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1.UPDATE: Images of flooded areas in Romania. Danube reaches record level in Galati The level of the Danube River in Galati (East Romania) reached 661 centimetres on Friday morning, July 2, a level never before reached by the river in this region. The water's debit here is 16,600 cube centimetres per second. Local authorities ordered for protection dams to be built out of sand sacks to protect Valea Orasului neighbourhood, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.
2.IMF board discusses Romanian report The International Monetary Fund (IMF) board is meeting on Friday to analyse the report on Romania's assessment of the country's likely success or failure to comply with the engagements taken in the Stand-By Agreement, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.  Public Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu announced on Tuesday that the IMF meeting was going to take place on July 2 and that a new IMF mission was going to arrive in Romania after July 20.
3.Over 2,000 people evacuated in East Romania in the face of floods Residents of the town of Saucesti from Bacau (East Romania) have been evacuated on Friday morning, in the face of floods to be brought by river Siret, whose increasing debit threatens people's lives and households.
4.Opposition leader: We'll submit a censorship motion the moment we've raised 236 signatures Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSD) leader Victor Ponta declared that the social-democrats are going to submit "another type of censorship motion - a popular motion" the moment they will have raised 236 signatures, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.
5.Mothers defend the child care support in the streets Mothers in Bucharest protest on Monday, starting with 12 pm (local time), in front of the Work, Family and Social protection Ministry against the Government's decision to cut the child support benefit. 
6.Cantacuzino Institute can restart producing the seasonal flu vaccine The Cantacuzino National Institute for Research-Development in Bucharest can restart producing the seasonal flue vaccine. The Health Ministry was informed on Thursday evening by an official notice sent by The Medicine National Agency (ANM) that following checks from May 7 and 13, the investigation commissions decided to authorise the Cantacuzino Institute to produce the seasonal flu vaccine, Romanian agency Agerpres reads.
7.Large unions to rally the Parliament and Presidency. General strike could follow Unions' National Confederation Cartel ALFA, the National Confederation of the Free Unions from Romania, the National Union Block and The National Unionist Confederation Meridian will be rallying the Government and Presidential Administration's headquarters starting from today, Thursday, May 13, until May 19, communiqué sent by the unionist confederations reads. 
8.UPDATE Marmosim, the company where the economy minister owns majority of shares, gives up applying for European funds UPDATE Marmosim, the companies that processes marble, with the largest share package owned by Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu, gives up applying for European funds, Videanu announces. The decision was taken after critics in the press. Videanu said to wanted to avoid any critique. "Think about the objectivity, in quotation marks, on this issue", the minister added.
9.Unionists claim measured announced by President are unacceptable The proposals announced by Romanian President Traian Basescu are unacceptable, CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu at the end of the press conference the chief of state held at the Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, when he announced the anti-crisis measures proposed by the International Monetary Fund. 
10.Romanian President launches decency appeal to unions Romanian President Traian Basescu launched a decency appeal to unions on Thursday, May 6, saying that these were forgetting that the members of these organisations are those managing the state's public institutions' money. 
11.Administration unionists start the protests. Farmers and teachers are next May is the month for protests. The first to take the speaking trumpet are administration trade-unionists, namely Columna Federation members. Starting with Monday, April 3, they will protest in front of the Government's building, until Friday, three hours each day. They want the salaries to return to the level from last year and ask for the collective work contracts to be respected.
12.Chinese earthquake victims count over 600. Rescue teams are fighting time to save lives The rescue teams are leading a fight against time to find the victims of the powerful earth shake that hit North-West China at 6.9 on Wednesday morning. Over 600 hundred people lost their lives, temporary data coming from the authorities indicate on Thursday, April 15. Other several thousands are now homeless, Reuters informs. 
13.UPDATE Polish President's wife body arrived in Warsaw today. Third day of mourning for the Polish The coffin carrying Poland's First Lady's body arrived in Poland today, April 13, following the tragic flight accident on Saturday in Russia, Polish public television informed. Her body was identified only on Monday, with the help of her wedding ring. 
14.AP: Basescu came with a special dinner present for Obama — more troops for Afghanistan "One of the leaders hosted by Obama came with a special dinner present" at the dinner in Prague, the Czech Republic — "more troops for Afghanistan", Associated Press comments. 
15.Senator Catalin Voicu remains under arrest Magistrates at the High Justice Court (ICCJ) have postponed Romanian senator's Catalin Voicu trial for temporary release under judiciary control. The trial was supposed to take place today, but it was rescheduled for April 12. The delay was caused by Catalin Voicu's lawyer, who could not stand in court on Friday because of family problems, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. 
16.34 accused of information fraud retained. Romanian magistrates will decide on temporary arrest Romanian Prosecutors from the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) in Valcea (South) have issued warrants to retain 19 more people accused of information frauds, alongside 15 others. The warrants will keep the accused at the Police station over the next 24 hours. Investigations of criminal online auctions led to searches and arrests.
17.New job cuts wave with Romanian railway workers: nearly 1,000 CFR Calatori, the Romanian Railways service for travelling, has sacked 780 employees. Another 111 people working for the Railway Engines Repairs Commercial Society have made it to the redundancy list, as well as 73 from Voiaj CFR (voyage), 41 from Gevaro - a CFR division responsible with managing sleeping cars, berths and restaurant carriages.
18.Symantec: most information attacks are launched from China and Romania The United States is no longer the country from where the most information attacks are launched, according to Symantec. The American security solutions producer claims in its latest report that most of the IP addresses launching this kind of attacks come from China, followed by Romania and the US. 
19.Dacia Dulster has been launched today in Romania Dacia launches on Thursday, March 18, SUV Duster. The producer announced that the new model will be shown in the country's dealers' showrooms starting April 15. The enrolment has already started on March 2, when the model's world presentation took place in Geneva.
20.TUI: Romanian tourism is 7-8 years behind Bulgarian tourism Tourism developed significantly in Bulgaria during the last years, while in Romania it doesn't really attract foreign investors, German tourism operator TUI manager for Maroc, Romania and Bulgaria Detlev Hohne told Deutsche Welle. He considers Romania's tourism development is seven to eight years behind Bulgaria. 
21.Romanian Senate Speaker: Constitution alteration hides Basescu's plan to shoot again Romanian Senate's Speaker Mircea Geoana addressed the attempt to remove him from his role and declared on Wednesday, March 3, that this was a the President "more ambitious" plan, which also includes a change in the state's Constitution that would make him important after 2014, so that he could "shoot again". 
22.Shocking law: 41 deputies force firms to hire full-time accountant 41 Romanian LibDem deputies (PDL) sign a law project forcing all 700,000 firms in Romania to hire full-time accountants. Not one, but two. The law text has reached the Senate and has provoked a scandal in the bookkeeping world. The issue is debated by the specialty forums, informs.
23.March 2: 18 years since war started in Transnistria The Moldovan Government declared March 2 a day to commemorate those fallen in the armed conflict to protect the integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova (1991-1992).
24.Moldavians close to the Romanian border cross to Romania without passport. Small border traffic is being implemented Moldavian citizens living 50 km away and closer to the Romanian border can enter Romania without passport starting Friday, February 26 2010. This is due to the agreement between the two countries that is coming into force today.
25.Romanian Government tells IMF: Unemployment remains high in 2010, but GDP increase is possible in Q1 The unemployment in Romania remains high throughout 2010 and the economic pressures that stress companies and the population will continue to burden the banks' balance sheets. But there are signs that the economic activity is rehabilitating and the economic increase could be recorded as soon as the first quarter of the year.
26.EU Finance ministers decide today if Romania gets more time to correct budget deficit Economy and Finance EU ministers council (ECOFIN) are debating on Monday in Brussels the measures adopted by several states - Romania included - to correct excessive budget deficits. 
27.Romanian athlete, in hospital after accident in bobsleigh training for Vancouver Olympics start Sportswoman Violeta Stramaturaru, part of the Romanian bobsleigh Olympic team taking part in Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, was taken to hospital on Thursday night, February 11. She was unconscious, following an accident during training, the international press reads.
28.Dacia recorded 230 mil lei profit last year Car producer Dacia, part of French group Renault, recorded 230.28 million lei worth of profit in 2009, up 3.7% against 2008, according to the figures published by the company in a fusion project with Auto Chassis International Romania, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
29.South and South-East Romania, buried in snow After heavy snowfalls and strong wind, the week in Romania starts with 16 national roads closed to traffic due to unfavourable weather conditions. The most dramatic situation occurred in Dambovita (south), Giurgiu (South), Arges (South), Ialomita (South) and Buzau (south-east) counties. The traffic towards the port-city Constanta (south-east) is completely blocked and one can only get there on side roads, but Police advises drivers not to use them. 
30.International Labour Organisation: Unemployment hit global record level in 2009  The number of people left unemployed worldwide due to the financial crisis exploded in 2009, reaching 6.6% at a global scale, namely 212 million people, according to an International Labour Organisation report. The institution warns that the recovery of the economy does not mean a drop in the number of the jobless.

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