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1.Romanian Govt sets fiscal and budget strategy for 2020-2022. Key points Romania's new Liberal government led by Ludovic Orban has adopted a fiscal and budget strategy for 2020-2022, accompanying the state budget for next year. Here are key points of the strategy.
2.Top Romanian politicians who served prison sentences have been stripped of state honours Romanian President Klaus Iohannis caused a stir this week with a decision to strip top personalities who have received prison sentences of their state honours. This comes after one of these personalities, in his capacity of recipient of a state order, showed up at a reception thrown by the Presidency for the National Day on December 1.
3.Ukrainian Ambassador to Bucharest warns of risks over Russia's projecting its sphere of influence What happens to Ukraine now is a projection of Russia over the former Socialist regions, a return to the sphere of influence that the Soviet Union used to have, Ukrainian Ambassador to Romania Oleksandr Bankov has said in an interview with
4.Romania to buy 5 more F16 fighters from Portugal, all of Romania's F16s to be modernised locally Romania's Parliament has adopted a bill allowing for the acquisition of five more F16 figher planes from Portugal. The planes are due to go through a modernising process by the US. The planes would then join the other 12 F16s owned by Romanian Air Forces and all would go trough an upgrading process, most probably at the Aerostar Bacau plant.
5.ArcelorMittal plants threatens with suspended production over energy prices despite EU figures A Hunedoara, Romania-based plant controlled by ArcelorMittal has threatened to suspend production as a reaction to market conditions and high energy prices. The threat came a day after Romanian PM Ludovic Orban himself also talked about state assistance that should be given to siderurgic and petrochemical companies because of high energy and natural gas prices. But official figures are different than those circulated by the PM and ArcelorMittal.
6.​S&P revises outlook on Romania to negative over deficits S&P Global Ratings has revised its outlook on Romania from stable to negative due to rising fiscal and external deficits, while affirming its long- and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings at 'BBB-/A-3'. It pointed to planned wage and pension increases largely decided by the previous Social Democratic government as contributor to widening the country's current account deficit.
7.Romanian govt to discuss key projects for which it plans to take responsibility Romania's Liberal government is to discuss in a session on Tuesday a series of key projects for which it plans to take responsibility before the parliament - measures it describes as necessary to mend the harm done by the previous Social Democratic (PSD) majority.
8.In interview with Tass, Romanian ex-President Iliescu calls for normal relations with Russia Romania's first post-Communist President Ion Iliescu, who hasn't showed up in public for two and a half years, has given an interview to Russian state-controlled agency TASS in which he spoke, among other things, of the importance of more normal relations between the two countries, Romanian news channel Digi24 reports.
9.​Finance minister claims previous govt knew of 4% deficit, accuses them of acting against the interest of Romania The Finance minister of Romania's new Liberal government on Monday accused his predecessor and the prime minister of the previous Social Democratic government of knowing well in advance and hiding prospects of a 4% deficit. "It was all premeditated, they put their personal interest above the interest of Romania," minister Florin Citu said.
10.UPDATE Struggle over candidacy of maverick Nicusor Dan hits reformist Romanian opposition as it prepares for high-stakes Bucharest elections next year / Allies promise common candidates With many months still to go until local elections take place in Romania, struggles have emerged within a key opposition alliance as preparations start for the Bucharest polls. The announcement of a maverick candidate for Bucharest mayor this weekend promises to reveal the capacity - or incapacity - of the opposition USR-PLUS alliance to really produce change.UPDATE The USR-PLUS alliance announced later on Monday that it would have common candidates for all city halls across the country. It said a timetable for candidate selection would be decided within weeks. For Bucharest, it said it would pick one between Vlad Voiculescu (PLUS) and Nicusor Dan (independent candidate supported by USR Bucharest).
11.Romania Govt considering ban on wood exports outside of EU as president speaks up on deforestation The Romanian government is considering a possible ban on log exports to countries outside of the EU, Environment minister Costel Alexe has told news channel Digi24. His statement comes after President Klaus Iohannis was quoted on Thursday as saying he was woried about the proportions of wood cutting in Romania, half of which is done illegally.
12.Bucharest: pollution limits exceeded as air monitoring suffers setbacks Official figures on air pollution in Bucharest, as announced by the official system monitoring air quality, show that pollution limits in Romania's capital city have been exceeded for 2018, according to news agency Mediafax. It quotes a Greenpeace Romania warning that the monitoring system does not work properly despite authorities knowing about setbacks.
13.Top government official says investors call for re-consideration of classified info on mineral and oil resources Romania's government would push for a re-consideration of categories of classified information regarding mineral, oil and gas resources. This comes at the request of investors in these sectors, which was made during working sessions with representatives of the government, a top government official said on Thursday.
14.Romanian PM Orban says simple way of life helped him live on little more than 500 Eur/month last year New, Liberal Romanian PM Ludovic Orban claimed on Thursday he was a "simple man" with an "austere" living to explain how he managed to live on little more than 3,000 lei (some 650 euro ) per month last year, while his wife did not state any income at all. He made the statement after the figures appeared in the wealth statement he has submitted.
15.Disputed prosecutor withdraws from procedure to be named head of controversial judiciary body A prosecutor who has failed for seven times to become head of a controversial new body aimed at policing the judiciary has withdrawn from the procedure to be nominated in that position. Prosecutor Alina Florea, who has faced fiece opposition, thus appears out of contention as head of the controversial Section charged with investigating Justice Crimes.
16.​Plastic basins protest against widespread heating malfunctions in Bucharest Dozens of people armed with plastic basins showed up before the Bucharest city hall on Thurday, to protest the massive fails in heating and hot water distribution which has affected the Romanian capital city for months.
17.​Romanian MPs repel disputed compensatory appeal law blamed for release of thousands of criminals from jails A draft bill to repel a law on compensatory appeal, which has allowed for the release of thousands of inmates before time, was voted by Romanian deputies on Wednesday.
18.Distraint set on Romanian energy major's shares over state debt to business brothers The business people of Romanian origin known as the Micula brothers and their companies have managed to set a distraint on 67 million shares held by the Romanian state in major energy company Nuclearelectrica. This comes as coverage for a debt amounting to Eur 395 million the Romanian state has to pay the Miculas.
19.​Children reportedly raped in online shows for foreigners Some 15 people are suspect of having engaged in sexual acts with their own children and and providing the resulting footage to American citizens through an online application. Prosecutors from Romania's key body dealing with organised crime DIICOT raided locations in Bucharest and the counties of Ilfov, Galati, Ialomita, Olt, Prahova and Iasi and confiscated telecom and data storage units.
20.Romanian pupils score poorly in PISA 2018 tests, prompting questions about capacity to use knowledge in everyday life A little over 50% of Romanian pupils are able to use knowledge accumulated in school in their everyday lives, as shown in resuts of PISA 2018 tests published on Tuesday. In this edition of the tests, Romania scored even poorer results than in testing made in 2015 and 2018 in the program aimed at checking the capacity of pupils to adapt their knowledge to their social and economic lives.
21.​Government approves budget correction with 4.4% budget deficit Romania's new Liberal Government has approved a draft budget correction with Finance minister Florin Citu announcing that it has set a budget deficit of 4.4% for the year. Two days ago, the deficit had been set to 4.3%, but supplementary changes to cover late payments in education and health have been made.
22.Leadership of Romanian Social Democrats changed after troubled talks The leadership of Romania's biggest party, the Social Democrats (PSD), was dissolved late on Tuesday and an interim leader is taking over, sources told as PSD bosses met in a special session. The news was later confirmed officially.
23.UPDATE Romanian Foreign Ministry summons Russian Ambassador over hard statements on Custodian of the Crown / Ministry explains summoning, Embassy calls for "round table" Russian Ambassador to Bucharest Velery Kuzmin was summoned urgently to the Romanian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday over a recent, unprecedented attack on the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, Margareta of Romania, official sources have told In a statement later on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry said that it has pointed that the position of the Russian diplomatic mission was unacceptable.
24.​Romanian budget deficit to reach 4.3% by end of year - correction report The budget deficit of Romania may go up to 4.3% by the end of the year, according to a draft correction published by the Finance Ministry on Tuesday. It confirmed a previous report on Monday that said the deficit for the year would stay between 4.1-4.3%.
25.​SocDem Dancila resigns from party leadership following presidential defeat - sources The leader of Romania's biggest party, Viorica Dancila of the Social Democrats (PSD), has reportedly been persuaded to resign as party president after her defeat in presidential elections on Sunday, sources told on Monday afternoon.
26.What Moldova's Socialist leader Dodon tells re-elected Romanian counterpart Iohannis The president of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon has congratulated Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis over his re-election in a presidential poll on Sunday. He used a Facebook message to convey that the two countries should "stay away from false geopolitical debates".
27.Top SocDem member openly calls for resignation of party leaders after defeat in presidential elections Camps are shaping up in a battle for power within Romania's biggest political party, the Social Democrats (PSD), in wake of the defeat suffered by their candidate, party president and ex-PM, in presidential elections on Sunday. In statements made on Monday morning, an influential member of the PSD leadership openly invoked the need of a resignation.
28.Knives sharpened as Social Democrats get ready to tackle defeat in presidential elections / Leader Dancila says she would not resign The custom of the biggest political party in post-Communist Romania, the Social Democrats -PSD, long seen as inheritors of the former Communists - is to remove their leader following a defeat in presidential elections. On Sunday night, as PSD's candidate Viorica Dancila suffered a significant defeat against incumbent, Liberal president Klaus Iohannis in presidential elections, knives were sharpening again within the party.
29.​Presidential elections - provisional results: Iohannis - 66.05%, Dancila - 33.95% Incumbent president Klaus Iohannis received 66.05% of the votes in the presidential elections on Sunday while his rival, Social Democratic (PSD) leader Viorica Dancila got 33.95% of the votes, according to provisional data based on results from 99.86% of polling stations showed early on Monday.
30.Candidates react to Iohannis' victory in Romania presidential elections / Winner claims "victory" for a normal Romania and most serious defeat for the PSD The winner of Romania's presidential elections on Sunday, incumbent president Klaus Iohannis said as exit polls were announced that his victory was "the most important one against the [Social Democratic Party] PSD" and a victory of "normal Romania". For her part, loser Viorica Dancila of the PSD noted he appeared to have won more votes than her party in the European elections earlier this year.

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