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1.Anonimul International Film Festival at its 6th edition The 6th edition of Anonimul Interational Independent Film Festival started yesterday, August 10, in Sfantu Gheorghe (South-East Romania). The event attracted a large audience. 
2.Kommersant: Moscow needs to think about other political forces to do business with in Chisinau The elections' results in the Republic of Moldova demands that Moscow analyses what other political forces can be their "business" partners in Chisinau except the Communist Party, according to Russian daily Kommersant on Thursday, quoted by
3.The festival in Sighisoara will unfold in the absence of the beggars, the organisers promise A new Medieval Sighisoara Festival edition will take place in Transilvania during July 24-26. The organisers want to take drastic measures against beggars that might upset tourists. "They will be sent far away, but in Sighisoara", the organisers promised on Monday.
4.President of Romanian Medical Council: Elementary ethics have been broken at Sabyc clinic. Doctors here can be compared with Auschwitz doctors Following the investigation in the case of in vitro fertilising Sabyc clinic in Bucharest, the Medical Council informed that it requested for the clinic to be closed down in 2008. MC President prof. dr. Vasile Astarastoaie told Romanian TV channel Realitatea TV that "elementary medical ethics have been broken at Sabyc clinic. They bought body parts from poor, vulnerable people, without informing them on the risks and without telling them they were part of a research programme".
5.Romanian mayor paraded on the catwalk in a Nazi officer costume. The Centre for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism in Romania: The mayor has broken the law The Centre for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism in Romania informed Romania's General Attorney, Laura Codruta Kovesi, that Radu Mazare, mayor of Constanta (South-East Romania) has broken the law and instigated a child to follow his example, "educating him to treat the current law with contempt".
6.UPDATE Traffic with ovules at Sabyc clinic in Bucharest. Three persons have been detained. Israeli Foreign Affairs minister tries to have them released UPDATE 2 Bucharest Tribunal issued three preventive arrest mandates in the case of ovules traffic. Sabyc clinic owner Harry Mironescu, his son Yair Miron, medical resident, and Cecilia Borzea - responsible for the relationship with the clients - are the tree to momentarily face jail. Tens of persons are currently heard by the DIICOT prosecutors in a case regarding traffic with ovules. It's been ten years now since the clinic fertilises in vitro, without the authorisation of the National Agency for Transplant. Three persons have been detained and 30 more are currently investigated. 
7.Catalin Predoiu: I have taken tough measures. For a while, Justice Ministry staff will have to put up with them Some of the courts in Bucharest suspended their activity on Wednesday, as a sign of protesting against the administrative measure of redrawing magistrates' stress benefit, 50% of their income. This is the second day of protests. On Tuesday, the Appeal Court in Bucharest suspended the ordinance that cancelled the benefit.


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