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1.Orange code for rain in six Romanian counties The National Meteorology Administration has issued a new orange code warning for rain in Maramures county (North Romania) and in the mountainous region, in Suceava (N), Neamt (N-E), Bistrita-Nasaud (N), Mures (Central-North) and Harghita (Central-North). Here rain quantities will reach above 60-70 litres per square meters. The warning became valid on Wednesday, July 7, at 8 o'clock and will end at 9 pm.
2.The fifth IMF instalment goes today to the National Central Bank The fifth instalment from Romania's stand-by agreement with the International Monetary Fund (worth of 913) will be send today, July 7, to the Romanian Central Bank's reserve. BNR representatives this will make foreign investors trust more the Romanian economy​
3.Romanian PM to announce how ministerial spending and salaries in state companies will be reduced Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc is to announce on Thursday how staff cuts in ministries and salary cuts in state companies are going to be enforced. These decisions have been taken in the Government meeting on Wednesday, which concluded shortly before midnight.
4.International press in the Romanian censorship motion The debate on the censorship motion in the Parliament in Bucharest is closely followed by the international press, analysing the political situation in Romania through the perspective of foreign investors. It is noted that the investors' uncertainty over Romania's capacity to implement the reforms have led to an increase in price for the guarantees of the Romanian state debts - the highest in Europe, after Greece.
5.Romanian MPs debate the censorship motion against Government A decisive day for the Romanian Boc Cabinet. Senators and deputies in Bucharest vote the censorship measure "Stop the social genocide", initiated by the PSD+PC (Social-Democratic Party and Conservative Party) MPs, following the Government's taking responsibility for the austerity laws, which see a 15% cut in pensions and 25% cut in salaries from the public sector.
6.Union members carry on protests at the Parliament Wednesday is the third consecutive day of protests members of unions lead against the austerity measures announced by the Government. For this reason, starting on Thursday, June 10, and leading to Saturday, protesters will rally the parliament's offices and parties' headquarters.
7.Romanian Government to take responsibility for the cut in pensions and salaries today The Boc Cabinet in Romania is expected to announce this afternoon that the Government is taking responsibility for the austerity measures. The announcement is expected on Monday, June 7, 2010, at the Parliament, after 16 o'clock. The Executive's members are getting together this morning to discuss the amendments the senators and deputies brought to the two law drafts, which see, among other details, for the 25% axe in salaries in the public sector and the 15% cut in pensions. 
8.European Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos to visit Republic of Moldova The European commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos begins today, June 3, a visit in the Republic of Moldova to evaluate bi-lateral relations addressing agriculture and rural developments, Radio Romania Actualitati informs.
9.Education Ministry invited union members to discuss about May 31st strike Romanian minister of Education Daniel Funeriu declared that he invites over all Education unions leaders to discuss on the May 31 strike starting today. A baccalaureate mock test was also scheduled for May 31st. Last week, Funeriu declared that the Ministry has prepared a set of measures to avoid the blockage of the academic year, but he hoped he did not have o use them, as he counted on the teachers' good will, which would chose to support the students, Radio Romania Actualitati broadcasts. 
10.Military parade in Bucharest on Romania's National Day Over 1.3000 militaries from the Defence and the Interior ministries and from The Romanian Intelligence Service and the Romanian Guard and Protection Service will march on the Streets of Bucharest today, starting 11 a.m., for Romania's National Day.
11.Romania and the Republic of Moldova seal bi-lateral agreements postponed for years by the authorities in Chisinau The relationships between Romania and the Republic of Moldova start to normalise after several years of tensions that culminated with visas being introduced for Romanian citizens. On Friday, the two states will sign several bi-lateral agreements that have been postponed for years by the ex-communist regime from Chisinau. The agreements address the light traffic at the border, the intergovernmental bi-lateral agreement regarding the cross-border points between the two countries and the protocol amending the intergovernmental agreement signed in 1992 in Bucharest addressing the protection of investments. 
12.Romania is among the European states with the highest number of road accidents Romania is listed among the European states recording a high number of road accidents, according to a study published on Monday by the European Council for Transport Security, France Press agency quotes. Road accidents claimed around 39,000 lives last year on the EU's roads last year. 


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