Articole scrise de Dan Tapalaga, transl/adapt. C.B.

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1.Romanian PM on the missile shield: It means the guarantee of democracy's stability for a long time  Romanian PM Emil Boc declared in an interview for - RFI that inviting Romania in the missile shield programme is "a political, diplomatic, military and strategic success". PM adds that the CSAT decision, namely the approval of the invitation made by Barak Obama, needs to be ratified by the Parliament. "The costs are minimum, the benefits are maximum", Emil Boc added, stating that the Romanian state will make a location available and that other additional costs "are to be negotiated". 
2.Social-democratic leader: The Romanian President wants to get his hands on the Interior Minister "Basescu is not only interested in getting his hands on economic strings, but also on the force strings from the Interior Minister, to twist the result of the elections" leader of PSD party Mircea Geoana declared in the beginning of the PSD leaders' meeting. The meeting took place in Calinesti-Arges (South), following the intense debates about the party leaving the governing coalition. 
3.Romanian politics expert opinionated on social-democratic mayor marching in Nazi suit: An indecent and defying action Contacted by, Romanian politics expert Vladimir Tismaneanu commented on Radu Mazare's socking display: the social-democratic mayor of Constanta county (South-East Romania) joined a fashion show catwalk on Sunday, dressed in a Nazi suit. Tismaneanu labelled his decision as "a lack of understanding the catastrophic nature of Nazism". 
4.Radu Ioanid, manager at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, on the Romanian mayor in Nazi suit: The suit is in itself a Nazi symbol. It was abolished after the war by the states following the third Reich Constanta County (South-East Romania) mayor parading in a Nazi suit on a catwalk on Romanian beach on Sunday attracted public criticism. Romanian Radu Ioanid, head of the International Archivist Programmes Holocaust Museum in Washington D C, commented for on Mazare and his son's marching in Nazi suits.


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