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1.First case of Romanian infected with coronavirus - aboard cruise ship in Japan A Romanian citizen aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship which as been quarantined in japan has been found infected with the coronavirus, Romania's Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday. 17 Romanians are among the 3,700 passangers and crew aboard the ship.
2.​Romanian journalists, media institutions in rare display of solidarity against tax exemption applied to them A large number of Romanian journalists and several media institutions this week reacted with a rare display of solidarity against something they saw as a threat to their profession: an income tax exemption voted for them by deputies. As the President is expected to approve the bill, a wave of protests, letters and positions have been heard on the issue.
3.European Commission warns Romania it has one month do act against illegal logging The European Commission on Wednesday decided to warn Romania to take urgent action in order to stop illegal logging. it sent a letter of formal notice to Romania to take the necessary measures in this within a month - a first step in the infringement procedure.
4.​Third Sri Lankan worker arrives in Romanian village despite local racist outburst A third worker from Sri Lanka has arrived in the Romanian villgage of Ditrau, where in a racist outburst the local population recently protested against the presence of two other Sri Lankan workers.
5.​​President Iohannis designates Liberal leader Orban for prime minister again Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday designated Liberal (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban to lead a new government again, a day after Orban's government lost a censure motion in the Parliament.
6.Romania declares flu epidemic as season toll reaches 18 deaths Romanian authorities have declared a flu epidemic for the second year in a row, given that the number of sick people reported during the past week grew by 99% - double the expected figure.
7.President Iohannis starts talks to name new PM in push for early elections Romanian President Klaus Iohannis starts talks with political parties on Thursday in order to pick a new prime minister, with the stated purpose of hastening early elections in the country, as the current PM Ludovic Orban was dismissed in a censure motion on Wednesday, after three months in office.
8.Romanian Liberal government dismissed in censure motion - second to fall in less then six months ​The Romanian Parliament on Wednesday dismissed the Liberal government led by Ludovic Orban in a censure motion tabled by the opposition Social Democrats. The government falls 3 months and 1 day after taking office. This is the second Romanian government to fall in a censure motion in less than half a year.Shortly after the vote, PM Orban said his government was proud of what it accomplished in just several months and that if fell to a Parliament dominated by "retrograde forces". He later said Romanians would be called "as early as possible" to polls to decide the fate of the country.
9.Romania's Government braces for censure motion - a second in 4 months Romania's Liberal (PNL) government led by Ludovic Orban faces the parliament vote over a censure motion submitted by the opposition Social Democrats (PSD) on Wednesday, with both camps claiming they would win. The motion can lead to the dismissal of the PNL government only three months after taking over from the previous PSD government, which also fell in a censure motion.
10.Exxon would not be able to sell its Black Sea stake to anybody, draft ordinance says Romanian authorities would be able to use national security reasons to refuse the ceding and execution of exploration, exploitation and development operations of oil fields by entities under the authority of countries outside the EU, a draft emergency ordinance of the Romanian government says. The bill says any transfer made without the approval of the Government is null.
11.​Bill dismantling controversial judiciary body concluded Draft lectislation aimed at dismantling a special body in charge with investigating magistrates was concluded and published on the website of Romania's Justice Ministry on Tuesday. The bill was criticised by experts shortly after its publication, as they warn it provides a "super-immunity" to magistrates.
12.UPDATE Romanian Senate Speaker Melescanu resigns The Speaker of Romanian Senate Teodor Melescanu resigned on Monday, two weeks after the Constitutional Court decided his naming in the position was against the rules. The news comes as the Social Democrats - who held government until last fall and who had supported Melescanu - also lost their majority in the Senate.UPDATE: PSD regained its majority shortly as an MP announced his joining the party
13."Ditrau" case of racism against foreign workers in Romania not a first, recruiter says A recent case of racial discrimination against Sri Lankan workers in Romania, which made waves over the past week, is far from being the first, a representative of a recruitment company has told
14.Romanian former House speaker sentenced to prison in first ruling A former speaker of Romania's House of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, received a three-year prison sentence for traffic of influence on Monday. The verdict can pe appealed.
15.Romania's governing Liberals reach close to 50% popular support Romania's governing National Liberal Party (PNL) would receive the vote of 47.4% of Romanians, should general elections take place next Sunday, according to a new poll. THe study, ordered by pollster IMAS for Europa FM radio channel, shows a boost of up to 2 percentage points from the month of December.
16.UPDATE ​Censure motion against Liberal government to be read in Parliament A censure motion tabled by the opposition Social Democrats (PSD) against the Liberal (PNL) government of Ludovic Orban is to be read in Parliament on Monday, with a vote due to take place later. The motion is key to how the government would evolve in an election year, considering growing pressure in favor of early general elections.UPDATE The procedure went on and the censure was read before the Parliament on Monday afternoon. See what changed
17.Racism case spirals as Sri Lankan workers are removed from production at bread factory in Central Romania / Authorities react in area affected by Hungarian populist influence Two workers from Sri Lanka who have become the target of protests in a Central Romanian town were eventually removed on Saturday from the production process at the bread factory where they were working. The situation, prompted by a wave of xenophobic attitudes among the local population in the town of Ditrau, sparked both actions by authorities, interventions by influential religious and political bodies, and talk of Romanian state's lack of action and malign influence from the Orban regime in Hungary.
18.Economy minister sees EBRD involved in listing of Romanian energy major Hidroelectrica Romania's Economy minister Virgil Popescu said in an interview with on Thursday that works was underway for the listing of major energy company Hidroelectrica. He said his government wanted to list it on the exchange this year.
19.The impact of Brexit on Romanian economy Britain's exit from the European Union will have a small effect on the Romanian economy, as the UK is the Eastern European country's ninth biggest trade partner and came last among the ten biggest foreign direct investors in the country in 2018, according to an analysis by KeysFin consulting company, quoted by
20.Hundreds of townsfolk revolt as two Sri Lankans got jobs in their Romanian town Some 200 people in the Central Romania town of Ditrau convened before the town hall on Wednesday displeased that the bread factory in their town employed two workers from Sri Lanka. Protesters claimed they feared their settlement might become the target of a "wave of migrants" who would force in their culture and threaten the safety of villagers, news agency Agerpres reported.
21.5.2 Earthquake hit Romanian province on Thursday night An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 on Richter scale occurred in Romania at 3.26 a.m. on Friday, according to the European earthquake center EMSC. The quake was registered in the county of Vrancea, Eastern Romania, with a depth of 121 km.
22.​Economy minister says Romania eyes partnership with NATO allies on nuclear energy, needs to hasten Black Sea gas projects The Economy minister of Romania's Liberal government Virgil Popescu said in an interview with on Thursday that PM Ludovic Orban was right when he urged a reconsideration of working with the Chinese on projects too build two reactors at the nuclear power plant of Cernavoda. Popescu said he considered it normal to develop such strategic investments with NATO partners. In the interview, he also discussed his position on energy issues from the listing of Hidroelectrica shares to Black Sea gas.
23.Romanian Government to take responsibility before MPs on local election change The Liberal government led by Ludovic Orban is to take responsibility before the Parliament on Wednesday for key changes to how local elections are organised. Once the procedure is over, the opposition Social Democrats have three days available to submit a censure motion, as they have announced.
24.Romanian electoral official meets Russian Ambassador as election year starts ​The head of Romania's Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) has met Russian Ambassador to Bucharest to discuss "collaboration" in developing electoral processes and best practice exchanges, the two parties announced. The AEP head is the last major official still in office in Romania from among those named during the regime of Liviu Dragnea, the former strongman of the Social Democrats (PSD).
25.Romanian deputies vote to remove special pensions for magistrates, MPs, keep military pensions Romania's House of Deputies adopted on Tuesday a bill removing the existing special pensions given to judges, prosecutors, members of the Parliament, auxiliary court personnel and other key categories of state and public sector employees. Deputies voted to keep special pensions for military and the police.
26.Romanian patient monitored for coronavirus has in fact flu A patient from the Eastern Romanian city of Bacau, who has been transferred to a Bucharest institute for contagious diseases to be monitored for the new Chinese coronavirus, in fact has flu, the Health Ministry announced on Monday morning.
27.Finance Minister says Romania has no option but become part of Euro zone Romania's Finance minister Florin Citu says Romania's goal to enter the "Euro waiting room" in 2024 was an "ambitious one". But he said, in an interview with Digi24 news channel on Monday evening, that "not joining the Euro zone is not an option for Romania".
28.​President Iohannis supports talks on lifting tax exemption for IT workers Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said the idea of an equal fiscal treatment is "essentially true" but that the IT sector, where income taxes are subject to exemption, has grown from "something insignificant to 6% of the GDP".
29.Risk of new China coronavirus reaching Romania is low, experts say ​Romanian experts and officials held talks on Monday on the risks Romania faces related to the new coronavirus outbreak in China. While the virus is seen as a public health emergency despite the WHO not yet declaring it as such, a top hospital official says the risk that this virus reaching Romania is low.
30.UPDATE ​Ukraine President Zelensky's statement on North Bucovina region having been "occupied" by Romanians prompts intervention by Romanian ForMin / Ambassador calls translation error Romania's Foreign Ministry has called for the Ukrainian Ambassador to Bucharest to clarify statements made by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in which he referred to the region of Northern Bucovina being occupied by the Romanians.UPDATE The word "taken" was later used in the statement, instead of occupied. The Ukrainian Ambassador to Bucharest said in a Facebook post that the use of the word "occupied" was a translation error and that "taken should have been used" - a situation he regretted.

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