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1.Romania opens consulates at Cahul and Balti Consulates at Cahul and Balti will start to issue visas for Moldovans starting July 9th. The consulates were open in record time, considering that it's been only 8 months since the Moldovan government approved the intention of the Romanian government to issue visas. Moldova is in a pre-electoral rush, a constitutional referendum is up next and early Presidential and Parliamentary elections are scheduled.
2.British expert: Romania needs an IMF agreement to regain credibility on international markets The option put forward by Romania's President to get a loan from the EU under the supervision of the IMF is the best solution, but the EU wants to set out the rules, British expert Jim Rollo declared in an interview for Moreover, he added that the IMF might as well refuse to monitor an agreement where there is nothing at stake. However, for Romania, the grant would help the country regain credibility on international markets.


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