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1.Romania President urges parties to join political pact on justice, European path Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday made a first step in efforts to redraw political priorities in the wake of recent shake ups, by inviting parties to sign a national deal for the consolidation of Romania's European path, including moves to protect justice.
2.Romania's electoral commission rejects registration of key opposition alliance for European elections, alliance says Romania's Central Electoral Office has rejected the registration of the opposition USR-PLUS Alliance for the European elections, according to a press release issued by the alliance on Thursday. USR-PLUS, formed of new political parties who have positioned themselves as "alternative" to old parties and in opposition to the governing Social Democrats (PSD), says the reason for the rejection is that the leaders of the two parties do not appear as their presidents in the Registry of political parties.
3.​Romania recognises Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela Romania recognises Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela, the Romanian Presidency announced on Friday. It said President Iohannis made the decision in the wake of thoroughly analyzing the situation and in the context of most EU member states, most of Romania's North-Atlantic allies and partners have recognised the legitimacy of Juan Guaido as interim president.
4.Romanian referendum on definition of family fails to come close to validation threshold - preliminary data ​​A referendum on changing the definition of family in the Romanian Constitution, seen by opponents as a politicised attack on gay rights, was bound to fail as preliminary data late on Sunday evening showed attendance was far from reaching the necessary threshold for poll validation. After 2 days of voting, by 7 p.m. on Sunday evening, only 18.87% of voters showed up at polling stations across the country, way below the 30% threshold needed for the referendum to pass.
5.​Renewed tensions between govt party PSD, President Iohannis over fate of Romania's top anti-graft prosecutor Kovesi Tensions between Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and the governing Social Democrats (PSD) over the fate of the country's top anti-graft prosecutor spiraled again on Tuesday. Iohannis once again postponed a decision whether to dismiss National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) chief Laura Codruta Kovesi, prompting PSD officials to increase pressure and even talk of actions to suspend the head of state.
6.Romania's new government causes outrage in business, political circles on very first day in office Romanian MPs voted a new Social Democratic government on Thursday, which later was sworn in a ceremony hosted by the Presidency. But even before it new prime minister Mihai Tudose and his team were sworn in, they caused shock among Romanian business and political circles, with a series of controversial nominations and by announcing with no prior debate a series of plans that would turn the country's tax system upside down.
7.Romania's ruling Social Democrats support controversial nominee for PM seat Romania's ruling Social Democrats (PSD) have proposed that ex-Economy minister Mihai Tudose become new prime minister of the country, after the previous PSD government was deposed by means of a motion in Parliament. Tudose's nomination must be accepted by President Klaus Iohannis before taking over the PM office. Iohannis was holding talks with leaders of various political parties prior to announcing his decision.
8.Romania Government down as governing coalition slams its own Executive in Parliament Romania's Government led by Social Democrat (PSD) Sorin Grindeanu was dismissed on Wednesday as it failed to pass a motion submitted against in the Parliament by the ruling parties themselves. PSD thus dismissed its own government at the peak of an unprecedented power struggle within the party leadership, pitching Grindeanu against party president Liviu Dragnea.updating
9.​Romania's ruling Social Democrats oust prime minister Grindeanu from party ranks, get ready for parliamentary motion against their own government The leadership of Romania's ruling party, the Social Democrats (PSD), decided on Thursday to oust prime minister Sorin Grindeanu from its party ranks. The PSD and their Liberal Democratic (ALDE) allies also announced a parliamentary motion aimed at bringing down the government next week. A major political struggle between PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and PM Grindeanu thus leads to an unprecedented move: a governing party attacks its own government in the Parliament.
10.​Romanian Government on verge of dismissal in ruling party power struggle Many Social Democratic (PSD) members of the Romanian government, with the notable exception of PM Sorin Grindeanu, submitted their resignations but were awaiting approval for their decision on Wednesday, at the peak of a power struggle within the ruling party which may lead to the fall of the current government. The PSD leadership was discussing Wednesday afternoon their support for the Grindeanu team, following reported tensions between the prime minister and the president of PSD, Liviu Dragnea.
11.Romanian fugitive businessman Sebastian Ghita caught in Serbia ​Romanian businessman Sebastian Ghita, who faces several criminal inquiries at home and who has been on the run since late 2016, was retained in Belgrade during the night of April 13-14, the Romanian police has announced. has reported a month ago that Ghita was spotted in Serbia, but the report had been denied by Romanian government officials at the time.
12.Romanian leader Iohannis congratulates US President elect Trump with message supporting joint efforts for stability and security Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has sent Donald Trump a letter to congratulate him for his victory in the US presidential elections, the Romanian Presidency announced Wednesday morning. Iohannis said in the message that Romania "fully understands" to contribute to joint efforts promoting stability and security in the region.
13.Ex-British PM Tony Blair's name mentioned as Romanian anti-graft prosecutors launch new case against former PM Victor Ponta ​Romania's anti-graft prosecutors announced on Tuesday the launch of a new criminal inquiry against former prime minister Victor Ponta. On the margins of hearings related to the case this morning, another top politician involved in the case mentioned the name of former British PM Tony Blair as related to the situation for which Ponta is now under scrutiny.
14.Romanian court issues  arrest warrant against Israeli billionaires Beny  Steinmetz, Tal Silberstein and Shimon Shevez A Romanian court has approved arrest warrants against Israeli businessmen Tal Sliberstein, Shimon Shevez and Beny Steinmetz, indicted in a major illegal land retrocession case. The decision to issue the warrants may be appealed, but should it become final they would become targets of international pursuit.
15.Romanian Parliament approves new technocratic government led by Dacian Ciolos Romania's technocratic government proposed by designated prime minister Dacian Ciolos received the vote of approval in the Parliament on Tuesday, after days of political negotiations. A large majority of MPs voted in favor of the new government, as both major political groups - the Social Democrats and the Liberals - announced their support, with only the Liberal Democrats and other, smaller political groups opposed it.
16.Romanian designated PM Dacian Ciolos announces full government team Diplomats, business people, NGO representatives, people who have worked with European bodies and just a handful of political appointees form the new, technocratic government that Romania's prime minister designate Dacian Ciolos announced on Sunday. Earlier this week, Ciolos, a former European Commissioner for Agriculture, was chosen by President Klaus Iohannis earlier this week to form a new government to replace the Social Democratic government led by Victor Ponta, who resigned a week before in the wake of a deadly nightclub fire in Bucharest and subsequent massive protests against corruption.
17.Two Romanian dead in Paris terrorist disaster. Romanian authorities condemn attacks ​Two Romanian citizens died in the bloody terrorist attacks that hit Paris killing nearly 130 on Friday night, Romanian Foreign ministry announced on Saturday, as Romanian authorities stated their solidarity with France and condemned the attacks. Security measures were strengthened around all French institutions in Romania, according to a press release of the French Embassy to Bucharest. All cultural events scheduled by te French Institute between November 16-20 have been cancelled or postponed.
18.Romanian President designates former European commissioner Dacian Ciolos to form new government Romanian President Klaus Iohannis designated on Tuesday former European commissioner Dacian Ciolos to form a new, technocratic government in the wake of the resignation of ex-PM Victor Ponta and his Social Democratic government last week.
19.Two Spaniards, one Italian wounded in Bucharest tragedy that saw 27 killed, up to 200 injured in music club fire At least 27 people, mostly teenagers and young adults, died in a fire that engulfed a music venue in Bucharest on Friday night, while other up to 200 people were injured, according to official figures available by noon on Saturday. Two Spanish citizens and an Italian were identified among the injured, according to Romania's Intelligence Service. The fire took place during a concert as fireworks were let off to mark the launch of a rock band's album.
20.Romania's governing party elects leader with crushing 97% of votes The man who has led Romania's governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) for the past several months, Liviu Dragnea, was elected party president officially with a crushing 97% of votes from party members on Sunday, according to official figures announced today. Dragnea was the sole runner for the top seat within the party, in a mock election which, according to PSD figures, saw more than 400,000 party members go out and vote on a bleak, rainy Sunday.
21.UPDATE Censure motion against Ponta government fails in Romanian Parliament. Thousands protest against prime minister in Bucharest The Romanian Parliament debates on Tuesday a Liberal-supported censure motion against the Social Democratic-led government of PM Victor Ponta, who the opposition says is a "compromised prime minister". Should the Parliament pass the motion, the government is dismissed, but the Liberals have very little chance of success as it failed to secure a majority on the vote. Meanwhile, thousands of people defied heavy rain in Bucharest in the morning to join a protest against Victor Ponta.UPDATE The censure motion has failed, with only 207 votes in favor of the total 275 needed for it to pass
22.Disputes flare as Hungary prepares to build anti-refugee barbed wire fence along Romania border Bilateral relations between Romania and Hungary got tense on Tuesday as the government in Budapest announced plans to build a fence along the border with Romania, similar to that along the Serbian border aimed at putting a halt to the flow of migrants. The Foreign Ministry in Bucharest said it was a "politically incorrect gesture", while a top Hungarian officials accused the Romanian PM of extremist and false statements regarding Hungary's treatment of migrants.
23.Most prominent radical nationalist in post-communist Romania Corneliu Vadim Tudor has died Corneliu Vadim Tudor, for a long time the notorious leader of radical nationalists in Romanian politics, died in a medical on Tuesday, news agency Mediafax has reported. Tudor, 65, was hospitalized on Monday morning following a heart attack. He died several hours after undergoing a surgical intervention.
24.Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu retained by anti-graft prosecutors on bribe taking charges ​The mayor of Romanian capital city Bucharest Sorin Oprescu was retained by anti-corruption prosecutors at midnight last night. He faces bribe taking charges. Early on Sunday, prosecutors from the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA), which has been pursuing a long series of high level corruption cases including ones related to the current PM and other top officials, accuse Oprescu of receiving 10% of the value of contracts various companies signed with his City Hall or Hall-controlled public authorities.
25.Romania's governing Social Democrats change indicted leader Victor Ponta with sentenced "interim" president Liviu Dragnea​ ​The leadership of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) elected their former executive president as new "interim" president of the party, a seat held for the past several years by prime minister Victor Ponta. Ponta stepped down as party president "temporarily" earlier this month because of his being indicted in a corruption case. So the PSD leaders convened to name a replacement and found it in Liviu Dragnea, an influential member who has one big issue: he himself was not only indicted, by received a one-year suspended sentence in a corruption case, a sentence which he has appealed.
26.Romanian President, Government in major clash as new fiscal code is sent back to Parliament Romanian President Klaus Iohannis decided on Friday not to approve a new fiscal code that the government has been pushing hard and decided to sent it back for review in the Parliament. The president warned that the measures included in the new code, among which a series of tax cuts which were lauded by the business community, would have major effects on budget building for the upcoming years. The decision prompted harsh reactions from the prime minister, his finance minister and the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), with promises that the value added tax would be pushed through an emergency ordinance this year any way.
27.UPDATE Romanian PM Victor Ponta says he withdraws from party leadership in wake of corruption case Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta has announced that he decided to step down from the leadership of his Social Democratic Party (PSD) until he proves his innocence against the charges anti-graft prosecutors have issued against him. He made the statement weeks after the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) launched a graft investigation against him, prompting insisting calls - including President Klaus Iohannis' - for him to step down as head of government, which he has rejected so far.UPDATE PSD interim president Rovana Plumb later today said Ponta did not resign, but stepped down temporarily as head of the party. She said Ponta's resignation as prime minister was out of the question as it would provoke a "major political crisis". And she said she would serve as interim until the next party congress, which is due next year.
28.President Iohannis nominates former PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu back as head of Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has nominated Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, a politician who had served as prime minister and as head of the country's Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), to head SIE again, the Presidency announced on Wednesday. The Parliament is due to make a final decision in this regard. If confirmed in office, Ungureanu would replace interim SIE head Silviu Predoiu. An influential opposition senator of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD) already reacted by saying that PSD would oppose such an "illegal" nomination.
29.It's official: Romania to host US heavy military equipment and NATO units The United States will pre-position tanks, artillery and other military equipment in six CEE states including Romania, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced, as quoted by Reuters. The news comes as the Romanian Parliament also approved on Tuesday a request by President Klaus Iohannis to allow the establishment of a NATO Force Integration Unit and a Multinational Commandment on Romanian territory. The request was approved unanimously. The Parliament also approved a new National Defense Strategy proposed by President Iohannis, which sees Russia as main threat to Romanian security.
30.Romania President Iohannis names controversial politician Gabriel "National Interest" Oprea as interim replacement for PM Victor Ponta Romanian President Klaus Iohannis signed a decree on Monday naming deputy PM Gabriel Oprea, a controversial politician with a shady past, as interim prime minister. Oprea thus takes the reins of the government as PM Victor Ponta, facing corruption charges, has left the country for a knee intervention in a Turkish hospital, sparking outrage back home.

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