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1.Greece to be paralysed tomorrow for a new general strike Tens of flights will be affected in Greece on Thursday, July 8, where a new general strike will take place. The strike was organised by unions protesting against pension reforms and austerity measures taken by the Government to improve the country's financial situation, AFP informs.
2.CCR judge on why cutting pensions is unconstitutional: pension is a past phenomenon The cut in pensions is unconstitutional because it regards a past phenomenon, bearing in mind that the current retired have already paid their share while they were still employed, Romanian Constitutional Court judge Ion Predescu.
3.Ministers urgently called to Government. They might discuss an increase in taxes Boc Cabinet ministers have been urgently called to the Government today, June 25. According to sources quoted by Agerpres, they might decide to increase taxes in this special meeting. This could lead to an increase in VAT, so that Romania can receive the fifth IMF instalment.​
4.Fitch analyst to Romanian authorities: "Don't let the crisis go to waste!" Restructuring the public sector is an important step to recover to fiscal sustainability, says Fitch manager Douglas Renwick, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.
5.Incident in Romanian Parliament: Several MPs confiscated the video-camera from a person filming the unionists Several Romanian MPs, led by social-democratic senator Dan Sova, grabbed the video camera of a person who was filming the union members that came to see the censorship motion debate in the Parliamentary plenum.
6."You've got no idea of the world you're living in" PM accuses censorship motion undersigned Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc notified the opposition MPs that they have misedited the censorship motion, elaborating a text which refers to the pensions' law, already approved by the Parliament, and accused them of plagiarism, namely that they copy-pasted solid paragraphs from an article published in the Romanian press.
7.Laszlo Tokes - proposed by EPP for European Parliament vice-presidency Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes (EPP / UDMR- the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) was proposed by the European Popular Party group for the role of European Parliament vice-president, to replace Hungarian MEP Pal Schmitt, on Wednesday, June 8, Agerpres informs.
8.PSD submitted "Stop the social genocide!" censorship motion Opposition Social-Democratic Party (PSD) has submitted on Monday the censorship motion, after the Romanian Government took responsibility for the austerity measures. On Wednesday, the opposition's motion will be read in the plenum and early next week votes will go in favour or against it, PSD President Victor Ponta announced.
9.Union members to block Parliament gates when PM arrives to take responsibility for austerity measures Union confederations are restarting their protests in Bucharest, Romania, starting with 1 pm (local time). CNS Cartel Alfa and CSDR members will go to the Parliament, where the Executive will take responsibility for several austerity measures this afternoon. Union members ask the Government to give up the cut in salaries and pensions, news TV channels broadcast.
10.We decided with Romanian authorities to increase taxes, if current measures prove insufficient The European Commission notes that, following discussions with Romanian authorities, it has been agreed by both parties to increase in taxes if the Executive's measures are not enforced in due time. 
11.BNR chief-economist: Public sector employees should have one week unpaid holiday per month Romanian Central Bank (BNR) chief-economist Valentin Lazea says he does not agree to cut salaries by 25%. He proposes that public sector staff is given one week unpaid holiday every month, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
12.Hungarian party leader: UDMR is not backing the cut in small pensions Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) President Marko Bela declared on Tuesday that his party dies not agree for the 15% cut in pensions to be applied to small pensions as well. 
13.Bulgarian press: Romanians steal their own cars Romanians organise a campaign against Bulgarian tourism, hotels owners from the Golden Sands claim, quoted by Sunday papers in Sofia. A huge scandal ignited on Saturday in the Bulgarian resort of the Golden Sands, with several luxury cars belonging to Romanian owners stolen. The Bulgarian Police investigates the case where it is believed that a pack of Romanian thieves have stolen the cars on Bulgarian shore
14.Moldovan President responds to Russian Foreign Affairs minister: It is not Romania that has an army in the Republic of Moldova Moldovan temporary president Mihai Ghimpu responded to the Russian Foreign Affairs minister Serghei Lavrov' accusations, indicating that it was not Romania that kept an army on the Republic of Moldova's territory, Jurnal de Chisinau informs. 
15.Traian Ungureanu, EP rapporteur for the Black Sea Region Romanian MEP Traian Ungureanu (PPE< PDL) has been designated Rapporteur for the European Parliament for the Black Sea region, a communiqué informs. The report will be elaborated by the European's Parliament of Foreign Affairs Commission and will evaluate the results of the cooperation policies applied by the EU in the Black Sea region for the last two years. The report will also address recommendations for consolidating the cooperation in the region.
16.Two Moldavians killed in Moscow terrorist attacks  Two women, citizens of the Republic of Moldova, died in the terrorist attacks in Moscow's underground, Moldavian Prime-Minister Vlad Filat announced, quoted by Unimedia. 
17.King Mihai may have to pay for Eliabeta Palace's administration The Romanian State Patrimony Protocol Authority (RAAPPS) will ask King Mihai to put up with the administration costs of Elisabeta Palace, Romanian agency Mediafax informs. The fees have been deducted by the state until now, but RAAPPS sources claim the state cannot afford it anymore.
18.Romanian Defence Ministry: Parliament decides if F16 aircrafts should be bought The Romanian Parliament will decide whether the Romanian Army will buy the American F16 aircrafts, Romanian National Defence minister Gabriel Oprea declared on Tuesday in Brasov (central).
19.Pensioners rallied in front of the Government and local councils Pensioners across the country, union members, protested this Friday, March 26, asking to be granted the rights seniors are entitled to, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.
20.President Traian Basescu and PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero seal strategic partnership Romanian president Traian Basescu and Spanish Government head Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero agreed to seal a Romanian - Spanish strategic partnership. The agreement will be signed this year, the Romanian Presidential Administration informs, without mentioning a specific date.  
21.Romanian PM ordered more funds for teachers in Buzau Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc order for more funds to be allocated to increase the salaries of those teachers who did not get the 17% plus in a south-eastern county. 
22.Romanian president called meeting with Country's Supreme Defence Council Romanian President Traian Basescu called a meeting with the Country's Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) on Monday, March 22, at the Cotroceni Palace, the Presidential Administration informs.
23.Tarom Bucharest-Barcelona flight returned to Otopeni airport due to lost of pressure One Tarom flight scheduled fot the Bucharest-Barcelona route returned half an hour after taking off because of technical problems, news channel inform.
24.Japan lends Romania 315 mln Euros to build tube network Japan agreed to lend Romania a loan worth of 315 million Euros for Romanian authorities to build the Bucharest - "Henri Coanda" Airport tube network. The contract was sealed today, Marh 10, in Tokyo, by Romanian President Traian Basescu and Japanese MP Yukio Hatoyama, Agerpres informs. 
25.Romania's Presidents hopes for the Japanese Emperor's visit Romania hopes that the Japanese Emperor Akihito will visit Romania in the period to come, President Traian Basescu declared on Wednesday, March 10, during discussions with the Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama.
26.Romanian president invites parliamentary parties to consultations on altering Constitution Romanian President Traian Basescu has addressed an invitation to parliamentary parties regarding participation to consultations on changing the Constitution and this year's legislative priorities, the Presidential Administration confirmed on Monday, quoted by Romanian press agency Agerpres.
27.Romanian president asks the US for more war vehicles for Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan Romanian President Traian Basescu has asked for additional war vehicles for Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan during discussions in Kandahar with general Stanley McCrystal on Thursday, March 4. The request follows the decision to increase the number of Romanian soldiers in the region.
28.Moldavian Parliament sacks Supreme Court President  Moldavian Supreme Court of Justice president Ion Muruianu was sacked on Thursday, Jurnal de Chisinau informs on its electronic edition.
29.Romanian LibDems officially request to dismiss Senate's Speaker Romanian LibDems (PD-L) have submitted on Wednesday, March 3 2010, the request to revoke Mircea Geoana from his Senate Speaker role for breeching the Regulation. The request was signed by 57 MPs. 
30.ECOFIN: Romania may correct budget deficit by 2012 The EU states Finance ministers Council (ECOFIN) approved on Tuesday, February 16 2010, to extend Romania's deadline to correct the budget deficit until 2010./ Romania needs to adjust the state's budget deficit to fit below 3% of the GDP, an ECOFIN communiqué informs.

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