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1.Notes on the Analytica report: Basescu and the Putin model "Basescu is probably attracted by the 'Putin model' in Russia: the creation of a political movement which dwarfs all others and ensures that he continues to rule behind the scenes", an analysis published on March 8 2010 by prestigious British think-tank Oxford Analytica indicates. According to the OXAN study, entitled "ROMANIA: Political games distract minds from economy", which starts with the attempt to replace Mircea Geoana from the Senate's leadership, Traian Basescu has a clear objective: "the creation of a political system in which the president is the only important player", but his plan might have little chances due to political volatility, the British analysis believe. 
2.Ex-Agriculture minister: Over 1,000 agriculture projects, blocked because of banks. Romania risks losing European money despite valid projects In an interview for, Romanian ex-Agriculture minister Dacian Ciolos stated that over 1,000 projects from the National Program for Rural Development are blocked, despite being selected for getting European money, because banks refuse co-financing. Therefore, Ciolos argues that Romania risks losing the funds allocated for 2008 and 2009 for valid projects. The name of the ex-minister is, unofficially, Romania's first choice for a European commissionaire position. 


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