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1.Finance Minister: Pensions and salaries next year will not see the 2010 level Pensions and salaries in Romania will not be reach their 2010 level next year, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu declared today, June 23. This did not want to explain his statement, leaving room for interpretations. "They will definitely not reach the 2010 level. I mean their level after cuts", the Finance minister said.
2.EP President: I support PM Boc's brave programme "I salute and support Prime-Minister's Emil Boc very brave programme, European parliament president Jerzy Buzek declared after meeting the Romanian PM. "It is a painful programme, but i can assure you it will be very useful. In moments of crisis, one needs to take the necessary measures, not the convenient ones. Many other European states take similar measures", Buzek added.
3.Romanian Finance and Interior ministers held press conference on combating fiscal fraud and cigarette trafficking Romanian Interior minister Vasile Blaga and Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu held a joint press conference on fighting against fiscal fraud and the tobacco traffic. Vladescu said there issues with the "minor" fraud: "The difficult aspect is related to the small fraud, in the markets, where small quantities of products are sold. These are issues connected with education and poverty".
4.Resistance to corruption in South-East Europe study: One in three judicial system practitioners are aware of attempts to influence decisions  In South-European countries, one in three penal judicial system professionals are aware of situations where there has been an attempt to influence the decision-making process. 33% of the cases are mainly direct cases. These are the conclusions of a Transparency International Romania study entitled "Integrity and Resistance of the Law Enforcement Bodies in South East European Countries". According to the study, the random distribution of cases is recognised as an efficient means to prevent political pressures and to offer the necessary safety to those working with high level corruption cases. 
5.Environment minister: The waste collection and recycling system in Romania works just like in a third world country The local authorities are "the weak link" in the waste management in Romania, Romanian Environment minister Laszlo Borbely declared in an interview for According to him, there are big cities "where nothing is done". The Environment Ministry is preparing a normative act project for the local leaders, whereby performance criteria are going to be introduced. Local authorities will be compelled that from the total quantity of garbage collected in the county, only a maximum of 85% can be subject to complete destruction, while at least 15% of the collected garbage must be recycled. 
6.Economy Ministry state secretary: Even if the IMF disagrees, we must find solutions to carry on coal subventions The Romanian Economy Ministry intends to seek solutions so that it will not have to give up the subventions for the pit production, even if the International Monetary Fund disagrees. "We will have to look for solutions to keep the subventions coming even if the IMF said that this is no longer possible starting with the new year", Economy Ministry Tudor Serban declared during the Mediafax Talks About Energy seminar. In the intention letter addressed to the IMF, the Government pledges to steadily redraw the coal subventions by the end of the year. 
7.PM: Government to take responsibility for measures reducing budget spending. Administration councils to donate all incomes to a solidarity fund Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc requested Government members and the governing Coalition to take responsibility for the law project addressing the enforcement of austerity measures. 
8.Economy minister on pay cuts: We should all show solidarity "We should all show solidarity", the Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared, referring to the possible cut in salaries in the state sector and state companies. He said the Finance Ministry should find a solution in this sense. "From the point of view of IMF negotiations, this issue [cutting the salaries' fund by 25%] addresses strictly those in the public sector. But I think we should all show solidarity and make an effort in this sense. But probably the Finance Ministry will find a solution on this perspective", Videanu said. 
9.Cutting subventions might double or triple prices for hot water and heating The prices for hot water and heating are likely to increase massively if the decision to cut subventions will be met, as suggested by Romanian President Traian Basescu. In many cases, prices might double or even triple. For example in Bucharest, where the population is paying 119 lei per thermal unit, the prices might go up to 300 lei. The difference is supported by the capital’s general council and by the Interior and Administration Minister. 
10.Executive sets up groups for car tax and development The Romanian Government listened to PM Emil Boc's request and set up a inter-ministerial working group to analyse the car pollution tax, according to the Government's spokeswoman Ioana Muntean. There was another inter-ministerial group formed to develop the electrical car in Romania. Part of the second group are Economy Ministry reps, and specialists Transport, Finance and Environment ministries and from the National Authority for Scientific Research. 
11.Romanian Government approves the sale of CO2 emission certificates. Romania could get around 2 billion euros The Romanian Government has approved the decision addressing the manner in which the money obtained from the sale of CO2 emission certificates (AAUs) will be spent. Economy minister Adriean Videanu claims the money will be used to rehabilitate the energy groups, to increase the production of energy using renewable resources and for afforestation. Immediately after the normative act is enforced, Romanian authorities will start negotiating with various states interested in buying the certificates. According to Videanu, AAUs could be sold to Japan and the EU states. Romania could get around two billion euros from the sale of emission certificates. 
12.State benefit: 93% cut in tax on diesel used by farmers. The European Commission has not yet waved the green flag The Romanian authorities decided to cut the tax on the diesel used by farmers by 93%. The standard 293 euros level will be axed to 21 euros, according to a decision approved by the Government. This is a form of state benefit. Romanian Agriculture minister Mihail Dumitru claims that the normative act has been informally agreed with the European Commission. But the EC has not yet take a final decision.
13.Economy Ministry: Increase in electricity bill shock to take place in 2013 The prices for electrical energy might increase significantly starting from 2013, since producers are forced to invest substantially in environment, manager in the Romanian Economy Ministry Alexandru Sandulescu said. "Environment costs will be enforced, pushing the electricity price upwards. The shock will happen in 2013, if no derogations are going to be obtained", Sandulescu declared. 
14.Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan to bring gas to Europe. The project could be finalised before Nabucco After almost one year of negotiations, Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan have signed a memorandum regarding the set up of a company for a project that will be masterminded from the head office in Bucharest. The company will manage a feasibility study to assess whether a gas transport on the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania route is possible. The three parties agreed to call the project AGRI – Azerbaijan Georgia Romania Interconnection. Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu said AGRI could be completed before Nabucco. The three parties claim that their project could bring the gas from Azerbaijan to Europe.
15.Romanian Government approves IMF and EC memorandum ratification on releasing third and fourth instalments The Romanian Government approved the ratification on the intention letter and of the memorandum with the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission for Romania to receive the third and the fourth instalments of the international financing agreement. The two instalments amount to around 2.4 billion euros, Romanian Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu announced on Tuesday, February 23, 2010. According to him, the IMF money are due today and the EC money will arrive in March.
16.Romanian authorities asked EC to postpone the energy certificates The Romanian Development Ministry intends to postpone until June 2010 the implementation of energy certificates when selling or buying a house, according to governmental sources. The last version of the normative act addressing the introduction the energy certificate set the deadline for March 1. Romanian authorities have already sent to the European Commission a request to post pone the deadline for another three months on account that there are not enough energy audit bodies, Energy Auditors Association Emilia Cerna Mladin told 
17.Bechtel: We need about 300 million euros this year to resume works on Transilvania motorway American company Bechtel plans to continue building Transilvania motorway if the necessary funds will be made available, Bechtel communication manager Bogdan Sgarcitu told According to him, the main impediment is the Romanian 2010 state budget, which did not insure that funds will be made available to resume the construction of the highway. For the 10 km from section 2B, between Turda and Campia Turzii, around 100 million euros will be necessary, while for the section 3C, namely 40 km between Suplacu de Barcau and Bors, the construction requires nearly 200 million euros. The works on section 2B are very likely to be carried out, but section 3C remains unaddressed. 
18.ANRE report: Natural gas consumption dropped 15% against 2008 Natural gas consumption in Romania dropped 15% on a national level in 2009 in comparison with 2008: from 15.5 billion cube meters (165 million MWh) in 2008 to 13.2 billion cube meters (140 million MWh), according to a Romanian Energy National Regulation Authority (ANRE) report. The drop was consistent throughout the entire year, safe for December, when the gas consumption was 9% up against December 2008. 
19.Romania and Azerbaijan memorandum to provide Europe with gas Romania and Azerbaijan signed a cooperation memorandum in the energy sector, according to Azeri publication A paragraph of the memorandum addresses the cooperation in the case of the project delivering gas from Azerbaijan to Romania through Georgia. The memorandum was signed following a meeting in Baku between the Azeri minister of energy Nating Aliyev and Romanian state secretary in the Economy Ministry Tudor Serban. 
20.Government approves two important energy companies Almost one year after debates, the Romanian Government decided to approve the re-structuring of the energetic sector by setting up two giant companies. One of them will be called Electra and its chief is going to be Constantin Balasoiu, an individual supported by PDL, the party in power, currently running the Energy Complex in Craiova (South). The second company is Hidroenergetica. Its future chief is Mihai David, presently Hideoelectrica head and PSD member (the main opposition party).
21.PriewaterhouseCoopers: Managing wealth tax - too expensive  To introduce the Wealth Tax would not bring consistent benefits to the Romanian state due to very high administration costs, PriewaterhouseCoopers Mihaela Mitroi declared during a seminar of fiscal issues. According to her, the costs for following and collecting the tax would be too high in comparisons with the revenues. 
22.Budget draft: Work Ministry gets the biggest chunk. Transports and Development ministries, poorer than in 2009 Most of the Romanian ministries are to receive more money from the state budget than in 2009. Important departments, for example Transport Ministry, Finance and Development ministries will have some of the most significant shares. But the biggest state-sponsored budget is allocated to the Work Ministry, namely 24.14 billion lei, in contrast to its 2009 percentage - 22.9 billion lei. 
23.Adriean Videanu, approved as Economy minister: I want to renegotiate the state's participation in Rosia Montana project Adriean Videanu was proposed for the role of Economy, Commerce and Business minister. He was approved, with 39 votes in favour and 17 against. During the hearings, environment organisation used the moment to protest against the enforcement of the Rosia Montana project. They came with banners reading "Rosia Montana nu e de Vi(n)deanu", meaning Videanu is not good enough for Rosia Montana and implying he would sell a country's asset. 
24.Romania's second nuclear station will be built on Somes River. Three locations are being considered The second Romanian nuclear station will be built close to river Somes. Three locations are currently being considered, according to governmental sources. The Economy Ministry has so far analysed over 100 locations, some of the in the beds of river Olt, river Mures and river Somes. Eventually, the authorities decided to consider only three locations on Somes. 
25.Gold's increasing price puts Rosia Montana on the Government's agenda "We want to include the quick start of the Rosia Montana project on the Governing agenda as soon as possible because the gold market favours such projects", Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared on Friday, December 17, during a press conference.  
26.Emil Boc: We stand a good chance to get at least one IMF instalment in January, if not two Romania has big chances to get its third IMF loan instalments in January, the Romanian temporary Government. This does not exclude the possibility for the third instalment to be granted at the same time with the fourth. "In January, there are chances to get at least one, if not two [instalments]", the PM stated. 
27.US Government to offer Romania technical and financial assistance in detecting radioactive sources The American Government will give Romania technical and financial assistance in equipping some installations in order to detect radioactive sources inside the country. In this sense, US Government and National Commission for Nuclear Activity Control (NCNAC) representatives signed an agreement regarding the cooperation for increasing Romanian radioactive material sources' physical security.
28.Competition Council president: Our investigations last for a mean of 26 months, in contrast with the European Commission - 18 months. I propose to reduce the duration to the EC level The Romanian Competition Council is currently investigating cases that are already four or five years long. "I propose to reduce the mean duration towards the EC level. I have reorganised investigation teams for the asses that were 4 to 5 years old. We intend to finalise these belayed investigations during the course of next year", the president of the Competition Council from Romania Bogdan Chiritoiu declared during an online meeting with readers.
29.State secretary on Oltchim minor shareholder: These are the type of people to be thrown out of the country! State secretary in the Economy Ministry Tudor Serban believes that minor Oltchim shareholder, namely the German group PCC SE, wants to see the company bankrupt. "These are the people to be thrown out of the country. You can't do business with these type of people", Tudor Serban told The reaction follows the fact that PCC SE salutes the decision of the European Commission to start an investigation regarding the 49.6 million euros state guaranty Oltchim received.
30.Health minister: GlaxoSmithKline won't take responsibility for the AH1N1 vaccine effects. Cantacuzino's vaccine will be used after tests The Romanian temporary Health minister Adriean Videanu claims that the company producing the anti AH1N1 vaccine will not take responsibility for the possible side effects the jab might have. Therefore, Romania changed its mind about buying 500,000 doses from producer company GlaxoSmithKline, which were planned to be used in children. "Following discussions, [the company] is not taking responsibility for this vaccine. If they don't find a solution, we'll chose the vaccine from Cantacuzino [Institute]. If we don't find common ground, we'll stick to the inner production", Adriean Videanu stated.

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