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1.Party president investigated by Integrity National Agency for false in declarations The Romanian Integrity National Agency (ANI) is currently investigating the wealth and interests declaration belonging to president of Great Romania Party (PRM) Corneliu Vadim Tudor. ANI sources told Romanian news agency Agerpres that integrity inspectors were investigating Corneliu Vadim Tudor for alleged false in declarations.
2.American study in Romania: Children in orphanages displayed slowed mind and body development Children in orphanages go through a slower growth and development process, researchers at Minnesota University have concluded after conducting a study which included six orphanages from Romania. First results indicate that the orphanages have a great impact on children not only from the psychological perspective, but it can also physically harm them, Minnesota Daily notes. 
3.American state Kentucky was about to baptised Transylvania Transylvania was about to become American state. It's not about the Romanian central-west region, spelled Transilvania, but the territory called today Kentucky. The name stuck for almost a year, until the Congress voted against the creation of this state. The American Transylvania would have bordered Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. 
4.Debate in the French press: Medicine students who fail exams in France go to "masquerade" studies in Romania Young French are ready to do anything to become physicians. Some have failed the main exam at the end of their first university year in France, but they went to train in Romania; for those who fail in the Hexagon, the rescue comes from Romania, French publication Le Point reads, opening a debate on the issue.
5.Romanian PM threatens to dismiss ministers coming with measures outside the governance programme Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc threatened to dismiss those ministers coming up with measures outside the governance programme during their press statements. The main addressees of the warning are Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and Labour minister Mihai Seitan, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.
6.Russian Embassy in Chisinau gets barbed-wired  Moscow's Embassy representatives in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, decided to encircle the building with a barbed wire fence. Several workers at the Russian Embassy installed a stretch of barbed wire on the institution's fence on Tuesday afternoon, January 12 2010, Unimedia informs, without giving more details on the decision of the Russian officials. 
7.Justice Ministry: Nicolae Popa extradition request fulfils the Indonesian law standards The extradition request sent by Romanian authorities in Indonesia in Nicolae Popa's case fulfils the conditions of the Indonesian law. The statement was made by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, which has been informed by the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. According to the latter, the temporary arrest warrant in the case of Nicolae Popa was extended.
8.Ciorogarla thieves - investigated for murder, drugs and ammunition traffic The thieves who stole arms from them military depot in Ciorogarla (close to Bucharest) hid the weapons for some time, dismantled them and erased the serial numbers so that they could not be identified. "The arms are functional (...) and we don't exclude that the theft's aim might have been selling", the Police chief Petre Toba declared during a press conference. 
9.PD-L established a schedule for adopting the budget by January 15 LibDem leaders discussed about respecting an accelerated schedule for approving the state budget law for 2010 on Monday, during the Political Office session. On January 5 the amendments can be submitted. The final vote needs be around January 12-14, so that in January 15 Romania will have a budget, the PD-L vice-president Gheorghe Flutur declared.
10.Ex-PM: The greatest danger for PNL is a tactical PDL - PSD deal for introducing a majority uninominal vote The greatest danger for the liberals in Romania at this moment is "a tactical deal between PDL and PSD" to introduce the majority uninominal vote, in one or two voting rounds. The warning comes from Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, liberal ex-Romanian PM, who writes on his blog that such an understanding would marginalise PNL and "would prepare the grounds for bi-partite-ism".
11.80.000 jobs will be restructured in the public system Significant cuts are expected in the state system in 2010. "The budget passed now through the Parliament will reduce certain staff spending. For this reason, certain areas will see staff cuts", Work minister Mihai Seitan declared for Romanian TV channel Realitatea.  
12.Le Figaro: Ceausescu was shot in a parody trial that remains the original sin of a Romania with avaricious memories  Twenty years ago, the Ceausescus were shot "in a parody trial, which remains the original sin of a post-communist Romania with avaricious memories". These are the opening words in the beginning of an article Le Figaro dedicates to the '89 Revolution and to the present situation. Among the people the French publication interviews are general Dan Voinea, historian Marius Oprea and film director Cristian Mungiu.
13.Helen, the first Romanian space ship, postpones launch for Saturday The first Romanian space ship, Helen, is ready to be launched into space. Initially scheduled for Friday (the local time), the launch has been postponed for tomorrow, due to weather conditions. The Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (ARCA) are launching the space vehicle above the Black Sea, with the support of the Romanian Military Marine. The event is likely to take about two hours, when a hot air solar balloon will be inflated and will take it to 14,000 meters altitude, according to an ARCA press report.
14.Theodor Stolojan: The Government could cut salaries and incomes for a short while The Government has two options in managing the country's economy: either to take drastic measures and reduce the spending that does not regard salaries and pensions, or to cut pensions and salaries. PD-L vice-president Theodor Stolojan declared for Romanian radio station Realitatea FM that "cutting the salaries and pensions is an option. This is possible as well, for a brief period of time". 
15.Vladimir Putin on Magna-Sberbank buying Opel: It may be the first step towards European economic integration Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin hailed the Canadian company Magna, associated with Russian bank Sberbank, acquiring Opel. In an interview for the German economic daily Handelsblatt, Putin declared that "clearly, it is not an event of a global scale, but it is a positive evolution. After all, this event may be the first step toward a real integration of the European economy".
16.Romania - one of the most inactive EU states when taking position on European legislative proposals Romanian parliamentarians do not raise any comment when faced with any project issued by the European Parliament. The conclusion is listed in the most recent European Commission data regarding the state members' activity on taking position on a legislative proposal made by the EC. 
17.The European Magistrates Association Forum asks Romania's President to mediate the conflict with the Executive The European Magistrates Association Forum from Romania (FAMER) sent an open letter to Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu, requesting him to mediate the "conflict with the executive power". 
18.The Observer on Silviu Purcarete's "Faust": I'd sell my soul to see this Faust again "Quite the most blisteringly stunning theatrical experience of this (or, appropriately enough, any other) life, Faust (Ingliston Lowland Hall) seared and stuck like hot tar on bare skin. This Romanian production, in a hangar of a shed near the airport, left most of us mesmerised and enthralled, and left me saddened only in one perverse way: I may never see a grander, more theatrical event in my life", the Observer writes about the "Faust" by Goethe adaptation of Romanian director Silviu Purcarete. 
19.WHO: We need to prepare for the second swine flu wave shock The World Health Organisation launched a worldwide appeal for the countries to brace themselves for the second swine flu wave. This bug already killed 1,800 people, according to the World Health Organisation. 
20.Australian authorities verify in the smallest detail Romanian visa request because of Romanian and Bulgarian crime gangs  Romanian and Bulgarian crime gangs managed to "infiltrate" in important Australian cities and attract a significant decrease in visa leaves to enter the country. East European criminals are the cause of numerous cash machine and card robberies or pick pocketing, which has attracted the authorities' attention, The Herald Sun reads. 
21.Romanian liberal requested the Prosecutors' General Office office to investigate the illegal recording of a parliamentary commission The president of the Parliamentary Commission currently investigating the Tourism minister Elena Udrea decisions to spend public money, liberal Ludovic Orban, requested the Prosecutors' General Office to start investigating the illegal recording of the Commission's members, Romanian TV channel Antena 3 announces.
22.Romanian citizens involved in a bus accident in Hungary  A bus transporting Romanian citizens was involved on Wednesday morning in a car accident in South Hungary. 12 persons were injured after the bus crashed nearby Szeged, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
23.Ex-Romanian National Transplant Agency chief, investigated in the human-eggs traffic Ex-head of the National Transplant Agency Victor Zota is under penal investigation regarding the human-egg traffic dossier opened in the case of Sabyc clinic in Bucharest, Romanian TV channel Antena 3 informs. He is accused for accrediting the clinic illegally, three months after a control identified several disorders at the clinic. 
24.The Russian ambassador in Chisinau: Russia respects Moldavians' choice, but it's too soon to say who will be in power The Russian ambassador in Chisinau Valeri Kuzmin met on Thursday with leaders of the Liberal Party of the Republic of Moldova. After the discussions concluded, Valeri Kuzmin declared for Unimedia that "Russia is full of respect for the choice made by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova". But he noted that "it is too soon to tell who will be in power and who will be in the opposition". 
25.The first Romanian lab for measuring radiations emitted by mobiles opened in Craiova  Research, Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering (ICMET) representatives announces that everybody can find out now the long-term effects of using mobiles and how harmful these phones really are. The first Romanian lab for measuring radiations emitted by mobiles opened in Craiova (South Romania).
26.A Romanian, professional American football player, will be featured in Playboy His name is Zoltan Mesko and he's a professional American football player at Michigan University. "University of Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko has several characteristics that distinguish him from your average college football player. He was born in Romania and emigrated when he was 11 years old. He is fluent in four languages. He will appear in the September issue of Playboy— as a member of its preseason All-America team."
27.VIDEO God Dethroned on the Romanian liberal who cancelled their concert: "He ruined it for many people. He's a very said man" "He ruined for many people, he ruined their pleasure to see a show. I think he only cares about himself. He's a very sad man." This is the message God Dethroned sent to the liberal councilor who demanded for their concert to be cancelled in Oradea (West Romania). In an interview for, Henri Sattler - the voice of the death metal Netherlanders band - spoke about a world premiere in Oradea: the cancellation of one of their shows.
28.Swine flu lands the flight companies The swine flu affected the air travel, which dropped by 9.3% during May, according to the International Air Transport Agency (IATA). May has been the first month for flights to be affected by the AH1N1 impact, IATA informs, quoted by AFP.
29.Moldovan President attacks Romanian President and accuses IMF of forsaking Moldova "like a woman leaves a man" Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin points his finger internationally again. This time, he commented on Romanian President Basescu saying Moldova was the creation of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, asking rhetorically "What sort of comment is that?". He noted President Basescu's statements were "against Chisinau". Voronin said Moldova will suspend the visas for Romanians when the Moldavians will be granted free access to Europe.


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