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1.Carlos Santana cursed George Bush in Bucharest, in front of 20,000 fans Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana held a concert on Saturday in Bucharest, during B'ESTFEST festival. He played, among many other famous tunes, Corazon espinado, Smooth, Black Magic Woman, A Love Supreme. The third music festival day also saw The Charlatans, The Ting Tings, Looptroop Rockers and The MOOod performing on the stage. 
2.Bookfest - Romanian Book Festival in Bucharest Bookfest, Romanian book festival taking place in Bucharest, was opened night and day for the literature lovers and bookworms. 13,700 square meters accommodated some 150 book stands, packed with over 25,000 titles, four concerts, 11 films previously screened at Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) and much more special events. 
3.Racist messages from Northern Ireland: Romanian Gypsies, beware. Loyalist C18 are coming to beat you like a baiting bear Romanian Gypsies, beware. Loyalist C18 are coming to beat you like a baiting bear. This is the shocking message that Combat 18 sent to Romanian Gypsies last week, but it came to notoriety after the 115 Romanian Roma ethnics had been the victims of racist outbreaks. But even the anti-immigrants in "the Village", where the sentiment is most passionate, people condemn the racist violence, The Guardian informs. 
4.Dan Petrescu's Unirea Urziceni wins Romanian championship The Romanian soccer team trained by Dan Petrescu, ex-Chelsea, is Romania's new champion. Ialomita's Cheslea, Dan Petrescu's team nickname, is the huge surprise of the first league, having won against bigger teams, like Dinamo, Steaua, Rapid or CFR Cluj. Without soccer VIPs featuring the team, Unirea Urziceni impressed through seriousness and determination. Bilasco, Galmaz and co will play this autumn in Champions League groups. 
5.Final results: PSD+PC: 11 mandates, PDL: 10, PNL: 5, UDMR: 3, PRM: 3, EBA: 1  Romanian Central Electoral Office announced the final results of the European elections in Romania. BEC spokesman, Marian Muhulet, announced the way mandates were distributed.
6.UPDATE The Government decided to award cattle breeders state guarantees  UPDATE  The Cattle Breeders protest in Bucharest today have reached their aim. The Government decided to support the farmers and give hem state guarantees t support production.
7.UPDATE BEC, 5PM: PSD-PC Alliance – 31.07%, PDL – 29.71%  UPDATE Romania’s Central Electoral Office announced at 5 PM the new partial results of the European Parliament elections. Here are the new ranks:
8.Sociological data: PDL recorded more votes in the rural area than in the urban area. For Elena Basescu, the proportion is vice-versa  A survey CCSB completed for Romanian TV channel Antena 3 regarding today’s elections reveals several interesting sociological aspects. According to the analysis, the Liberal Democratic Party (PDL) gained more votes in the rural area (except Bucharest), while Elena Basescu scored exactly contrary.
9.UPDATE 1: Brazilian military aviation found the remains of a plane, including seat parts, 650 km away from the Brazilian coast UPDATE 1 (local time 15.40): Brazilian military aviation (Brazil Air Force) announced they have discovered metal pieces and seat remains belonging to an aircraft, Reuters informs. The remains have been found in Atlantic, 650 km North-East from North Brazilian island Fernando de Noronha. O Globo newspaper reads that the authorities did not confirm yet the parts belonged to the Air France Airbus that disappeared on Monday.


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