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1.President Basescu to Romanian diplomats: Romania will not recognize Kosovo as an independent state Romania will not recognize Kosovo as an independent state and Belgrade and Pristina should pursue negotiations, Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Wednesday, thus re-affirming the Bucharest stand on the issue. He made the statement at an annual reunion of Romanian Ambassadors. His statement comes several days after the German Foreign minister demanded EU countries which have not yet recognized the independence of Kosovo to follow the majority of EU.
2.Moldova Republic tourism agencies accuse Romania consulate of toughening visa issuing terms. Romanian ForMin: Information is false The Romanian Consulate to Chisinau has toughened the terms for issuing visas for tourists from the Republic of Moldova as the summer season is peaking, according to complaints of tourism agencies in the Republic of Moldova, quoted by Publika TV channel. Operators from the Republic of Moldova claim they have to make announcements two days in advance about their intention to request visas, which would lead to drops in the flow of Moldova tourists to Romania. For its part, the Foreign Ministry in Bucharest told that the rules have not changed.
3.Cutting budget sector spending, modernizing public administration and a more efficient management of EU funds - Barroso's suggestions to diminish Romania's budget deficit EC President Jose Manuel Barroso said that talks on Thursday with Romania President Traian Basescu focused on fiscal control and on Romania's need to modernize its public administration in order to accomplish structural reforms and improve efficiency in EU fund management.
4.Jose Manuel Barroso says Brussels concerned about possible weaker role for Romania's National Integrity Agency European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso said on Thursday that Brussels was worried of a possible weaker role for Romania's National Integrity Agency - ANI, the body in charge with the wealth statements of public officials. ANI needed a legislative framework that would guarantee full independence and possibility to pursue inquiries, Barosso said following talks with Romania President Traian Basescu in Brussels on Thursday. For his part, Basescu assured that Romania would comply with its promises and would have a functional integrity agency.
5.European Council of Foreign Relations analyst Andrew Wilson: West should deliver strong answer to Russia as idea that Russia should not be challenged is erroneous The conflict in Georgia - a mistake on the part of President Saakashvili but also a disproportionate reaction of Russia - provides a strong lesson to the West. That is, it should have intervened earlier, more boldly and with solidarity, believes analyst Andrew Wilson of the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR) in statements made for Russia should receive a strong answer from Western powers who should drop the erroneous idea that Russia must not be provoked.
6.European Commissioner Leondard Orban urges Romania to look to Bulgaria and understand the huge risks it faces What happened to Bulgaria is a very clear signal that the Commission will in no way hesitate to take the harshest measures should similar issues arise in other member states, including Romania. The warning belongs to Romania's representative in the EC, commissioner Leonard Orban, who spoke on Wednesday of the Commission's decision to partly freeze financial aid to Bulgaria because of its performance in fighting corruption.
7.European Commission report on Romania justice reform: Current situation offers a mixed picture The European Commission approved at noon on Wednesday its newest report on the progress of reform in the Romanian justice sector and the fight against corruption. A formula regarding possible risks that Romania might not join the Schengen area and the euro zone because of its performance in the justice reform no longer appears in the final version. The formula appeared in a very early version of the draft report and was not even discussed by European Commissioners. They started a presentation of the report at 2 p.m. today. Read the conclusions and recommendations of the EC report on Romanian justice


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