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1.Romanian LibDem MEP: For two weeks the Government is not taking any anti-crisis measures Romanian Liberal-Democratic MEP Cristian Preda asked the Boc Cabinet to consult the opposition regarding anti-crisis measures. He told RFI reporters that for two weeks now, the Romanian "Government is not doing anything" in terms of anti-crisis measures. Preda said that so far, The Government and PDL's communication was "silence", while other cases, the communication managed to rob the anti-crisis measures of credibility. 
2.National Integrity Agency president: ANI amendments brought by mainly UDMR and PDL are fatal. It was ruled in personal interest The alterations recently brought to the ANI Law amputate, "more than seriously", the National Integrity Agency's attributions, ANI president Catalin Macovei told RFI. The document was adopted by the two Parliament Chambers, but the Senate has brought extremely controversial amendments. Among others, the candidates are no longer compelled to submit wealth and interest statements before running for a public role; union members are not to be investigated by ANI; and the wealth investigating commissions attached to the Appeal Court have been eliminated.
3.Tourism minister for RFI: Romanian tourism brand will not promote the seacoast Romania's future brand to be exported for tourism will not promote the seacoast, Romanian Regional Development and Tourism minister Elena Udrea told RFI reporters. Udrea said that the medieval cities will be definitely promoted. Romania's national tourism brand should be ready in May 24 or 25, the minister added.
4.Social-democrats: We're not taking part in consultations with traitors and deserters PSD members are going to Cotroceni Palace today to take part in the debates regarding the alteration of the Constitution, but the party members will not engage in discussions with the group of independents, who PSD vice-president Constantin Nita called "traitors" and "deserters" for RFI reporters. Nita added that he wants a mix uninominal vote for the Deputies Chamber. The Liberals and Social-Democrats are invited again today at 6 pm for consultations addressing the reduction of the number of MPs and the single-chambered Parliament. On Monday, the leaders of the two parties have left discussions with President Traian Basescu, blaming the presence of the independent MPs group. 
5.Renate Weber for RFI: Dacian Ciolos needs to convert the expert into politician The European Parliament's favourable vote on the new European Commission does not necessarily mean a blank check, MEP Renate Weber stated. In an interview for the RFI, Weber said that Dacian Ciolos, the Romanian designated Agricultural Commissioner, needs to convert himself from expert into politician. The Barroso II Cabinet has been approved on Tuesday, February 9 2010, by the Strasbourg Legislative plenum, with 488 votes in favour, 137 against and 72 abstained. 
6.Romanian Ex-Defence minister on the missile shield: The Russians will probably object Romanian MPE social-democrat Ioan Mircea Pascu, Ex Defence minister, declared that the Russians would probably object to Romania's nesting some missile shield components.
7.UDMR senator: Granting massive citizenship to Moldavians help Russian extremism UDMR senator Gyorgy Frunda criticised the Romanian Government policy in granting citizenship to Moldavians to a large scale. The MP said in an interview for RFI that offering citizenship en masse doesn't solve anything. On the contrary, it encourages Russian extremists. 
8.Sever Voinescu for RFI: Crin Antonescu in red jacket is a big disappointment. The PDL-PNL compatibility is obvious "The chances for the elections' results to be considered invalid are zero", Traian Basescu's spokesman for the electoral campaign Sever Voinescu declared. In an interview for RFI, Voinescu said that "the parties are in a post-traumatic state, after Traian Basescu winning the presidential elections". The lib-dem politician added: "the PDL-PNL compatibility is obvious", while "Crin Antonescu in a red jacket is a big disappointment". 
9.Ex-Romanian PM for RFI: Traian Basescu is to blame for Adrian Severin not being elected EU's Foreign Affairs minister Traian Basescu, the Romanian incumbent president, is to be blamed for the fact that Adrian Severin was not elected EU's Foreign Affairs minister. This is the statement of the Social-Democratic Party National Council president Adrian Nastase for RFI. The ex-Prime Minister claims that the European socialist did not receive support from the chief of state in order to become a High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs.


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