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1.Romtelecom fires yet another several hundreds and cuts tariffs for broadband internet Romtelecom expects several hundreds of employees to voluntarily resign this week, when voluntary dismissal programme concludes, after one month's run, Romtelecom executive manager Yorgos Ioannidis announced. The programme addresses those who have been working for the company for over 10 years. If they accept, they receive a double compensation in comparison with the figures stipulated in their work contract. "Volunteers" could get up to 14,000 Euros after taxes, depending on how many years they worked for the company.  On the other hand, the company announced on June 28 the cut in internet broadband tariffs for residential clients on a national level.
2.EC wants solid arguments confirming the "covering" and "reasonability" of mobile internet tariffs in Romania to change 84 million Euros funds fate The Romanian authorities discussed in the beginning of June with European Commission officials their intention to reallocate EU funds worth of 84 million Euros to e-governing services in the e-Romania project. The funds were previously approved for broadband internet services, Communication ministry officials told The result?
3.The number of authorisation for households building dropped 22.8% in the first four months 11,300 authorisations for the construction of residential buildings (buildings with one or more households) were released in Romania in the first four months of 2010, a 22.8% drop against the same period of last year, according to the National Statististics Institute (INS) data. April saw the release of 3,686 residential buildings construction authorisations, a 7% up against March and dropping 9.5%against the same month last year. 
4.Communication minister:14,000 acquisition procedures were cancelled in the national electronic system. People in ministries have started to fear DNA Out of 20.000 public acquisition procedures launched in the national electronic system within six months, 14,000 have been cancelled after various contestations have been submitted, Romanian Communication minister Gabriel Sandu declared on Thursday. According to him, ministerial staff started to be afraid to sign contracts, so that the press would not report negatively on it and avoid landing a file with the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).
5.BNR governor councillor: The deficit in the public pensions system is up to three billion euros this year President Traian Basescu has recently talked about a deficit of two billion euros this year in the public social assistance system (pensions and medical assistance), but I believe we can appreciate around three billion euros, BNR governor's councillor Lucian Croitoru declared on Wednesday, May 19. As for the pending decision to cut the contribution for the compulsory private pensions' funds from 2.5% to 0.5%, Croitoru believes that a solution must be found to return as quickly as possible to the initial calendar.
6.Vodafone Romania incomes drop by 21% and operational profit - by 25% Vodafone Romania recorded total revenues worth of 921.5 million euros for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2010. This is a 21% drop against the previous fiscal year. The operational profit, before taxes, interests, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) dropped 25%, down to 396 million euros, the mobile telecoms operator announced on Tuesday, May 18. Vodafone executive operator Liliana Solomon claims that the efficiency measures helped the drop in profit be only 3% when compared with revenues, which allowed for further significant investments. 
7.Cushman & Wakefield: Romania saw the biggest drop in new commercial centres from Central and Eastern Europe in 2009 Romania recorded the most drastic drop in new commercial centre spaces in East and Central Europe in 2009: 314,000 square meters, namely 57% less than in 2008, according to a Cushman & Wakefield hosing consultancy report indicates. Only Poland and Slovakia recoded a plus in new commercial centres spaces last year.
8.Sysware-led consortium wins 36 mln lei contract for eRomania portal A consortium led by Sysware Systems Integration company won a contract worth of 36.5 million lei for putting together the eRomania portal, according to Sysware Systems Integration, Total Soft, Provision Software Division, Star Storage, Softwin and Teamnet International are part of the consortium.
9.3.300 fewer homes built in 2009 than previous year 61.101 new homes have been built last year, dropping 3.313 units against the figures from 2008, according to the Romanian National Institute of Statistics. During Q4 in 2009, 22.931 have been finalised, namely, 4.820 fewer than in the same period of the previous year.
10.2009 in constructions: Work volume dropped 12.2% against 2008 in Romania Last year, the construction works volume dropped 12.2% against 2008, considering working days and the situation in each season the Romanian National Statistics Institute (INS) informs. The biggest drop in volume was recorded in residential constructions, namely 13.3%.
11.Designated Communication minister: All six auctions for terrestrial digital television will be simultaneously launches in the beginning of 2010 Digitalisations: this is going to be the challenge in 2010-2011. All six auctions for terrestrial digital television will be simultaneously launched in the first part of the year to come, designated Communication minister Gabriel Sandu declared for The license fee for the first two digital multiplexes, to be used by 14 TV stations to broadcast free, will be 2.5 million euros. The price includes the winners' having to make available, with no charge, at least one million set-top-boxes for the poorer population. 
12.Cosmote Group takes hold of Zapp shares The full Telemobil (Zapp) shares' package, owned by Saudi Oger, was transferred to Cosmote group, the mobile telephony operator announced on Monday, November 2. The 200 million euros acquisition was approved last week by the Romanian Competition Council. Cosmote will now be able to offer mobile broadband services, thanks to the 3G license Zapp owned. 
13.The Competition Council: Romanians pay notary services 14 times more than Germans do for the same transaction  The situation of the Romanian notary markets is worse than in other EU countries and the lack of competition on this market leads to higher prices, an investigation performed by the Competition Council shows. The data indicate that Romania has the highest real cost of notary services in 21 EU states included in the study. Romanians pay 14 times more than a German do for the same services.
14.Romania, sanctioned again for the lack of independence in telecoms market regulations The European Commission opened on Thursday another infringement procedure on community law against Romania for not respecting the communitarian norms that require the separation between the regulation authorities in the telecommunications sector and the services suppliers, a European Executive report. Brussels warns that the Communications minister is regulating Romania, but simultaneously he holds shares with Romtelecom and Radiocom.
15.Orange in Romania: The number of clients went up 4.8%, but incomes dropped 23% in the 3rd quarter The number of Orange clients in Romania (no. of active SIM cards) increased to over 10.6 million users, up 4.8% against the same 2008 period and almost 340,000 more clients compared with the previous quarter. But the operator's incomes dropped 23%, according to the France Telecom group data. Orange chief Thierry Millet explains this by pointing at the deterioration of the economic environment, and tariffs regulation and decrease.
16.The second 2009 international protest against the compulsory private pensions system from Romania Officials from the Netherlands, the US, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain Chamber of Commerce in Romania, as well as representatives of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) addressed an open letter to the Romanian authorities on Tuesday, underlining the unresolved compulsory private pensions system (pier II) issues, and the level of contributions or the initiative of guaranteed inflation.
17.The most expensive world film technology comes to Romania, following a 10 million euros investment Bucharest will soon host a megaplex of 21 cinema theatres plus an IMAX (Image Maximum) starting November 20, the most modern and expensive film technology worldwide, with the promise of an experience topping 3D, following an investment worth of 10 million euros. Even if several malls have seen their construction delayed, Cinema City International executive manager Moshe Greidinger claims that the film market thrived during financial crisis and that another such megaplex might be opened in Romania within the next 18 months. 
18.UPC: HD TV channels, browsing TV programmes and recording shows UPC will launch in Romania a package of High Definition (HD) TV channels on September 29, UPC Holding communications vice-president Bert Holtkamp announced. Moreover, the operator will introduce in Romania two new services on September 15, for the holders of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) contract: browsing the TV programmes and recording TV shows. 
19.Six Romanian websites selling IT&C products are investigated by the European Commission for misinforming clients Six of the 11 Romanian websites selling IT&C products were detected to be inaccurate in informing customers regarding the real prices of the products. They have also been found to contain false advertisements, the European Commission announced on Wednesday. The announcement came after the completion of an investigation involving 369 websites from 26 EU member states, plus Norway and Iceland. 55% of these have been found guilty of an error and the investigation need to continue for them. 
20.Construction department to drop more than 6% in the first seven months  The volume of the construction works dropped 6.3% during the first seven months of the current year against their volume in 2008. And this despite the fact that residential buildings construction increased by 8.3%. Engineering and non-residential buildings continued to record drops in construction volume, according to the Romanian National Statistics Institute (INS) data. 
21.Colliers International: Only 515 new flats were sold in Bucharest in the first 2009 semester The number of new apartments finalised and sold in Bucharest in the first half of the year currently counts 515. This is an 83% low against the same 2008 period, according to a report published by the international real estate company Colliers International. The number is also 15% lower against the figures recorded during the 2008 second semester. 
22.Mobile telephony operators in 2008: ZAPP, RCS&RDS and Cosmote running on losses / Orange and Vodafone see 745 million euros worth of joint profit The biggest mobile telephone companies in Romania, namely Orange and Vodafone, recorded a 745 million euros profit, if considered together. The next three mobile telephony companies recorded net losses, according to data released by the Ministry of Finance. Telemobil (Zapp) lost four times as much as in 2008, RCS&RDS slid from net profit down to a 22.9 million euros loss and Cosmote recorded losses worth of 104.1 million euros. 
23.GFK: Romanian long-term use goods market dropped 40% in the first 2009 semester The Romanian long-term goods market shrank by 40.4% in the first half of the year, against the similar 2008 period. It presently amounts to 664 million euros, according to a GFK research study. The IT sector and the stationery department recorded the biggest drops. 
24.Direct foreign investment in Romania dropped 43%, amounting to 2.8 billion euros in the first semester Direct foreign investments in Romania exceeded 2.8 billion euros in the first year semester, dropping 42.9% against the first 2008 semester, when they amounted to 5.07 billion euros, according to Romanian Central Bank (BNR). The account deficit shrank by 73.3%, reaching 2.3 billion euros, entirely financed by foreign investments. 
25.Romania's commercial deficit dropped 6.8 billion euros in the first 2009 semester Romania's commercial deficit went over 4.34 billion euros in the first half of the current year, dropping 61.2%, namely 6.85 billion euros against the same period of 2008. The imports saw an accentuated decrease compared with the exports, according to the National Statistics Institute.
26.Romania, in world top 10 for broadband speed and information attacks Romania ranked 5th for broadband speed - 8.8 Mbps - and 9th for information attacks in an Akmai world traffic statistics, one of the world's biggest Web content services distributors. 
27.Oltchim sends staff into technical redundancy to reduce costs Chemical producer Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea (OLT) decided to send part of its staff into technical redundancy starting June 22, to reduce costs. The company cannot afford buying raw materials, according to Romanian news agency NewsIn.
28.Avioane Craiova could be bought by an Italian company Romanian plane company Avioane Craiova could be bought by Italian company Alenia Aeronautics Italia, according to president of the Authority for State Assets Recovery (AVAS) Mircea Ursache. The Italian offer expires in June 30, according to NewsIn.
29.GFK: Almost half or Romania's population saw their incomes affected by the economic crisis Four out of 10 Romanians said that their incomes have been negatively influenced by the current economic crisis in March. According to a monthly national GFK survey, 21% of Romania's population have been affected by the impact on bonuses, commissions and on other extra-salary incomes.


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