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1.​OPINION Russia's methods: The way Romania gets ready for a media conquest As the world gets increasingly worried about the aggressive informational war tactics developed by Russia, Romania gets ready by itself to be conquered by means of media. While large countries such as the US, Germany or even organisations like NATO try to counter the new weapons perfected by Russia, in Romania the local media itself does the harm Russian trolls are struggling to do elsewhere.
2.​INTERVIEW Romanian Ambassador: Richest, most generous German Hasso Platner, founder of SAP, interested in Romanian city of Sibiu The richest and most generous man in Germany, Hasso Platner, was born in Berlin in 1944, in a family of Transylvanian Saxon doctors from Sibiu, Romania. They had left Romania accompanying German troups. Platner is now interested in a Sibiu project, Romanian Ambassador to Berlin Emil Hurezeanu said in an interview with "Platner has never returned to Romania, he doesn't do interviews, but when he heard that the Lucian Blaga University from his parents' and ancestors' town has ideas and needs he has sent messengers to Sibiu. An important project is prepared there. I will say more when I see it standing", Hurezeanu said.
3.​VIDEO INTERVIEW Nigel Farage answers why he is still in the European Parliament - a "turkey who voted for Christmas". Plus: his position on Article 50 and racist outbursts in Britain UKIP leader Nigel Farage says in an interview given to on Wednesday morning that he would not leave his seat as a MEP because he has to watch "like a hawk" what happens to the outcome of leave negotiation, in the wake of the Brexit referendum. He says that unless Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which marks the formal launch of the EU exit procedures, is invoked quickly, "there will be a lot of anger". And he dodges questions about his feeling responsible for a recent wave of anti-immigrant, racist outbursts in British society.


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