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1.Eurostat: Romania granted 6,000 citizenships in 2008. 5,000 went to Moldavians 5,590 foreigners became Romania citizens in 2008, according to latest Eurostat statistics. Most citizenships went to Moldavians, namely 4,967. It's worth mentioning that the period of time included in the European statistics is before Romania passed the new citizenship law and setting up the centres for receiving citizenship request files, opened especially for Moldavians. At the same time, 2,857 Romanians gave up their original citizenship in favour of becoming Italian and 5,535 Romanians gave it up for the Hungarian citizenship.
2.European Commissioner for humanitarian aid to visit Romania's flooded regions. Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria join the countries offering help Kristalina Georghieva, The European Commissioner for international cooperation, humanitarian aid and emergency response is going to visit Romania, meet with national authorities and see the disaster caused by floods, her spokesperson announced on Tuesday, during the press briefing at the European Commission. Plus, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary are joining the four countries who have already announced their aid after Romania activated EU's civil protection mechanism.
3.Moldovan Constitutional Court gives green light to referendum to change in presidential elections The Constitutional Court from the Republic of Moldova decided to authorise the initiative to change article 78 from Moldova's Constitution through national referendum, the press from Chisinu informs. The Government coalition - Alliance for European Integration - proposed a return to direct election, meaning the president would be elected by the people. The Parliament in Chisinau is free to set the date for the referendum, which is likely to be September 5.
4.EC: Romania has not asked so far the EU centre for emergency situations for help Romania has not asked for the activation of the EU civil protection mechanism up to now, EC spokesperson Ferran Tarradellas told Authorities in Bucharest can request support from the EU's centre for emergency situations. The help would consist in technical aid, such as inflatable dams or electricity generators etc., which could be provided by the member states. Plus, specialists from EU member states could assist the Romanian authorities in their fight against floods.
5.Hillary Clinton: We decided to work on lifting the visas for Romanians, but Congress demands need be obeyed "As EU and NATO member, we believe that the Romanian citizens deserve to travel freely to the US, without visas", press statement posted by Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi on the State Department's website after meeting his US homologue Hillary Clinton read. In her turn, the American state secretary said the Washington administration is willing to work with the administration in Bucharest so that the Romanian citizens would follow the rules to obtain the visas, but in lines with the standards imposed by the Congress and stipulated by the US legislation.
6.The Transnistrian conflict: Russia and Ukraine talk about "coordinated effort", American analysts consider the US has abandoned the neighbourhood to Russia The Transnistrian conflict has become a hot topic these days, with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev visit to Kiev. The two presidents support a special status for Transnistria and recognise the "important and stabilising" role of the Russian army. The EU was asking on Monday, May 17, to restart negotiations for the 5+2 format, while a Washington Post editorialist talks about abandoning Russia's neighbours in its sphere of influence. At the same time, Moldova's PM Vlad Filat wants to see the Russian army replaced with an international civil mission and hopes for Europe's support.
7.Romania's green apple attracted 10,000 visitors in the first day 10,000 people visited the Romanian pavilion on Saturday, the opening day. The public was allowed to visit it after the cutting of the red tape, at noon. Visitors were lured by the show on the stage and a restaurant with Romanian food, though the prices were not cheap. 
8.Romania's Chinese investments and contract hunt, blurred by the ash cloud. Romania's economic delegation could not make it to Expo 2010 The Chinese business environment already showed interest in infrastructure projects and economic cooperation with Romania, but the intentions are up in smoke. The volcanic ash cloud smoke, that is. Romania's economic delegation, headed by Economy minister Adriean Videanu, needed to be in Shangai before the Expo 2010 opening today. It didn't make it. The only Economy reps are the representatives from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 
9.Foreign Affairs minister: Changing the ownership of some islands is permitted by the Border Treaty with Ukraine and it does not represent Romania's territorial demands Completely unjustified statements - this is how the Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi characterised the information quoted by the Ukrainian press reading that Romania has territorial demands on the Maikan island. The 2003 Treaty clearly stipulates the principles according to which the common Danube border is drawn and allows the alteration of the ownership for some islands, should measurements indicate it, without this meaning that Romania has got territorial demands over Ukraine. 
10.Moldavian Interior minister gave Romanian Foreign Affairs minister a piece of barbed wire that used to be part of the border fence between the two countries Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi received a piece of barbed wire from the Moldavian Interior minister Victor Catan. The piece used to be part of the fence stretched along the border of the two countries on the Prut river. Moldova removed the barbed wire fence in February during a ceremony. Moldavian Prime-Minister Vlad Filat and Romanian Administration and Interior minister Vasile Blaga cut the first pieces. 
11.Moldavian Economy minister: In the absence of an ambitious integration agenda offered by the EU to Moldova, Chisinau might consider and chose Russia's offer Moldova will have to choose in two-three years' time if the European Union will not accept an ambitious integration agenda for Moldova, with the Eastern Partnership is only an inefficient bureaucratic instrument, Moldavian Economy minister Valeriu Lazar believes. Interviewed by, he claims that Moldova has an alternative: becoming part of a regional organisation based on a CIS arrangement, with Russia as engine. Moldova's latest current challenge is to convince the European partners taking part in the Conference of the Donors for the Republic of Moldova in Brussels that the Moldavian government is determined to push reforms through. But the major risk is a reform slowdown should early elections interfere.
12.Moldavian President: The Alliance is most important for us right now and anticipated elections means its end Early elections in the Republic of Moldova might mean the end of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) and, more importantly, a halt to economic reforms, temporary Moldavian president Mihai Ghimpu believes. In an interview for, he says he's not looking forward to a confrontation with the Venice Commission regarding their opinion on the ways to modify the Constitution, he does not see the role for "playing politics" with anticipated elections. The drop the Liberal Party (PL) has seen in surveys is triggered by the party's declared Romanianism, Ghimpu added, who also talked about the Republic of Moldova reuniting with Romania. 
13.Romanian ambassador in Chisinau: "I will always oppose the trivialisation of Romanian citizenship, its transformation into a mere instrument granting freedom of movement" Moldavians citizens getting the Romanian citizenship is an undisputed right, but it cannot be trivialised and transformed in a mere tool of granting freedom of movement, the new Romanian ambassador in Chisinau, Marius Lazurca, believes. "It is not sufficient to wish to travel in order to be a potential Romanian citizen", the diplomat said in an interview for reporter Anne-Marie Blajan. 
14.US State Department Ellen Tauscher: US intends to install in Romania three missiles groups The US intends to install in Romania three interception missiles groups, which would hold 24 SM-3 interceptors. But the issue is still to be negotiated, US under-state secretary Ellen Tauscher declared, quoted by 
15.Romania's decisions on missile shied doesn’t influence START negotiations and could not influence the situation in Transnistria Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry presented in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova’s capital, the implication's of Romania's decision regarding missile shield, state secretary for strategic affairs Bogdan Aurescu declared for Aurescu rejected the idea of any negative repercussions on the Transnistrian situation, since Romania's decisions does not have the power to influence the Russian-American relationships regarding the new START agreement. 
16.Romanian Foreign minister on Russia's reaction to the missile shield: Mr. Lavrov's reaction was as moderate as possible "Mr Lavrov's reaction [Russian diplomacy chief] was as moderate as possible", Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi after the Parliament hearing in the foreign policy and defence commissions, where he gave details on the American missile shield being hosted by Romania. 
17.Romanian president: Romania will never sign a treaty to redefine the border between Romania and Moldova The opening of a third Romanian consulate in the Republic of Moldova, the interconnection of electricity and gas networks between the two countries, non-refundable funds to develop the Moldavian educational infrastructure, the opening of a citizen-awarding agency to speed up this process and recognising diplomas - these are all measures that Romania will take or is willing to take, according to the statements made by Romanian president Traian Basescu in Chisinau today, January 27, 2010.
18.Romanian Foreign Affairs minister launched "Moldova friends group" in Brussels The Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi launched in Brussels the European action of the Republic of Moldova or, in other words,  the Republic of Moldova friends group. This took place during a working breakfast of the EU members Foreign Affairs ministers, the Foreign Affairs  Council and the Informal support group, a Romanian Foreign Office communiqué (MAE) informs. Initially, Baconschi said he was relaying on the support of France and Spain in particular. The French support materialised with Pierre Lellouche, France's state secretary for European Affairs, co-presided the event. 
19.Paolo de Castro, EP Agriculture commission president: Commission voted unanimously in favour. Dacian Ciolos is one of the few commissioners to get such commission support Dacian Ciolos' hearing was a success, EP agriculture commission decided. For this reason, post-hearing deliberations was brief. Dacian Ciolos has the support of all European Parliament political groups. The result was the unanimous favourable vote, commission president Paolo de Castro declared. 
20.Romanian designated commissioner for Agriculture favours direct payments, but on criteria excluding historical reference Dacian Ciolos was subject to hearings today, Friday, in the European Parliament, after being designated Agriculture Commissioner. During hearings, he supported the need to continue the direct payments' system, but on reformed criteria. He supports the second Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) pillar, because the agriculture is closely connected with the rural environment and believes that here are the solutions to develop agriculture in the new member states ant solutions to fund small farms. The hearing concluded in the applause of the participants.
21.Foreign Affairs future minister Teodor Baconschi, approved by parliamentary commissions Teodor Baconschi was proposed to be the Foreign Affairs minister in the latest Boc Cabinet. He was approved by the parliamentary commissions with 33 votes in favour, 15 against and one abstention. But the hearing was not a walk in the park: Baconschi faced tough issues raised by PSD parliamentarians, who reminded him of the dubious elections organised at the embassy in Paris and of a possible anti-Semite orientation of the new minister. 
22.Bogdan Aurescu pleaded at the ICJ against Kosovo's independence Romania's agent and co-agent in the process from Hague last year, namely Bogdan Aurescu and Cosmin Dinescu, pleaded in the International Court of Justice on Thursday, supporting Romania's position regarding Kosovo's independence. 
23.British ambassador Robin Barnett: Great Britain will work well with the new president and government Asked to what extent are the late post-electoral events affecting Romania's image in the EU, the British ambassador in Bucharest Robin Barnett said he has remarked that all political parties expect a conclusion from the Constitutional Court and are eager to have a Government as soon as possible. "Great Britain has always had a good relationship with all major political parties in Romania and we will work well with the new president and the new government", the British diplomat noted. 
24.EC approves: Romania can grant state aid up to 500.000 euros to clean companies affected by the financial crisis The European Commission authorised the state aid scheme proposed by Romania to support companies facing financial difficulties following the worsening of the crediting conditions triggered by the economic crisis, an EC communiqué informs. The Romanian state can now offer state aids up to 500.000 euros, but only to companies which were not in trouble on July 1 2008, but ran into financial trouble in the meantime.
25.Romania's first lady first public reaction, during electoral campaign, triggered by accusations brought to her husband Maria Basescu, President Traian Basescu's wife, reacts, in an open letter, to poet Mircea Dinescu's stating that the President allegedly hit his wife. She tells poet Dinescu that he owes her children apologies. Moreover, she considers unacceptable the usage of "election rubbish" and the destruction of the child's life, who has been featured in the film showing Romania's incumbent hitting a child. Maria Basescu says that no mother could ever forgive Geoana, the presidential counter-candidate, for this.
26.Leonard Orban: It was difficult for Severin to become EU diplomacy chief because East Europe had already obtained an important role Having Romanian Adrian Severin elected as the chief of the EU diplomacy would have been very difficult, bearing in mind that an East European representative, namely Jerzy Buzek, was already holding an important EU role - the European Parliament speaker, Romanian European commissioner Leonard Orban declared, quoted by RFI.
27.US Ambassador: The US Government does not support any candidate for Romania's presidency The USA Government does not back any candidate for Romania's presidency. And no USA Government agency runs any activity to influence the presidential competition. This is the US Ambassador in Bucharest Mark Gitenstein's response to the articles featured in the Romanian press lately.
28.Romania gets 1.4 million dollars from the UN to finance the Centre for emergency transit refugees in Timisoara A centre for emergency transit refugees has been set up in Timisoara (West Romania) It can lodge up to 200 persons and it is a stop refugees resort to in their way to a certain destination. It currently holds 85 refugees, with the youngest one being born here on September 3. Romanian state secretary for the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu launched Tuesday in Geneva, during the High Commission for UN Refugees annual session, a presentation album. He will also talk about Romania's experience in the area. 
29.Romanian President's behaviour towards the press, "spilt out" at the European Commission Social-democratic MEP Catalin Ivan, sent a letter to the European Commission, highlighting President Traian Basescu's behaviour towards the press. The letter was addressed to Margot Wallstrom - Communication commissionaire, and to Jacques Barrot, Justice commissioner. According to procedures, the European Commissioner responsible on the matter must reply. 
30.Romanian Foreign minister in China: The Chinese are interested to invest in Romania's infrastructure, tourism and constructions, to enter the banking market and join projects in the Black Sea Romanian Foreign minister Cristian Diaconescu is currently visiting China in the view of economic and commercial partnerships. Romania and China might cooperate in regards to small and medium enterprises, industrial projects, local administration and the programmes promoted by the EU, according to Diaconescu. 

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