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1.Deputies give PM ultimatum: Restructure the Government or lose parliamentary support Deputies met PM Emil Boc on Wednesday and asked for solid measures to restructure and reshuffle the Government. PDL vice-president Ioan Olteanu told the PM that should these measures not be applied, he was going to lose the support of the deputies. Both the senators and the deputies press the PM to restructure and reshuffle the Government. The Lib Dem MPs are to meet on Sunday, in Snagov, with the Boc Cabinet ministers, with regional leaders and President Traian Basescu.
2.What do PSD, PDL and PNL say about the European Commission intention to supervise member states' budgets? Giving up sovereignty or a necessary step? The European Commission intends to propose in Brussels the surveillance of national budgets and rules for budget spending. How do Romanian politicians comment the measures that entail giving up sovereignty? carried out a brief survey with Romanian MPs and MEPs. Opinions are split even within the same party: some consider that such a measure will not be adopted soon raise the issue of sovereignty. Others believe this is a necessary measure.
3.Romanian senators eliminated the wealth investigative commissions Judicial senators and those from the human rights commission eliminated the amendment that entailed the creation of commissions meant to investigate wealth. The amendment was included in the National Integrity Agency (ANI) Law. It also entailed that these committees would function attached to the Appeal Court and would be formed by prosecutors and judges. The proposal to eliminate them came from UDMR senator Gyorgy Frunda and was adopted with 12 votes in favour, one against (Iulian Urban, PDL) and one abstention (Toni Grebla, PSD). 
4.PD-L finalised the new Cabinet list. Culture and Communications - the bone of contention  LibDems have allegedly finalised the new Government list during Thursday night, party sources declared for They claim chances may occur during the PD-L Managing College. UDMR received the Health, Culture and Environment portfolios. According to the quoted sources, the new cabinet will have a vice-PM.
5.Sources: Liberal-democrats prepare to kick out the social-democrats from the Government The liberal-democrats (PD-L) are determined to take out the social-democrats (PSD) from governance by September. sources claim that PD-L is not currently aiming for a Government reshuffle, but intends to eliminate all PSD ministers from the Government by the end of the summer. Despite that PD-L signalled the reshuffle through Vasile Blaga, the party members are looking for a solid pretext to get PDS ministers out of governance. 
6.Elena Basescu accuses Andreea Vass. Theodor Stolojan defends his ex-advisor has written about the recent row in the Liberal-Democratic Party, triggered by a Hungarian MEP. After Elena Basescu, Romanian incumbent president daughter, expressed her wish to join the European Popular Party, an EPP member, Hungarian MEP Laszlo Surijan, questioned her possible EPP membership in an email sent to all his colleagues.
7.The social-democrats accept Dacian Ciolos as European commissioner for Agriculture Social-democratic sources told that PSD would support Dacian Ciolos for the role of European commissionaire for agriculture. Ciolos is also preferred by the lib-dems (PD-L). The same sources said PDS was lobbying at a European level, trying to get Germany's to support Romania for the Agriculture mandate. PSD met in Turnu Magurele on Friday to discuss the elections' results and the party's relationship with PD-L. 


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