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1.Ministerul Sanatatii decide continuarea programului de vaccinare anti-HPV. Campania de vaccinare incepe pe 23 noiembrie Ministerul Sanatatii decide continuarea programului de vaccinare anti-HPV impotriva cancerului de col uterin. Anuntul a fost facut in cadrul conferintei de presa, in care au fost comunicate rezultatelor finale ale sondajului de opinie realizat in cadrul Campaniei de Informare pentru Prevenirea Cancerului de Col Uterin. Potrivit sondajului, mai mult de jumatate dintre parintii fetelor de clasele a VI-a si a VII-a care au luat o decizie sunt de acord cu vaccinarea anti-HPV.UPDATE 1: Reprezentantii ministerului sustin ca la nici o alta campanie scolara nu se cere acordul scris al parintelui. Celelalte campanii sunt unele obligatorii, vaccinarea anti-HPV este facultativa. Daca parintii nu vor ca fetitele sa fie vaccinate, fie nu vin la scoala, fie trimit o notificare in acest sens.UPDATE 2: Nu exista nicio incompatiblitate intre vaccinul anti-HPV si vaccinul impotriva gripei porcine.
2.Thousands protest peacefully before Moldova Presidency following communist victory in general elections Several thousand people, mostly youngsters, convened before the headquarters of the Presidency of the Moldova Republic to protest the results of the general elections last weekend, which handled the governing Communists another four years in power, according to
3.Portofoliul mostenit de Obama la Casa Alba, privit cu speranta, dar si cu prudenta Provocarile corora trebuie sa le faca fata primul presedinte de culoare al Americii, odata instalat in functie, starnesc temeri din partea celor care depind de comertul cu SUA sau a celor care supravietuiesc doar datorita ajutoarelor americane. In acelasi timp, Africa spera ca venirea lui Obama in fruntea celei mai puternice economii le va aduce avantaje nesperate.
4.What the newspapers say: December 19, 2008 All newspapers today read about the new ministers to form the government and the governance program put forward by the PSD PDL alliance. Elsewhere in the news, Romanians will face price increases in early 2009.
5.Western states put pressure on Romania for reforms, observers in key institutions expected Representatives of Western embassies in Bucharest participate at a growing rate in sessions of the Romanian institutions with an important role in Justice reforms. A western diplomat explained for that there is a significant concern on the course of the reforms, especially when it comes to Justice. Corruption and the lack of respect for the rule of law don’t affect just one country, but may have international implications, the official emphasized. On the other hand, leaders of almost all political parties comment in a more and more aggressive voice the participation of foreign diplomats in the sessions of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM), write letters to Brussels and lobby for the non-involvement of EU officials in the interior political decisions.
6.VIDEO Oldest audio recording discovered in USA American scientists have discovered an audio recording dating since 1860, 17 years before Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, France Presse informs. French Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville recorded the "Au Clair de la Lune" song in 1860, using a "phonoautographer", an invention able to transform sound waves in engravings on a paper surface, but without the possibility to ever again listen it.
7.Orange Romania wants one of the promised WiMAX licenses in 2008 Orange Romania will participate in the bid for the WIMAX license, as the company is interested in expanding in this field, said France Telecom president Didier Lombard in a press conference on Thursday.
8.Romanian audience and circulation control body issues recommendations after unfair practices charges The Romanian body measuring Internet and paper media circulation and traffic, BRAT, suggested in its latest management session a series of changes to its regulations, answering to problems unveiled lately by the press. The BRAT Council of Directors come after an official letter sent by Catalin Tolontan, editor of sports newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor and owner of one of the most popular blogs, who accused unorthodox practices used by media groups in negotiating advertising contracts. On the other hand, BRAT answers some accusations in a scandal related to two websites dedicated to women.
9.EU wants to align taxes for diesel and lead-free gasoline The European Union suggests in a draft tabled on Friday the increase of taxes on diesel up to the level of taxes applied to lead-free gas, from 302 euro per 1,000 liters to 359 euro per 1,000 liters. The Commission first suggested 2012 as term for the aligning, but European deputies decided that 2015 is a fair term.
10.Bush to meet Romania President Basescu and PM Tariceanu in April The White House has announced that US president George W. Bush will meet on the margins of the NATO summit in Bucharest this spring with Romanian President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, as well as the NATO secretary general. George and Laura Bush will visit Ukraine, Romania and Croatia in April.
11.Spain to host European Las Vegas Spanish authorities intend to transform the Aragon desert in the most attractive European entertainment destination. The wasteland will see some 70 hotels, 32 casinos and 5 entertainment parks built until 2015. Even more, the "spare time resort" will also include museums and conference centers. Some 65,000 people will work in the new born locality. 
12.Central banks organize cash injection to support international financial system The largest central banks announced for the nearing holidays a massive common action designed to regain the trust in the financial markets, a press release of the US Federal Reserve informs. The international media comments that this is a very rare measure, being the first of its kind since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The measure involves the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Swiss National Bank.
13.Arsenal London - Steaua Bucharest 2-1. Honorable loss In the last game in the Champions League groups, Steaua lost in front of Arsenal London, ending a series of poor games with a rather fair and dedicated game. "Even though the final impression was that we could have achieved more, it is a fair result. We were surpassed in the first half of the game because we were too afraid, Then we got some courage and we had our chances. It is hard to believe we will ever raise youngsters with the quality of those at Arsenal, who begin when they are still small and row up in a professional environment", said Marius Lacatus, Steaua coach.
14.What the newspapers say: December 13, 2007 During the negotiations last night between the governing Liberals and the Social Democrat (PSD) opposition, one thing became clear: the 2008 State Budget will be adopted only through bribe. Despite the fact that several voices accuse the fact that the budget is unrealistic, due to many expenses still uncovered by income, PM Tariceanu promised no less than 60 million euro financing for infrastructure works in areas where PSD rules. And the uninominal vote that may allow Romanians to penalize such deals is still far away.
15.Two Romanian diplomats - persona non grata in Kishinev Two employees of the Romanian Embassy in Kishinev were declared persona non grata by the Moldovan government, the NewsIn news agency informs. According to local authorities, the two Romanians carried on activities incompatible to their diplomatic statute. Both Embassy employees have 24 hours to leave the country. At the same time, the Moldova ambassador in Bucharest, Lidia Gutu, was recalled to Kishinev for consultations, a release from the Moldovan Foreign Ministry informs.
16.Romanians to celebrate New Year in Bulgaria After they chose the Bulgarian seashore for the summer, instead of Romanian resorts, Romanians are rather tempted to spend the winter holiday across the border. Thousands of tourists are expected by restaurant and hotel owners in the city of Ruse, on the Danube shore. Many have already purchased their tickets, at costs three - four times lower than similar offers in Romania. 
17.US Embassy employee involved in car crash is Secret Service agent The US Embassy confirmed on Wednesday that its attaché, Kevin L. Sandlin, was involved in the traffic accident on Tuesday night in Bucharest. In a press release for, the Embassy confirms its cooperation with the Romanian Police in the investigation on the case. Asked by the reporters, the US Embassy officials said that Kevin Sandlin is a deputy attaché within the Embassy and he works as representative of the US Secret Service on fiscal frauds and cyber crime.
18.Yahoo! opens office in Romania Marius Pahomi announces on his blog that Yahoo! will open an office in Romania. "I received the confirmation personally, during a private meeting in London with Toby Coppel, Managing Director Yahoo! Europe", Pahomie writes.According to the blog author, Coppel visited Bucharest two weeks ago and discussed with IT&C Ministry and other governmental officials.
19.Foreign Minister points at Romanians who travel without papers Romanian embassies and consulates are not a problem, said Foreign Minister Cioroianu in a public meeting organized by the Social Dialogue Group on Tuesday night. Cioroianu pointed at Romanians who leave Romania without carrying any personal documents. The minister defended his Foreign Ministry employees after president Traian Basescu had claimed in an interview for and BBC that the ministry attempts to transform consuls and ambassadors into political clients. 
20.Controversial oilman decides on who should be employed as prosecutor In a criminal complaint addressed to the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA), a member of the examination panel who judge the competitions for prosecution office job openings is accused of working for Dinu Patriciu, influential Liberal and general manager of Rompetrol, a company he founded and sold, becoming the richest man in Romania. Gabriela Ghita, one of the prosecutors under investigation the recent case of prosecutors accepting bribe to employ other prosecutors, claims that Irina Berar, one of the panel members who decides who wins the job, works for Dinu Patriciu and is responsible, in 80% of the cases, of deciding who is the winner in competitions for prosecution office contests. 
21.US Embassy employee involved in car crash in Bucharest An employee of the US Embassy in Bucharest was involved in a car crash on Tuesday night, ended with the injury of a woman, Realitatea TV informs. Eye witnesses claim that the car driven by the US embassy employee was speeding and that the driver spread alcohol stench, although he refused to be tested. According to the TV station, the accident took place on the Beijing Boulevard, near the China Embassy. UPDATE: A criminal record was opened on the name of the US driver for refusing the alcohol testing and for the injuries suffered by the victim.
22.What the newspapers say: December 12, 2007 Prosecutors who offer bribe should be arrested. Those who receive it may stay at large. At least this is the signal sent on Tuesday by the Superior Magistrature Council (CSM), much to the despair of Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi. An if some may think this is a typical gesture for Romania... well, they are wrong. What is typical is the Transport Ministry, where over 100 kilometers of highways got lost in the paperwork. 
23.Public appeal of President Basescu for removing Justice Minister from office President Traian Basescu launched a public appeal, targeting Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, asking for the removal of Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu from the office, before Chiuariu is placed under criminal investigation and consequently suspended. The head of state underlined the fact that it would be an unique situation in Europe: having a Justice minister sent in front of the prosecutors. Basescu also demanded the removal from office of the Labor Minister, another member of the cabinet on whose name prosecutors asked approval to open a criminal investigation. 
24.President Basescu accuses NGO for uninominal vote law draft problems Romania president Traian Basescu announced, in a short-notice conference organized just before leaving to the EU - Africa summit in Lisbon, that he identified two anti-Constitutional articles in the uninominal law draft put up by the Pro-Democratia nongovernmental organization (NGO), a draft for which the Government assumed responsibility. "The Pro-Democratia law draft has several deficiencies", Basescu said. Considering that the NGO proved to be a good connoisseur of the Constitution in past years activity, Basescu says he finds reasons to suspect a Pro-Democratia - Government collusion. 
25.Bucharest: new traffic restrictions Official warning: avoid the Bucur Obor area between December 7 and 10. According to a City Hall release, the tramway rails will close for repairing between December 7 and 10 in the Calea Mosilor - Colentina crossroad. In the area, the traffic will pass through only one lane in each direction. During the same period, the surface traffic will be completely closed in the same crossroad for lanes connecting Mihai Bravu and Stefan cel Mare. The decision came after the traffic turned into chaos during the past few days and 100 more traffic Police agents were called from other cities to assist, but with no result.
26.Italian businessmen discuss their future in Romania Italian businessman involved in the Unimpresa association analyze on Friday the situation of the Romanian - Italian mutual relations, The discussion will be attended to by the Italian ambassador in Bucharest, Daniele Mancini, and the Romanian Foreign Ministry state secretary, Iulian Buga.
27.Italian Senate approves EU citizens expelling law The Italian government led by Romano Prodi obtained on Thursday night a confidence vote from the Senate, which approved the law draft allowing authorities to expel EU citizens considered as a risk to the public safety. The amendment was adopted after an extremely tied vote - 160 in favor and 158 against, the opponents of the draft roughly criticizing the racist initiative. 
28.Criminal investigation against ex-president Iliescu ceased The criminal investigation opened against former Romania president Ion Iliescu for the miners' mayhem in 1990 was closed, Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi announced in a press conference on Friday. Kovesi mentioned that "Ion Iliescu was never subpoenaed and there was no statement taken from him in 17 years".
29.What the newspapers say: December 7, 2007 The conflict between Presidency and Government enters a new stage. After the Constitutional Court decided that president Basescu is allowed to approve by himself the launching of criminal investigations against ministers, Basescu reminds PM Tariceanu that two members of his Cabinet are suspect of corruption. Of course, Tariceanu claims that a governmental reshuffle is out of the question. A fine moment for the Moldova president, Vladimir Voronin, to pick on Romania once again, out of the blue.
30.Democrats vote in favor of merger with a heavy heart The session of the Democrat Party College calmed things for a while on Wednesday. Democrats were forced to accept the merger with the Liberal - Democrats and, one by one, resignedly signed. Still, behind closed doors, the leaders of the party expressed their discontent. According to sources, the head of Democrats, Emil Boc, tried to calm down his party colleagues, saying that the merger is obligatory, with all the drawbacks it involves, and that statements and riots may not be visible, so that the party wouldn't lose its supporters. 

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