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1.Two Bulgarian Education Ministry officials sold baccalaureate subjects online Two officials from the Education Ministry in Sofia will be fired following a scandal related to the baccalaureate exam, quoted by Novinite. Asen Petrov and Krasimir Lefterov were the subjects of an investigation led by the police and the Education Ministry, after the questions and answers for the baccalaureate were sold online one day before the exam.
2.Finance minister: Public sector salaries and pensions to be cut in August The 25% axe in public sector salary and 15% cut in pensions are going to come into force starting July, so that the reduced incomes will be delivered staring with August, Romanian Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax. Vladescu told reporters from Antena 3 TV channel that "minimum 100,000" more staff working in the public sector need to be dismissed, so that the other employees of the sector could enjoy decent salaries.
3.Fight between journalists and PM security officers Several journalists were prevented by the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) officers to come near PM Emil Boc to request a declaration, Mediafax informs. The incident took place on Tuesday, June 15, when the Prime-Minister was about to enter the Parliament's Plenum, where the vote on the censorship motion was scheduled to take place.
4.Protesters forced entry in Parliament. Aggressive contacts between protesters and gendarmes Protesters at the Romanian Parliament palace tried several times to force their entry in the building where the censorship motion is debated. They broke on the main road, blocking the traffic in the area. Protesters threw bottles of water in the gendarmes.
5.Opposition leader to request national referendum on austerity measures "We will submit the motion immediately after the Boc Government will take responsibility for the austerity laws", Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSD) leader Victor Ponta declared on Monday, June 7. The social-democratic leader added that "we are making all efforts to pass the motion". Ponta announced that PSD leaders have adopted "the letter's text which we'll send to The President, asking for a referendum". Plus, PSD has already begun the procedure to sanction the Deputies' Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase, Ponta mentioned. 
6.Romanian Ambulance services to go on strike starting May 31 Over 10,000 Ambulance Service employees in Romania will go on strike on Monday, May 31, over an unlimited period, the National Union "Ambulance" Federation Executive Office announced, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax. The union noted that the protest will not affect the emergency medical activity. 
7.Russia: Soviet movies actor killed in racist attack A non-white actor, featured in numerous Soviet films, died in a hospital in St. Petersburg, after being beaten in an alleged racist attack, local officials declared, quoted by AFP. Tito Romalio was beaten up on the streets by a man. The suspect is currently under arrest. 
8.Scandal in Bulgaria: False IMF "rep" recommended euro adoption parallel with leva A private radio station in Sofia broadcast an interview with a false International Monetary Fund (IMF) "representative", causing a scandal in Bulgaria, Novinite reads. Hugh Jason was introduced as IMF Developing Markets Department representative, but this department doesn't really exist. He talked about a radical measure: introducing the euro in parallel with the Bulgarian national currency, the leva.
9.Romanian leu depreciated against the euro and the dollar The Romanian National Bank (BNR) has set today's reference course at 4.1094 lei for one euro, up 0.33%. The American dollar appreciated against the Romanian national currency by 0.06%, with 3.0440 lei paying for one dollar. 
10.Venice Commission suggests dissolving Moldavian Parliament and anticipated elections The Commission in Venice claims that the anticipated parliamentary elections cannot be avoided in the Republic of Moldova and that the Parliament needs to be dissolved after June 16, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs, quoting off-the-record information featured in a letter sent to the Moldavian authorities. According to the content of this letter quoted by TV channel PRO TV Chisinau, the Venice Commission suggests for the Parliament to be dissolved and for anticipated elections to be organised in a reasonable time span. 
11.National Integrity Agency notified Prosecutor's Office in the LibDem deputy case The Romanian National Integrity Agency (ANI) announced on Thursday, March 4, that it has notified the General prosecutor's Office from the High Justice Court in Bucharest to investigate the case of LibDem (PD-L) deputy Mircea Marin. He is being accused of giving false declarations. ANI was informed that the LibDem deputy did not respect "the legal dispositions regarding filling in and submitting wealth declarations". 
12.Flights to and from Greece, cancelled on Wednesday due to air staff strike The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs that flights to and from Greece have been cancelled on Wednesday, February 24, after the air traffic control staff went on strike. The protest paralysed the transport network in Greece and blocked thousands of passengers in airports worldwide, according to Earth Times.
13.Ex-Romanian president: I decided to withdraw from all PSD roles "I have decided to withdraw from all the roles I have in the party", ex-Romanian president Ion Iliescu, PSD honorary president, declared on Tuesday, 16 February 2010. During an announcement made at the Romanian TV channel Antena 3, Iliescu said that he was redrawing because he's 80 and because he is preoccupied by what is happening inside PSD. "I keep the party membership, I remain attached to the Romanian left and I'm not indifferent to the PSD fate", Iliescu said. 
14.Four new cases of swine flu and one death in the last 24 hours Romanian Ministry of Health announced on 10 February 2010 that four new swine new cases of swine flu have been recorded during the last 24 hours. One patient infected with the A/H1N1 virus has died. The total number of confirmed new flu cases since the outbreak of the pandemic in Romania amounts to 6,986, out of which 121 ended in death. 
15.Flights to and from Greece have been cancelled on Wednesday because public sector employees went on strike Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs that flights to and from Greece have been cancelled on Wednesday due to the Greek public clerks going on strike. The union of air controllers declared that they will not account for one single flight, local or international. Public sector employees went on strike to show their discontent with the measures taken by the government in Athens to reduce the huge public deficit.
16.Romanian diplomat accused of a hit-an-run accident in Singapore was suspended throughout investigations Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) announced on Thursday that it was decided on February 4 to suspend diplomat Silviu Ionescu from his role during the penal investigation carried out by the Prosecutors of the Penal and Criminality Section. Ionescu, business attaché in Singapore, was suspended after accusations of involvement in a hit-and-run accident that caused the death of one man and injured two other. 
17.Five new swine flu cases during the last 24 hours Romanian Health Ministry announced that there have been five new infections with A/H1N1 recorded over the last 24 hours. No patient infected with the pandemic virus died. 
18.Gunter Verheugen: Romania and Bulgaria are not the most corrupt EU states Ex-European Commission vice-president Gunter Verheugen declared that in spite of their negative image, Romania and Bulgaria are not the most corrupt EU states, Novinite reads. Verheugen made the statements for German TV channel Phoenix TV. 
19.Romanian National Anti-corruption Authority has ex-PM house under sequester Romanian National Anti-corruption Authority (DNA), also called General Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, has decided to levy distrait on ex-PM Adrian Nastase (PSD) house in Muzeul Zambaccian St, sources inside DNA declared, quoted by news TV channels.
20.Romanian tourists can travel to Turkey without visa Romanian citizens can now travel freely to Turkey for tourism, Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs. The legal residence period in the absence of a visa is 90 days. 
21.No visas for Romanians travelling to Turkey up to 90 days The Romanian Foreign Affairs Minstry (MAE) announced on January 7 2010 the promulgation of the law allowing Romanian citizens to travel freely to Turkey, without a visa, for a maximum of 90 days within six months. The measure will be enforced after the Turkish border authorities will be announced and it applies to Romanians using ordinary passports. The date of the enforcement will be published on the Romanian Foreign Affairs website. 
22.Finance minister: I will quit if the 10% CAS reduction will pass Romanian Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu declared on Thursday morning that he will resign if the Parliament will approve the 10% cut in social insurance contributions for employees and employers. He claims that "you can't be a Finance minister if the ministers' budgets are unbalanced by laws that disregard the economic reality".
23.Businessman proposed building a hotel for Romanian tourists in New York. Local councillors rejected Vestal local council from the US state of New York rejected on December 9 a businessman's proposal to construct a hotel for Romanian tourists, according to The proposal was rejected with four votes against and one in favour.
24.PSD: We request the annulment of the second electoral round and its repetition. There are tones of proofs "We request the annulment of the second electoral round and its repetition.", PSD's general secretary Liviu Dragnea declared after the social-democratic meeting on Tuesday. PSD announced that the party will contest the Sunday's polls, December 6, at the Constitutional Court and the Central Electoral Office.
25.Turnout in presidential elections at 9 pm - 56.99%, bigger than in the first round The turnout in Romania's presidential elections at the close of the polls, namely 9 pm, was 56.99%. In the first round at the same time, there have been 53.52% of the electorate had cast their vote. The first results will be made public on Monday morning, at 8 o'clock. (local time).
26.Klaus Johannis: The result was predictable. I'm meeting Geoana and Antonescu  Sibiu's mayor Klaus Johannis, Crin Antonescu's premiership proposal refused  declared on Sunday evening that the presidential elections' result was a "predictable". Klaus Johannis was backed by PSD, PNL, and UDMR for Romania's PM role. He announced that on Monday he will meet with Mircea Geoana and Crin Antonescu.
27.UPDATE Mircea Geoana: It is equally Crin Antonescu's victory as it is mine "Together we won! This is a beautiful night for Romania's democracy!", the PSD presidential candidate Mircea Geoana declared, immediately after the exit-polls announced their estimates. The PSD president is shown as the elections' winner by three opinion surveys, while only one shows him and Traian Basescu with equal chances. 
28.A Romanian living in Mexico walked 600 km to vote Antoniu V. Moldovan, a film director and producer living in Guadalajara, a Mexican city from Jalisco state, walked for almost 600 km to vote at section no. 156 from Ciudad de Mexico. According to Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE), Moldovan is the Romanian who travelled for the longest distance in order to vote.
29.MAE: 61,400 Romanians voted overseas until 4 pm According to the Romanian missions, the presidents of the voting sections overseas estimate that a number of 61,400 Romanians cast their votes worldwide this Sunday, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) informs. During the first round of elections two weeks ago, 50,000 Romanian citizens had voted by 5 pm. 
30.Traian Basescu: The contested recording is not authentic Shame on you, Dinu Patriciu! "The contested recording contains computerised editing elements, is not authentic and does not represent an accurate copy of an authentic recording", Traian Basescu declared on a press conference on Wednesday evening, referring to the film footage in which he appears to hit a child during an electoral event organised in Ploiesti in 2004. "I'd like to sent a conclusion of my own: Shame on you, Dinu Patriciu!", Basescu said with tears in his eyes. Basescu's declaration came the same day with the Romanian National Institute for Criminal Expertise announcing that the result of the tape analysis has been sent to the presidency. 

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