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1.New warnings for floods in Romania​ Romanian meteorologists issued a new yellow code for rains and storms for Tuesday, July 6, from 7.30 am to 9 pm. The warning addresses 14 counties from Maramures, North Moldova and Oriental Carpathians.
2.Four European states offer Romania assistance against floods France, Belgium, Estonia and Austria offered Romania equipment and assistance to face the floods, after the Romanian authorities requested the activation of the Civil Protection Mechanism, the European Commission informs in a communiqué.
3.Russia-US espionage scandal: Life undercover as told by KGB spy who lived in Romania, among other states Russian spies are, once again, the headlines of the international press, after the US arrested 10 persons accused of setting up a spy network in favour of Russia. Foreign Policy, in its electronic version, presents the story of a Russian spy who arrived in Romania after the second World War.
4.Rains yellow code warning in Moldova and Oriental Carpathians Romanian meteorologists have issued a yellow code warning against rain, which will fall in significant quantities in 12 counties form North Moldova and the Oriental Carpathians. The warning is valid until July 2, from 12 pm to 23 o'clock.
5.Eurostat: Food prices in Romania are at least 30% lower than the European average Romania is one of the countries with the lowest prices in food and non-alcoholic drinks in comparison with the EU average. Lower prices are recorded in Macedonia and in Poland, according to a Eurostat statistic looking into 2009. In Romania, tobacco is priced 50% less than the European average.
6.Hungarian PM: Hungary says "No" to Rosia Montana Hungarian Prime-Minister Semjen Zsolt declared on Sunday during his visit to Alba-Iulia (Central-West) that Hungary wouldn't want to see the mining project from the gold mine in Rosia Montana happening because there is no guarantee for the safety of the environment, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.
7.Romanian President asked the Parliament to adopt Penal and Civil Codes Romanian President Traian Basescu asked in a letter the speakers of the two Chambers of the Parliament to adopt the Penal Code and the Civil Code.
8.Romanian national railways company to block trains if salaries are cut Romanian national railways company (CFR) threatens to block all trains if state companies are also subjected to the unpopular measures to cut 25% of the salaries, Engine Mechanics' Federation president Iulian Mantescu declared, quoted by Mediafax. 
9.US ambassador to Romania on the new ANI Law: A big disappointment which will substantially weaken ANI The new ANI Law adopted on Wednesday is a big disappointment, which will weaken ANI , US ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein believes, quoted by AFP Romania. One of the countries with the most damaging corruption practices in the EU has "diluted" the strength of its integrity agency, Reuters reads on the newly adopted ANI law, tagged by the AFP as "controversial". 
10.Industry redundancy rhythm slowed down noticeably within the last two months The work productivity in the industry in March was 16.8% bigger than in February and 22.6% bigger against March 2009. The productivity index went up 22.1% in the first quarter im comparison with Q1 in 2009, while the average salary in the industry sector went up by 11.3%, Cristian Orgonas reads on his blog. 
11.Retired to protest on Wednesday. Unions ask to meet the president and the IMF The members of the National Federation of Pensioners from Romania will rally in front of the Cotroceni Palace and the prefectures around the country on Wednesday. This is to express their grief over the measure of cutting pensions by 15% , the organisation's president Preda Nedelcu, quoted by Mediafax. Union leaders announced on Friday they will set up a crisis committee and would meet n Monday to discuss the protests' schedule. 
12.Romanian ex-diplomat Silviu Ionescu has been retained Silviu Ionescu, Romanian ex-diplomat to Singapore, has been retained by the Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. The ex-business attaché is being accused of a hit-and-run accident, which resulted in one dead and two injured in December 2009 in Singapore. 
13.International press: Romania takes drastic measures cutting salaries and pensions to avoid Greek scenario Romania is to adopt drastic measures, cutting pensions and salaries to avoid facing the same problems Greece does, AFP informs, while Financial Times comments that the measures President Traian Basescu announced on Thursday will deeply disturb the unions and the opposition.. Both BBC and The Financial Times, in an articles dedicated to Romania, mentioned the comparison Basescu made in the press conference: "The state sector is like a fat man of 200 kg sitting on the back of a 50 kg little man who is the real economy." 
14.Social-democratic leader criticises US ambassador's involvement in the ANI law issue Leader of PSD Botosani (N-E) county organisation senator Gheorghe Marcu criticised the statements made by the US ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein, addressing the negative effects flowing the decision of not adopting the Law for The National Integrity Agency. He made the statement on Monday, in an interview for, news agency Agerpres informs
15.Protest against stray dog euthanasia in Bucharest Over 200 people are protesting today, April 29, against the law draft launched by Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaiei, which wants to see the stray dogs in Bucharest's centres put to sleep within seven days, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.


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