Articole scrise de Miruna Cajvaneanu, transl. A.C.

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1.Italian press apologizes for the wrongful accusations against Romanian Karol Racz Romanian Karol Racz, arrested for the St Valentine rape in Rome and eventually exonerated of any blame was present on Tuesday night at a renowned talk show, Porta a porta on Rai Uno television, correspondent to Rome, Miruna Cajvaneanu writes. Ratz did not wish to declare a thing when he was released from prison on Monday as he was expected by a Rai TV car. Ratz was isolated for 24 hours before entering the studio.
2.A Romanian woman and her 3 years old son, dead in a fire in Rome 11 days ago were not buried yet A Romanian woman and her three years old son died in a fire in Rome, Italy, 11 days ago, in an improvised camp, due to a heating device. The father, Cristian Verbuncu declared that the three spent their best Christmas together and, while he was out working, the house burnt to the ground leaving mother and child dead.
3.Romania's Open House: maximum budget and minimalist style Romania's Open House in Italy, a three day project aimed to improve Romania's image abroad was opened in downtown Rome. The goal of the project is to create a space where they can reproduce the atmosphere of a modern Romanian house with traditional dances, Romanian books and traditional food. correspondent to Italy, Miruna Cajvaneanu talks about the house and the impressions of foreign visitors.
4.Two Italian senators demand clarifications on suspicious death of Romanian Cristian Lupu in a police camp near Rome On May 14, two Italian senators, Donatella Poretti and Marco Perduca submitted a letter to the Berlusconi government in which they demanded further clarifications regarding the presumed suicide of Romanian citizen Cristian Lupu in a police camp near Rome, correspondent to Italy Miruna Cajvaneanu informs.
5.Romanian woman arrested for allegedly beating to death old Italian lady A 39-year old Romanian woman was arrested in Albano Laziale near Rome on Tuesday under suspicion of beating to death a 81-year old lady she was taking care of. Italian police has discovered that the two women had a fight a night before the murder.


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