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1.Russian diplomats: Moldavian president chose a straight confrontation with Moscow and he's an obstacle to regulating the conflict in Transnistria Russia is not expecting progress after the "5+2" meeting to solve the Transnistrian conflict that begins on Wednesday in Vienna. Russian deputies consulted by Kommersant consider that the temporary president of the Republic of Moldova, Mihai Ghimpu, a real obstacle to progress. According to them, Ghimpu's actions or words are allegedly delaying the regulation process.
2.A place in the queue at the Romanian embassy in Moldova's capital costs 20-50 lei Moldavian and Romanian authorities are trying to stop the practice of selling places in the queue that forms to get to the Romanian Embassy from Republic of Moldova's capital Chisinau, Komsomolskaia Pravda reads in Moldova. One place can cost from 20 lei to 50. So far, 10 penal investigations were carried out against criminals operating the sells, Moldova's Interior minister Mihai Ciubotaru said.
3.Bulgaria and Romania do not compete for South Stream project - Gazprom The potential inclusion of Romania into the South Stream project does not mean giving up immediately the version where the pipe goes through Bulgarian territory, Gazprom vice-president Aleksandr Medvedev declared, quoted by ITAR-TASS.
4.Moldavian President: "Transnistria is our territory. Russia needs to evacuate its army" Temporary Moldavian President Mihai Ghimpu declared in an interview for Russian daily Kommersant why he refused to go to Moscow for the May 9 parade and summons Russia to redraw its army from Transnistria. Ghimpu also refuses the title of pro-Romanian politician, underlining that he is Romanian.
5.Ukrainian press: If Romania gets Maikan Island, Russia will raise territorial demands from Ukraine "We will not give our island to Romania", "Ukraine will not surrender our island to Romania", "Romania claims an Ukrainian island", "Romania raises again territorial demands on Ukraine" - only a few of the titles featured in Russian by the Ukrainian press, after deputy Ghenadi Zadirko accused Bucharest for addressing territorial demands, "targeting a small, uninhabited island, Maikan, measuring 1,500 over 800 meters, located between Chilia and Vilkovo.
6.Polish pilot spoke perfect Russian and English. Captain Arkadiusz Protasyuk landed on the same airport three days earlier The pilot flying the Polish presidential aircraft which crashed in Smolensk spoke had excellent Russian language skills and had landed on this airport before, Polish press reads on Tuesday. Yesterday, a Russian traffic inspector, namely Pavel Plusnin, the last to speak with the cabin crew, complained that the pilots spoke rotten Russian. 
7.Russian press: Moldavian officials revolted that Romania didn't discuss missile shield with them The Moldovan authorities are revolted that neighbouring Romania did not discuss with them the issue of hosting American missiles for interception. Chisinau officials believes that Bucharest can become a regional security threat and could complicate the Transnistrian rehabilitation process, Vzgliad publication reads. 
8.Moscow press: Romania turned into American defence border Romanian President Traian Basescu's statement according to which Romania is ready to host elements of the American missile shield on its territory triggered a negative reaction from Moscow, Nezavisimaia gazeta reads. Not only makes it more difficult to discuss the cut of strategic arms, but the perspective of Russia - US cooperation to create a joint air defence system was blurred.
9.Russian press: Traian Basescu is an interesting character who, in contrast to his predecessors, speaks against Russia Romania is the most distant country from Russia's close neighbours, online publication reads. All those who passed through there know how little it is written or talked about Russia, in contrast with, say, Poland or the Czech republic, where no news coming from Russia goes unnoticed. That's why, Romanian politicians' statement are forgiven in Moscow, as opposed to Poles'. To be more specific, they practically pass unnoticed, except for Foreign Affairs staff whose job implies observing what those to little known to the Russian public opinion are doing as well. 
10.Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry discontent with Traian Basescu's anti-Russian remarks: These are absurd declarations "Moscow paid attention to the fact that, during the electoral campaign, Romania's president Traian Basescu took the liberty to make several unfriendly remarks about Russia", the Russian Foreign Affairs spokesman Andrei Nesterenko announced. He recalled that as proposed to his political opponents, Basescu is trying to play the "Russian card", accusing Russia of attempting to get involved in Romania's inner affairs.
11.Kremlin gets involved with the political fight in Moldova: Marian Lupu and Vladimir Voronin go to Moscow Marian Lupu, a runner up for Moldova's presidency, does not exclude signing a collaboration agreement between the Democratic Party from the republic of Moldova and the United Russia Party, Vladimir Putin's Party, according to The information comes following Lupu and Vladimir Voronin's visits to Moscow. "Kremlin got involved in the political fight in Moldova, where a president cannot be elected after half a year", Kommersant reads.
12.Russian political analyst: The Revolution in Moldova is a new step towards forming the Baltic Sea - Black Sea Alliance against Russia The revolution in Moldova is another step made for the formation of the Baltic Sea - Black Sea Alliance, and Europe is drawn in a confrontation with Russia, which is constrained, at the same time, to take under its protective wing political and economical bankrupt regimes, Russian political analyst Aleksei Eliseev believes. 
13.Analyst from the Republic of Moldova: Communists hope that Russophiles’ fear of "Romanians inflow" will bring them victory in the elections   Head of the Moldovan Social-Democratic Institute Bogdan Tzardea said in an interview for Regnum agency that Moldova’s failure to elect a president is owed to the Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin, who breached the consensus with the Alliance for Our Moldova (ANM), isolating the communists and partially loosing the international legitimacy, meaning the support of the EU, of the US and, to some extent, of Russia.


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