Articole scrise de Adrian Novac, transl/adapt. C.B.

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1.Baker Spring (Heritage Foundation) on missile shield: Russia opposes because it wants Romania in its sphere of influence Russia opposes the American missile shield in Romania because it wants Romania to belong to its sphere of influence, National security and defence Heritage Foundation specialist Baker Spring believes. heritage Foundation is a conservative think-tank from Washington. In this way, "the ball will be in the Romanian and US court: they need to say if the accept Russia's demands". 
2.Physician Mihail Codrescu, ex-Boston waiter, is now predicting space weather for American agency NOAA Over 27 years ago, Mihai Codrescu was sent by the Autoexport plant in Brasov (Central Romania) in a business trip. From Hungary, he went to Austria and from there to Germany, declaring himself a refugee. A year after, he went to the US and got a waiting job. Today, Codrescu works as a physician with the Space Weather Prediction centre, where predictions on the space weather are made. Codrescu talked about the solar storms, about what the Sun tells us right now and he shared his opinions on global warming in an interview for with Adrian Novac.
3.Lt. Col. Daniel E. Herrigstad, Public Relations Bureau chief for East Operational Force: The New base from Mihail Kogalniceanu is not American, but Romanian. We are guests there The new base built with the Pentagon's funds at Mihail Kogalniceanu is not American, but Romanian. This means that the US soldiers there are guests, lieutenant colonel Daniel E. Herrigstad told, the Public Relations Bureau chief for East Operational Force. Stars and Stripes publication read last week that the American Defence Department will spend more than 100 million dollars to build new military bases in Romania and Bulgaria. And this despite the Barak Obama Administration, which recently decided to give up building a new anti-missiles shield in other two East-European countries, namely Poland and the Czech Republic.


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