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1.Romanian Constitutional Court publishes the reasons on austerity measures decisions The pension's ratio, set by the contribution principle, is a won right. Therefore, reducing the pension cannot be accepted, not even temporary. This is how the Romanian Constitutional Court motivates its decision to declare the law draft addressing the 15% cut in pension unconstitutional. This cut in pensions was part of the austerity measures' package for which the Boc Cabinet took responsibility in the Parliament.
2.4.8 degrees earthquake in East Romania​ A 4.8 degrees earthquake occurs in Vrancea, 114 kilometres deep, the European-Mediterranean Seismology Centre announces.
3.PSD's parallel count: Geoana – 51.1%, Basescu – 48.9%  Mircea Geoana got 51.1% of the votes, while Traian Basescu is credited with 48.9%, social-democrat leader Viorel Hrebenciuc states, after PSD's parallel count of 7,800 voting sections (35% of the total).
4.Mircea Geoana: Johannis Cabinet to be invested until Christmas and will function until 2012 The Klaus Johannis Cabinet will be invested by Christmas and will function until 2012, Mircea Geoana declared on Sunday, after visiting the PNL headquarters. "I believe that this moment signifies the post-communist transition end, which started at the revolution", Geoana said in a joint press statement made alongside the liberal leader. 
5.UPDATE Lib-dem vice-presiden: PD-L's parallel count after 75% of the voting sections: Traian Basescu - 50.36%, Mircea Geoana - 49.64% UPDATE 2   PD-L's parallel count indicated a 0.72% advantage in favour of the lib-dem presidential candidate Traian Basescu. According to the liberal-democrats, Basescu leads by 50.36% against Mircea Geoana - 49.64%, after a PDL count of the votes cast in 74.35% of the sections, PD-L vice-president Adriean Videanu declared.
6.Ion Iliescu on the surveys' results: It's Mr. Basescu's merit. He pays for the lack of political culture Ion Iliescu, the social-democrat ex-Romanian holder of two presidential mandates, believes that Traian Basescu has the major merit in the fact that the surveys indicate Mircea Geoana as president: "It's Mr. Basescu's merit, who isolated himself. He is paying for his behaviour and the lack of the necessary political culture, the lack of formation for the political dialogue", the ex-chief of state says.
7.PNL president addressing electorate: By electing Mircea Geoana as president, you have freed Romania! PNL leader Crin Antonescu declared that politicians cannot miss the second chance that has been offered Romania with the voting from Sunday. "I thank all thise who understood there is a need for change and I can assure you that they have freed Romania and gave it the chance that we, the politicians who have worked for change, cannot miss, with the today's elected president Mircea Geoana".
8.Norman Manea: Romania, a democracy from Kafka’s books. Nobel, a hysteric, national obsession Today's Romania is a democracy from Kafka's books, where rhetoric is mixed with demagogy and vulgar populism. This is the belief of Norman Manea, the writer who emigrated from Romania in 1986. He made the statement in an interview for Le Figaro.


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