the crisis anyway and they've got problems. The raise in taxes would certainly have catastrophic effects", Relu Fenechiu said, quoted by Mediafax.
9.Romanian Government cuts massively local councils' funds The Romanian Government intends to reduce drastically the quotas reserved for local councils from the revenues brought by the tax on salaries and to axe a large percentage of civil servants roles, as indicated by a Finance Ministry ordinance project to be debated today with local administration representatives.
10.Censorship motion fails to be passed by parliament. Boc Cabinet escapes reshuffle The vote on the censorship motion against the Romanian Government's austerity measures concluded. The Parliament failed to pass the motion. 10 MPs from the parties in power voted in favour.
11.Trans-national fake cards network: arrests carried out in 14 countries, among which Romania Police arrested 178 persons in Europe and the United States, under the charge of faking cards, Reuters informs. Among the arrested are also Romanian citizens, part of a trans-national network with a business figure estimated around 20 million euros.
12.UPDATE Rally ends. Protesters leave Piata Victoriei. Unions threaten to call general strike on May 31 The protest against austerity measures organised by the great unions in Bucharest in Piata Victoriei on Wednesday, May 19, is over. The participants - 50,000 according to the organisers, 30,000 according to the Gendarmeries' estimates - have left the square. But unions threaten to call general strike on May 31. The protest, assisted by approximately 1,200 cops and gendarmes, was well organised, so that not unexpected events interfered.
13.Traian Basescu: The solution might be to take responsibility for the announced measures. There is no time for Parliamentary debate "Romania is not in the situation Greece is. Romania could get there, but we're definitely not in the situation Greece is. We've got all the necessary tools to avoid such a situation. The only problem is that we want to utilise them", Romanian President declared on May 13 in a press conference at Cotroceni Palace.
14.Bucharest prefect proposes stray dogs’ euthanasia. PETA Deutschland proposes to help Romnainan authorities solve the issue differently Bucharest Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei presented on Tuesday a law draft according to which the dogs found in Bucharest's shelters are to be eliminated if they fail to be adopted within seven days. The NGOs claim there are 40,000 stray dogs on the streets of Bucharest, while the city's council claims there are 100,000. In the first three months of the present year 2,175 people have been bitten by stray dogs. 
15.Romanian ex-President: Basescu is irresponsible Ion Iliescu, Romanian social-democratic ex-President, tagged current President (LibDem) "irresponsible" for the statements he made during his last night interview for B1 TV on Iliescu's involvement in the 1989 Revolution and Mineriads. "Isn't he ashamed? Mr. Basescu is irresponsible to make such statements, and the politics he's leading is regrettable. He plays the game of instigators such as Morar [the host of the interview]", the ex-chief of state told Romanian news agency Agerpres. 
16.Poland to organise presidential elections Poland will organise early presidential elections, a Polish Government spokesperson announced, Reuters informs. We remind our readers that after the Polish President Lech Kaczynski's death this morning in a plane crash in Russia, the temporary president is now Bronislaw Komorowski, head of the Polish Parliament Lower Chamber.
17.Polish President Lech Kaczyński dies in plane crash in Russia A plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczyński crashed nearby Smolensk airport in West Russia, Polish governmental official announced, quoted by Reuters. On board were also the Polish Central Bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek and the President's wife.
18.Romanian Foreign minister: These are shocking, unfair and unacceptable statements. Chief investigator Copenhagen Police: Romanians have no scruples. They will kill you for 100 krones "These are shocking, unfair and unacceptable statements. They come from a Danish secondary zone and have been redrawn by Mr. Ove Dahl, spokesperson and chief investigator for the Copenhagen Police", Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi declared in the discussion on Monday, discussing with journalist Dan Tapalaga. This is the first time that the Romanian Foreign Office (MAE) takes a stand after chief investigator from Copenhagen Police declared last week, after Romanian citizen Marian Clita murder suspect in the case of a dead stewardess, that "Romanians don't have scruples" and that they would kill even for a few euros. His statements have set the Danish press on fire, which read "Romanians are top criminals".
19.PM Emil Boc discussed online on the 2010 reform measures Romanian PM discussed online with readers on the most important reformist measures in 2010, a year which from the economy perspective is considered to be just as tough as 2009. 
20.The last ministerial proposals in the Boc IV Cabinet were approved by parliamentary commissions All the 15 politicians proposed for the leadership of a ministry in Boc IV Cabinet have been approved by parliamentary special commissions on Tuesday, December 22, 2009. The commission’s approval has a consultative nature. On Wednesday morning, the approval vote for the new Romanian Government is scheduled to take place in the Parliament's plenum. Here are the last four ministers to be passed.
21.Six more ministers approved by parliamentary commissions All Boc Cabinet ministerial proposals have been approved so far. Here are the future Interior, Health, Environment, Public Finance, Education and National Defense Romanian ministers. 
22.Crin Antonescu: The president can prevent us from joining the government, but cannot impose the conditions for joining the opposition Representatives of the parliamentary group for national minorities from the Romanian Parliament were he first to come on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Palace to discuss with president Traian Basescu. The chief of state invited the parties and parliamentary groups yesterday to come to Cotroceni for consultations. The political organisations the president is planning to discuss the future Government are the minorities group, (2 pm), followed but the independents' group, UDMR, PNL, PSD and PDL.
23.PSD member: Contesting the elections is embarrassing and will raise questions in the EU Social-democrat Vasile Puscas declares the fact that it is being resorted to contesting the presidential polls is embarrassing for a European state and this procedure will raise questions in the EU regarding the democratic process in Romania, According to Romanian news agency Agerpres.
24.Troubles at the special voting sections Romanian special voting sections saw the voting process interrupted, generally because of the short number of bulletins, but also because one fraud accusation. 
25.Debate Basescu-Geoana-Antonescu Presidential candidates Traian Basescu, Mircea Geoana and Crin Antonescu met on Friday evening for a public debate at the Parliament, in an electoral confrontation organised by the Institute of Public Policy. The show's moderator is journalist Robert Turcescu, and TV channels have been invited to broadcast the event live.
26.Romanian President on ex-prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu's accusations: Elections are not won with dossiers stolen from DGIPI or with prosecutors rejected by Justice and recovered by parties Incumbent Romanian president Traian Basescu declared that "PSD is responsible that Omar Hayssam reached the level of influence which made him partner with the chief of state in official trips". He asked Mircea Geoana to "stop using his family friends to attack presidential candidates". The chief of state's statement comes after ex-DIICOT prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu presented his book "Pradarea Romaniei" (Stealing Romania) during a press conference in Bucharest. Victor Gaetan, a Romanian-American writer, is the co-author of the book that details president Basescu's involvement in the Omar Hayssam business.
27.Vaccination against swine flu begins on November 26-27. The vaccines are produced by Romanian Cantacuzino Institute The Emergency Committee met on Monday to discuss the AH1N1 management, after an increasing number of swine flu cases have been recorded throughout Romania. Health Ministry officials declared at the Emergency Committee meeting on Monday that all medical units would be in quarantine starting Monday. The vaccination against swine flu will begin in November 26-27. The vaccines are produced by Cantacuzino Institute in Bucharest.
28.Interview with Romanian President Traian Basescu: on the Croitoru Cabinet, the PDL leaders who have been fooled and the Securitate officer Silvian Ionescu In an interview for, President Traian Basescu discussed with Dan Tapalaga about the political crisis and the relationship with the IMF. Romanian President Traian Basecu gave 50% chances to the designated PM Lucian Croitoru to get his cabinet through the Parliament. IMF's decision to postpone the evaluation visit until after a new cabinet has been voted limits the choices Basescu has in case the Croitoru cabinet is not approved. According to him, he would be ready to name a PM from the party that holds the most parliamentary seats, PDL that is.
29.Live Text: President Traian Basescu discussed with readers online on Monday - My opponent in the second elections tour will be Mircea Geoana   Romania's President, Traian Basescu, discussed with readers on Monday. The discussions focus on the current political crisis and the presidential elections. The Monday Discussion is set up by and RFI Romania, moderated by Dan Tapalaga.
30.The Greens 'painted' Victoria Square red Remus Cernea will be the Green Party's presidency candidate, if he manages to raise 200,000 signatures, Antonio Momoc writes on his blog. He used the internet to mobilise citizens to express their political option through a symbolic gesture.

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