Articole scrise de Dani Rockoff, transl. A.C.

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1.Schengen, in simple terms
On April 2005, on the Mosel river, 27 trees were seeded as a gift from Romania to the Schengen commune, bordering Germany, France and Luxembourg. By this gesture, Romania marked the signing of the treaty to join the EU. The trees grew and Romania joined the EU. Now, the trees are well grown and in March next year, when the trees will bloom for the seventh time, Romania wishes to join Schengen. The Schengen area, which represents a white check. 
2.Used iron sold illegally as waste in Austria, Germany On October 2, 2008 a Romanian citizen was caught stealing copper cables in Austria. Other five accomplices managed to run but the 33 year old suspend was temporarily arrested. With 2 tons of copper cables from the highway construction site, the thieves would have won 7,000 euro. Old and new iron, sold as metallic waste for high prices is one of the century's businesses. However, it crosses the illegality border or the margins of common sense. Take for example, citizens exposed at serious dangers, in a train passing a railway whose bolts have been stolen.


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