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1.Omul de afaceri Ioan Bene a fost gasit in Italia. El fusese condamnat la inchisoare pentru coruptie Omul de afaceri Ioan Bene, cautat in toata Europa pentru ca nu s-a prezentat la Politie ca sa fie dus la inchisoare dupa ce a fost condamnat in urma cu o luna pentru fapte de coruptie, a fost gasit in Italia saptamana trecuta.
2.Cum e afectata industria IT de noile prevederi ale Codului Fiscal si cati bani pierde Clujul Consilierul local din Cluj Sabin Sarmas (PNL) arata ca industria IT va avea mult de suferit din pricina diminuarii impozitului pe venit de la 16% la 10% , si ca acest lucru se va resimti la salarizarea celor care activeaza in domeniu, consecinta fiind o vulnerabilizare a industriei IT.
3.Kazahstanul si-a deschis consulat la Cluj. Omul de afaceri Stefan Gadola este consul onorific La Cluj a fost deschis joi un nou Consulat, cel al Republicii Kazahstan. Omul de afaceri clujean Stefan Gadola a preluat mandatul de Consul onorific in prezenta ambasadorului Kazahstanului in Romania, Daulet Batrashev.
4.O romanca vrea sa le demonstreze britanicilor de ce sunt avantajati de strainii din universitati O profesoara romanca de la Universitatea din Edinburgh vrea sa le demonstreze britanicilor de ce studentii straini nu sunt "periculosi", ci, dimpotriva, aduc lucruri bune, relateaza Actual de Cluj. Astfel, potrivit tinerei cercetatoare, nativii cu rezultate bune sunt avantajati de flow-ul de studenti straini, pentru ca mai multi studenti straini atrag mai multi studenti nativi.
5.O mare companie chineza de cercetare in genetica ia in calcul un hub de cercetare la Cluj Compania chineza de cercetare in genetica Beijing Genomics Institute ia in calcul deschiderea unui hub de cercetare în Cluj, transmite Actual de Cluj, iar o delegație a acesteia a vizitat orașul.
6.Viktor Orban vine la Cluj si Oradea; premierul ungar participa la sfintirea unei biserici construite cu fonduri de la Budapesta Premierul ungar Viktor Orban isi inmulteste vizitele in Romania. El va veni in acest sfarsit de saptamana la Cluj si Oradea, potrivit Actual de Cluj.
7.Dupa plangeri de la maghiari si evrei, Boc a activat comisia de disciplina in cazul functionarului cu site controversat Primaria Cluj a convocat Comisia de Disciplina pentru 14 septembrie in cazul Ionut Tene, controversatul sef al Biroului Invatamant Cultura. Tene a fost tinta mai multor proteste oficiale fata de articolele aparute pe un site pe care il detine, sie considerat nationalist-extremist.
8.O companie aerospatiala din Europa deschide fabrica in Cluj dupa investitii de 12 milioane de euro - Actual de Cluj Fabrica de componente aerospatiale din comuna Moldovenesti (Cluj), construita de compania belgiana Sonaca, se deschide la 10 martie. Subsidiara locala a grupului belgian Sonaca are ca obiect principal de activitate dezvoltarea, productia, ansamblarea si testarea de structuri si sisteme destinate industriei aerospatiale, cum ar fi componente ale aripilor aeronavelor sau fuselaje complexe.
9.Romania launches its new tourism brand in Shanghai / Launch marked by controversy back home
Romania launched its new tourism brand, under the slogan Explore the Carpathian Garden, in the presence of Tourism and Regional Development minister Elena Udrea in Shanghai on Thursday. But the moment was shadowed by controversy back home as bloggers revealed that part of the logo is almost identical to an image available for cheap on the internet. 
France: Rroma camps will be destroyed / Gypsies that commit fellonies will be expelled 
French authorities announced on Wednesday that they will destroy all illegal Rroma camps and will expel all gypsies from other EU countries involved in fellonies on French soil, AFP informs. The declaration follows a special reunion called by President Sarkozy who warned that minorities create a security threat in France. 
PM Boc's reaction to Pierre Lellouche criticism: Romania and all other European countries have a common obligation regarding the Rroma community 
I believe Romania, together with all other European countries have a common obligation to resolve the Rroma problem, PM Emil Boc declared following the declarations of the French State Secretary Pierre Lellouche who criticized the Romanian government for the way it acts in the Rroma issue. 
Romania might re-start pork meat exports on the EU market 
Romanian authorities make pressures to re-open the EU market for Romanian pork meat and pork meat products to be able to export to the EU, a press release of the European Affairs Department reads. Meat deliveries and pork meat products from Romanian companies were banned in 2003 because Romania used to vaccinate pigs to eradicate the classical swine flu. 
13.What the newspapers say: July 29, 2010 
One newspaper investigates how fiscal evasion is the word of the day in agriculture despite the government's zero tolerance. Elsewhere in the news, two foreign companies plan to develop an eolian park in the same area, for which they have divergences. One company is favored by Economy minister Videanu, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Last but not least, Romanians entered the high hicking trend in Western Europe.
The European Commission sent an official formal notice regarding possible irregularities at the public procurement procedures at the Craiova Energetic Complex 
Sources within the European Commission confirmed for that the Brussels executive sent a first formal notice to Romanian authorities regarding possible irregularities in the attribution of a contract for the Craiova Energetic Complex following several complaints received from companies attending the public tender. Based on the available information, the Commission considered that Romania might not respect several rules from the 2004/17/EC Directive on the attribution of contracts in water, energy, transports and postal services. 
Daniel Daianu: IMF and EC conclusions need to be accompanied by concrete recommendations / There is a need for public private partnerships / Big projects need to be financed with EU funds 
The central theme of IMF and EC talks in Romania remains EU funds absorption. Recently, IMF chief of mission in Romania, Jeffrey Franks declared that the IMF worries that Romania does not use enough EU funds that are available. Economist Daniel Daianu explains the IMF and EC concerns regarding Romania in an interview for 
16.Romania's new slogan "Explore the Carpathian garden" 
Romania's tourist brand, with the new slogan Explore the Carpathian garden, that will be launched on Thursday at Shanghai invites foreigners to explore the Carpathian garden in vivid culours of green, blue, yellow and orange that reminds about the nature, sun and sea sources in tourism declare quoted by the Romanian news agency Mediafax. 
17.Pierre Lellouche: It is not France that needs to integrate Romanian gypsies / The Rroma issue needs to be a condition for Romania's accession to Schengen 
French State Secretary for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche criticizes the Romanian government for the way it acts in the Rroma community problems. In an interview for RFI, he accuses Romanian authorities that they do not fulfill their promises and says France has reserves regarding Romania's accession to Schengen in 2011. Lellouche said that European states feel responsible for what their citizens do and Romania is the first responsible for Romanian Rroma. 
Romania's budgetary deficit increased to 18.07 billion lei in Q1, below the target set with the IMF 
Romania's general consolidated budget reached to 18.07 billion lei, representing 3.35% of GDP, below the 18.2 billion lei limit set in the IMF agreement, a press release of the Finance minister reads. According to presented data, budgetary spending was 95.3 billion lei while revenues reached 77.2 billion lei. 
19.Shimon Naor will be handed over to Romanian authorities 
The Paris Appellate Court disposed the handing over of Simen Herscovici, also known as Shimon Naor to Romanian authorities, a press release reads. Naor, aged 60 has Romanian and Israeli citizenship and was condemned by the Bucharest court to 11 years of prison for weapons traffic. 
20.What the newspapers say: July 28, 2010 
Romanian wants a new IMF credit as the state needs about 13.5 billion euro, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, the President's Counsellor for National Security, Iulian Fota talks in an interview about Romania's bilateral relations in the region. Last but not least, the rich would avoid the tax on wealth if instated in Romania. 
Negotiations context with the IMF / From the last IMF report: the Q1 fiscal performance disappointed / Romanian authorities claimed that a program based on cutting costs is superior to the one based on increasing taxes 
The last report of IMF experts, published on Friday on the official webside of the Fund, made after the last IMF visit in Romania analyzes the evolution of the economy until the end of the first quarter and notes the expectations for the following period. The two targets that were not reached - the budgetary deficit and the state's debt to the private environment were caused by the tension on increasing spending and collecting revenues which was lower than expected. 
Economy minister Adriean Videanu: the government, overall, is perfect 
Romania's Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared in an interview for the weekly Revista 22 that the government, overall is perfect and a reshuffle is necessary but at the right moment. He said that the reshuffle of the government is called for only when a new economic relaunch program is called for. 
Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry: the third negotiations round between Romania and USA on the anti-missile shield will take place this Fall 
The third round of negotiations with the USA on Romania's participation at the anti-missile shield will take place this Fall, Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry informs. The decision comes after an American delegation was present in Bucharest to continue talks on this issue. 
Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry warns Romanians travelling to Greece that there are spontanous protests
Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry warns Romanians travelling to Greece with their personal car that there are problems with fuel providers throughout the country. Transporters organized a general strike and threatened that they will not give up until their requests are resolved. 
25.British Ambassador Robin Barnett criticizes the lack of punctuality and the way Romanians drive, at the end of his mandate 
British Ambassador Robin Barnett declared in an interview at this end of his mandate that the traffic and the way Romanians drive have room for improvement and added that he did not manage to accommodate with the lack of punctuality of the Romanians. 
Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu: we discuss a 6.8% deficit with the IMF / we do not discuss the possibility of VAT of 25% and flat tax 10% 
The budgetary deficit target remains the same as talks with the IMF delegation proceed, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu declared. UGIR 1903 labor union leader Cezar Coraci declared after talks with the IMF that the budgetary deficit is not negotiable with one exception - if it would involve spending to cofinance European funds. 
27.Former diplomat Silviu Ionescu: Singapore authorities tried to compromise me before 
Former business attache to the Romanian Embassy in Singapore, Silviu Ionescu declared on Tuesday that the file involving him in the accident in December 2009 is the second attempt of the state to denigrate him, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. 
28.IMF Jeffrey Franks: we worry about the weak absorption of EU funds 
We worry about the weak absorption of EU funds to Romania, IMF chief of mission Jeffrey Franks declared. The IMF official said that EU fund absorption needs to be improved and added that there is a large amount of money Romania can access free and which the country might lose. Franks said that he did not tackle the issue of a new agreement with Romanian officials. 
29.What the newspapers say: July 27, 2010  Romania might pay pensions and salaries delayed or rationalized, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Also in business, PM Boc announces an over-taxation of the rich. Last but not least, Romanians hid 200 tons of gold, the treasure of the Central Bank between 1944 to 1947 in a cave in the Valcan mountains. The operation was meant to protect the national wealth from Russian troops ready to invade the country.
Official Update: an Israeli military helicopter crashed nearby Fundata, central Romania, with six Israeli soldiers and one Romanian 
The helicopter that crashed on Monday afternoon nearby Fundata, central Romania is an Israeli transport helicopter that attended at the common Israeli - Romanian exercise Blue Sky 2010, military sources declared for the Romanian news agency Mediafax. 

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