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1.Romania Contemplates Seizure of 85% of Restitution Property Rights Just as the Romanian government cannot take back a farm that was restituted to the family from whom it was stolen without paying its fair value, so it cannot confiscate another family’s right to receive a different farm in restitution by payment of a mere pittance of its true value.  But that is precisely what the Romanian Government contemplates doing through a draft law that would confiscate 85% of the property rights of thousands of victims of Romanian communism and fascism - inviolable rights that were granted to them twelve years ago by law. The Draft Law proposes to take 85% of the value of all pending claims by owners of properties that were seized by Romania's Communist government between 1945 and 1989 without compensation. It is proffered in total disregard of Romania’s constitutional provisions prohibiting such acts and in violation of Protocol One of the European Convention of Human Rights to which Romania is a signatory and which recognizes property rights as human rights.Author Mark A. Meyer is Chairman, Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce
2.Guvernul Romaniei intentioneaza sa confiste 85% dintre proprietatile retrocedabile Asa cum guvernul Romaniei nu poate sa confiste o proprietate de la o persoana careia proprietatea respectiva ii fusese retrocedata, fara o justa despagubire, in mod similar nu poate incalca dreptul unei persoane indreptatite la restituire platindu-i doar un procent derizoriu din valoarea reala a proprietatii retrocedabile.


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