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1.Hungarian Party leader: Changing government after elections would be beneficial. We want to be part of the new government The president of the Hungarian Democratic Union from Romania (UDMR) Marko Bela declared on Friday in Targul Mures (North) that it was absolutely necessary for the Government's composition to change, but only after the presidential elections to take place in November this year. He sees UDMR as part of the new Cabinet. 
2.Republic of Moldova: The anti-communist opposition favours a partnership with Moscow and opposes joining NATO The four anti-communist opposition parties from the Republic of Moldova that won the early parliamentary elections oppose the country joining NATO and pronounce themselves in favour of a partnership with Moscow, Marian Lupu, ex-Communist Party member who joined the Demmocratic Party right before the elections, declared quoted by AFP.
3.France, Belgium and Taiwan recorded their first swine flu victims Belgium, Taiwan and France recorded on Thursday their first swine flu dead. At the same time, Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova recorded their first AH1N1 infection cases, AFP informs.
4.Romanian President addressing Boc Government: Brothers, take the current number of employees and reduce it by 20%! Incumbent Romanian President Traian Basescu requested PM Emil Boc to urgently reduce the number of state employees by 20%. He said that the cut in benefits is not making the public expenditure drop. 
5.A Romanian woman abandoned two children in a square from Paris Two children, younger that two years of age, have been abandoned by a Romanian woman in a square from Paris. The woman was caught after a week, in a hotel, while nobody was interested by the fate of the children, according to TF 1. 
6.Traian Basescu: Romania recognises the Republic of Moldova and supports its territorial integrity Romanian recognises the Republic of Moldova and supports the territorial integrity of the neighbouring state, incumbent President Traian Basescu declared on Thursday. "Our opinion is that, sooner or later, Moldova will become EU member", he added. 
7.Young Romanians dressed in Christmas costumes took part in parties at Berlusconi's villas Young Romanians took part in parties organised by the Italian PM, Silvio Brlusconi, at his villas, according to a 23 year old Italian woman from Bali (Pugalia, South Italy), La Repubblica reads, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.
8.Rio-Paris flight: Brazilian authorities identified 11 bodies Brazilian authorities have identified 11 of the 50 bodies recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, after the Air France Airbus crashed at the end of May. Fingerprints and dental prints helped identify the corpses.
9.Romanian Social-Democratic senator responds to German deputy accusations: An impolite gesture, which I hope you will rectify Romanian Social-Democratic senator Miron Mitrea has declared he was disappointed by the declarations made by the German deputy Gunther Krichbaumm, who stated on Thursday that there were several ‘Adrian Nastase’ in Romania – meaning far-reaching politicians accused of corruption, among who the German deputy nominated the ex-PSD general secretary. 
10.The Romanian Greek-Catholic Community is facing a cultural and religious wipe-out – letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  The Romanian Greek-Catholic Community is facing with a cultural and religious wipe-out: the Greek-Catholic churches are systematically destroyed by the Orthodox Church representatives, whose actions are supported and accepted by the Romanian authorities, the Romanian Greek-Catholic Association accuses in a letter addressed to Hillary Clinton, the US state secretary. 
11.Traian Basescu: A border treaty with Moldova would turn Romania’s president in a Ribbentrop-Molotov partner Romania considers that signing a border treaty with the Republic of Moldova is futile, since the neighbouring state is the inheritor of a part of the ex-USSR border, which has been acknowledged by Bucharest in the past, Romanian incumbent President Traian Basescu declared on Friday, during the first Forum for local Romanian and Moldovan authorities taking place in Piatra Neamt (part of the historic Moldova region in East Romania).


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