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1.Romania Parliamentary elections. The stake of PM Ponta's offer for Hungarian Democrats to support USL in Parliament, Government after Sunday poll Negotiations between the Romanian PM Victor Ponta's Social Democratic Party (PSD), a member of the Social Liberal Union (USL) along the National Liberal Party (PNL), and the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) for a possible collaboration in the Parliament and the Government had started before the December 9 general elections and are aimed mainly at strengthening the PSD position before PNL within the USL alliance, according to sources. PM Ponta announced on Sunday night that he talked with UDMR over such a possibility. According to sources, the talks took place between Ponta and UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor, who may receive the seat of Culture minister.
2.OPINION ​The significance of Romania's December 9 general elections. Plus a few predictions ​Romania is facing yet another one of its all to frequent milestone moments in its recent history with the parliamentary elections taking place on December 9. It has to choose between returning to the path to a Western model or to push quickly on the path to the Hungarian, Turkmen or Uzbek model - considering US Secretary of State Clinton's recent statements. The options are simple: functional institutions, rule for everybody and improving politicians or almighty oligarchs replacing institutions hand in hand with corrupt politicians. Will Romanians look for political leaders accepted by the West or for nationalist braggarts? On the domestic front, Romania is no longer facing the eternal choice of "the least evil". The stake for 2012: limiting "the biggest evil".
3.How a lawyer accusing President Basescu of hitting him explains link to Basescu opponent while defending his account on incident Romanian lawyer Chitic Mircea Victor Daniel has accused Romanian President Traian Basescu of assaulting him verbally and physically in the Black Sea resort of Neptun last weekend. He has reccounted the incident on TV on Monday, saying he was hit by Basescu following a rough exchange of words. But the lawyer figures at the Registry of Commerce as an associate in several companies - including one where he is associated with Sorin Rosca Stanescu, a former journalist and media owner known for his opposition towards Basescu.


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