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1.Romanian President to those whose houses were destroyed by floods: "Fellows, why did you build your house here?" Romanian President went to visit regions flooded by rivers on Friday, July 2. He asked residents of Patrauti village, who were left homeless by the foods, why they chose to build their houses on the river bed: "Good fellows, why did you built your houses here?", "How come you chose the river's bed for your house?".
2.Moldovan Parliament postpones condemning communism The Parliament in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova's capital, failed to condemn communism during the Monday's session, when a debate on the report of the Commission for evaluating the totalitarian communist regime in Moldova should have taken place, informs. "This condemnation needs to take place in a manner that would allow us to not return to the issue ever again", PLDM leader Vlad Filat declared.
3.Romania and Bulgaria have the lowest EU GDP per capita Romania and Bulgaria are the states with the lowest GDP per person in the European Union. Bulgaria ranks last, with 41% of the EU average, while Romania ranks just above it, with 45% of the European average, according to the data presented by the European office for statistics Eurostat.
4.France: Romanian caught trying to buy expensive perfume with false card blames poverty in Romania A Romanian citizen without a criminal record does not unusually risk time in jail when caught stealing. Except the case when he annoys the judges, Nord Eclaire website reads. The website comments the trial of a Romanian citizen caught paying with a false card for an expensive perfum
5.Online Investigations: Regional Development Ministry director handling European funds was Intelligence officer The Romanian National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives (CNSAS) ruled that Gabriel Laurentiu Friptu, Regional Operation Programme Management Authority (POR) from the Regional Development and Tourism Ministry (MDRT, headed by Elena Udrea) was communist intelligence (Securitate) officer. He is currently handling 4.4 billion euros worth of European funds and, according to CNSAS, he had brought serious prejudices to human rights during the communist era, Anchete Online (Online Investigations). 
6.Market referee proposes confidentiality clause for public acquisition contracts The Romanian National Authority for the Regulation and Monitor of Public Acquisitions (ANRMAP) purposes the introduction of confidentiality clauses in standard contracts and attribution documents in the public acquisition domain for transport, environment and energy, open to public debate
7.Economy minister: State to sell at stock exchange part of Petrom shares to participate in OMV enlargement capital The Romanian state will take to the stock exchange part of the shares owned in Petrom in order to participate at the capital enlargement desired by OMV and to bring funds to budget, Economy minister Adriean Videanu announced on Thursday, May 27, quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres. 
8.Videanu: The Government will not increase taxation, but the tax base The Romanian Government will not increase fiscality, but it will raise the tax base, Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared on Thursday, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax. An increase in the VAT could mean a 0.7% inflation advance, he added. 
9.LibDem politician attacked with stones and chased by protesters in Bucharest PDL member Marcel Hoara has been attacked with stones and chased by several tens of people taking part in the rally from Piata Victoria. The politician was dragged out from the crowed by the local policemen and taken to the Museum of the Peasant, from where he was going to be escorted with a Local Police van, Mediafax informs.
10.Unions expect over 60,000 protesters, including 1.500 miners, in Piata Victoriei Union confederations announce over 60,000 people are to take part in the protests in Piata Victoriei in Bucharest on Wednesday, to object to the measures of the Romanian Government. Among the protesters, miners, pensioners and Bucharest residents are expected to take part, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
11.Slovakia recalls ambassador from Hungary, after Budapest announced double citizenship for Hungarians outside borders Slovakia has recalled is ambassador from Hungary for consultations, after Hungarian PM Orban announced Budapest wanted to relax the system of granting citizenships for Hungarian ethnics living outside the country, the Hungarian Foreign Affairs minister Peter Balasz announced today, May 13, quoted by 
12.PNL leader announces his party will not take part in the meeting with the President National Liberal party (PNL) President Crin Antonescu announced on Tuesday that the liberals will not take part in the meeting with President Traian Basescu, Government representatives, parties, unions and patronages reps in the Parliament. "From now on, we will not take part in any discussions with Traian Basescu and Emil Boc [PM]", he said.
13.Romanian Government stresses the deficit will stay below 7% Romania is going to keep the budget deficit below 7%, Government's spokeswoman Ioana Muntean declared on Friday, May 7. According to her, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and PM Emil Boc "are currently working together to finalise the intention letter for the stand-by agreement with the International Monetary Fund", based on the measures announced by President Basescu.
14.President discussed with ministers. PM to meet IMF reps tomorrow President Traian Basescu discussed with PM Emil Boc and Government members about negotiations with the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday 5, at Cotroceni Palace. Other officials to take part in the discussions with the President were Work minister Mihai Seitan, Transport minister Radu Berceanu, Economy minister Adriean Videanu and Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu. The first to leave the discussions was Vladescu, who met the IMF reps later. 
15.UPDATE Greece, paralysed by the third general strike. Protests get violent. 3 people die in fire Greece is once again partially-paralysed on Wednesday by a general strike. this is the third once since February, organised by the big unions as a form of protest against the austerity measures imposed by the socialist government in exchanged for the financial help granted by the European Union and the IMF, AFP informs. 
16.First Smolensk investigation conclusions - it was a piloting error The first analysis of the Polish presidential plane's black boxes led to the conclusion that there has been a piloting error, a source close to the Russian investigation team informs, quoted by AFP. On Saturday, April 10, Polish President's aircraft, carrying 96 people on board, crashed in Smolensk, Russia, after several failed landing attempts. Everyone on board died.
17.Offset for F-16? Textron (US) will produce shell-proof vehicles at Aerostar Bacau American Group Textron and Aerostar will produce shell-proof vehicles, Textron announced on Friday, according to AFP. The news comes two weeks after Romania had announced its decision to buy 24 second-hand F-16 aircrafts, attracting loud critics from the Swedish Group Saab and European consortium Eurofighter.
18.PM: I asked governing partners to de-politicize the public TV and radio  Romanian Liberal-Democrat party (PDL) president, PM Emil Boc, declared on Friday that he had discussed with coalition partners to modify the current law, so that the political umbrella is removed from the public radio station and TV channel, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.
19.President apologises for misquoting an official report, saying 40% of the diagnosis are wrong Romanian President Traian Basescu has misquoted an official report of the Health presidential commission, stating that over 40% of his state's citizens have been wrongly diagnosed. The Romanian chief of state has made this statement during debates addressing education laws. Several hours later, he expressed his regret on the Presidential Administration website for "the lack of clarity following the speech". 
20.Free delivery for F-16 aircrafts, but 900 mln - 1.2 bln dollars for training, maintenance and upgrade The American second-hand F-16 aircrafts that Romania decided to purchase for its air forces will require costs worth of 900 mln to 1.2 billion dollars, according to discussions held by the Romanian National Defence Ministry and the US, sources who took part in negotiations declared for Romanian news agency Mediafax. 
21.Romanian president: SRI and SIE cannot be politically influenced, in contrast to department intelligence services President Traian Basescu has suggested that intelligence services structures assigned to departments can be influenced by the political environment, as opposed to SRI (Romanian Intelligence Services) and SIE (Foreign Intelligence Services). "I'm convinced that nobody can politically influence SRI and SIE anymore. But I'm not saying this about the department services. I'm talking about the two big services controlled but the CSAT (the Country's Supreme Defence Council)", the President underlined. 
22.Discriminatory poster in France: Train passengers are warned to take care of their luggage when they see Romanians  A French discriminatory poster with the French National Railway Society (FNRS) logo warns those travelling by train to be "very vigilent" towards Romanian citizens and to take care of their luggage, informs. Contacted by French journalists, FNRS apologised and tagged the gesture as "unfortunate wording" of one of its staff.
23.Romanian soldier dies in Afghanistan and one is injured One Romanian soldier was killed in Afghanistan and one was injured after their shell-proof car drove over an improvised explosive, Romanian Defence Ministry informs. Sergeant major Florin Badiceanu died and frontrunner Zamfir Marian was wounded. Initially, AFP announced that five Romanian troops have been injured in Zabul region.
24.94.8% of the Romanians from the Republic of Moldova voted Traian Basescu - sources Traian Basescu was voted by 94.8% of the Romanian electorate from the Republic of Moldova, while Mircea Geoana got 5.2%, according to, quoting sources from the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).


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