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1.Democrat Liberal candidate favored for upcoming local elections in Bucharest Citizens in Bucharest planning to vote in local elections this spring would prefer to vote for the Democrat Liberals (PD-L), Social Democrats (PSD) and Liberals (PNL) according to a study by a local NGO, quoted by the Romanian public radio. Over 60% of Bucharest citizens would vote for the PDL candidate while only 37.5% would not.
2.A interview: Doubts about uninominal voting system to be introduced in Romania Presidential counselor Cristian Preda criticizes in a HotNews - BBC interview a new electoral law that pushes for the introduction of uninominal voting in Romania and considers that the law will frustrate citizens even more since not all candidates that receive most voted in the districts will also get a Parliamentary mandate. Parliamentary relations Minister, Mihai Voicu for his part declares that local council presidents will not be elected through the uninominal voting system this year.
3.What the newspapers say: March 10, 2008 Governing Liberals seem to find new ways to co-opt opposition Social Democrats in another attempt to avoid a governmental reshuffling, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, a Silicon Valley of Romania is to be built in Iasi, North Romania. Last but not least, George Bush is to meet Vladimir Putin and Romanian President Traian Basescu a couple of days before the summit by in the Romanian seaside resort of Neptun. 
4.96.5% of Romanian peasants never received European funds while 61% think they cannot Almost half of Romanian peasants are concerned by the European Union requirements in agriculture, the 2007 Rural Barometer data shows, set up at the request of the Governmental Strategy Agency. However, 96.5% of them never received European funds while 61% think they cannot get them.
5.Italy hosts more Romanian immigrants than Spain The correspondent in Rome interviews Immigration expert Antonio Ricci and presents some of the main problems emphasized in a volume he prepares. Thus, he points out that the findings of the 50 Romanian and Italian experts working at the book will analyze image aspects, accurate statistical data regarding the number of Romanian immigrants and their integration in the Italian society.
6.Automobile Bavaria General Director says Romanians care too much about status Michael Schmidt, General Director of Automobile Bavaria, BMW partner in Romania, says in a HotNews interview that BMW sales in Romania are forecast to grow by 7% in the next seven year if Romania continues to develop at the same pace as Spain after its EU membership. However, even before, the Romanian market was better than that in Poland or the Czech Republic. 
7.French President Sarkozy visits Bucharest in search of strategic partnership French President Nicholas Sarkozy arrives in Bucharest on Monday, in an official five-hour visit to sign a strategic partnership, the first partnership France signed with an Eastern European country, AFP informs. Moreover, the visit is part of a tour Sarkozy planned in several other European capitals before France gets the EU Presidency this year. According to the French Presidency, quoted by AFP, the strategic partnership is structured on several chapters.
8.Resident doctor summons Health Minister to face reality In a interview, Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu was confronted last week by resident doctor Paul Ionescu about the salary he and his colleagues receive. In a rare, direct display of outrage Ionescu urged Nicolaescu to push health reform and pay residents and doctors decent salaries. Ionescu added that he will leave for France, where he recently earned a job paid with 2,000 euro per month, as compared to 400 euro per month he receives in Romania.
9.What the newspapers say: January 31, 2008 German automobile producer Daimler plans to invest in a production factory in Romania, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, European Nokia unions met in Brussels on Wednesday to outline a common stand against the company. Also in the news today, EC commissioner Joaquin Almunia urges the Romanian government to cut public spending.
10.Mercedes considers Romania and Poland for new factory German group Daimler considers building a new factory in Romania or Poland to produce Mercedes Benz class A and B cars starting 2011, Forbes reads, quoting Autmobilwoche. The two locations are presently weighted, a Mercedes manager argued.
11.Romanian climber Laurentiu Bulareanu died while conquering Aconcagua peak, Argentina Romanian climber Laurentiu Bulareanu died yesterday morning while returning from the Argentinian peak Aconcagua which he and his wife climbed, Romanian newspaper Cotidianul reads in its Tuesday edition. The man felt sick and his wife went to reach for help. However, paramedics were too late.
12.EC evaluation: Romania unlikely to re-balance budget by 2011 The European Commission considers that Romanian authorities will not be able to re-balance its budget by 2011, the website of Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. In a recent report evaluating the long term effect of the fiscal program pushed by Romanian officials, EC officials argue that authorities need to reduce deficits in the upcoming years considerably. 
13.What the newspapers say: January 29, 2008 London tabloids triggered outrage in a Southern Romanian village as they accuse the local community involvement in human trafficking, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, the Government plans to forbid smoking at work. And a Romanian climber dies at 6,000 meters on the Aconcagua highs in Argentina.
14.Greek Orthodox Church head Christodoulos has died The head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Christodoulos died on Monday morning, his seat in Athens has announced, quoted by international newspapers. Archbishop Christodoulos, aged 69 was suffering of liver cancer and unsuccessfully tried to undergo a transplant surgery in Miami, Florida. Greek authorities have instated a four-day national mourning period.
15.2008 Venice Carnival spotlights Romania The Venice Carnival opened up its gates this weekend with a central theme dedicated to the six human sensations. The motto of this year's manifestation is 'Romania in all senses, all senses in celebration' as a reaction to the disinformation campaign regarding Romanians in Italy in the second half of 2007.
16.Romania highest ever lottery prize won on Sunday The winning lottery numbers that brough a 9.3 million euro win - the highest ever pot in the history of Romania - were 36, 6, 47, 24, 20 and 2. Officials announced on Sunday that the lucky numbers were extracted from a subunit in Bucharest. Some other 139 winners guessed 5 out of the 6 winning numbers and received a prize of 19,252 Romanian Ron.
17.Famous Romanian football player Adrian Mutu unstoppable Famous Romanian football player Adrian Mutu assured Fiorentina's victory against Empoli, scoring the first goal against them. With this shot, Mutu ups in the top of Italian football players with 13 goals, right next to Ibrahimovici and Trezequet. 
18.EC Commissioner Ludovic Orban talks about first car registration tax Romanian EC Commissioner for Multilingualism said in a interview that the EC report assessing Romania's progress will be a factual and objective one. Orban also talked in the interview also about Romania's first car registration tax and other issues pertaining to his mandate. 
19.What the newspapers say: January 28, 2008 Top bankers in Romania discuss the country's economic crisis in terms of an international snowballing effect, one newspaper reads on Monday. Also in the news today, Romania's Conservative Party elected the first woman for party leadership, Daniela Popa. Last but not least, European Commission officials criticize Romania's justice system for locking up high corruption cases.
20.Romanian national currency leu keeps falling: 3.7619 lei for 1 euro Romania's national currency leu further depreciated on Tuesday reaching the three-year record level of 3.7619 for 1 euro, as all countries in the region are affected by the fall of the international stock markets, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs. Last time when the depreciation reached these numbers was in 2005 when the reference rate was 3.8026 Romanian leu for 1 euro.
21.Interim Justice Minister Melescanu approves criminal inquiries against eight former ministers Romania Justice minister Teodor Melescanu gave in to President Traian Basescu's pressure on Tuesday and released the necessary ministry approval over criminal files of eight ministers set to be investigated by anti-graft prosecutors. Melescanu said he did not want to block the President's initiatives and that he fully understood his administrative attributions, but warned that he declined any responsibility on the issue.
22.AXN channel apologizes for suicidal squirrels and the masturbating alien cartoon clips broadcast in Romania AXN television representatives in London and Budapest officially announced on Tuesday the removal of the suicidal squirrels cartoons broadcast during daytime in Romania. Television officials apologized in the name of the company if any child saw the cartoons and admitted that two other cartoon clips depicting a masturbating extraterrestrial superhero, which was also broadcast during daytime, was withdrawn from the daytime schedule of the channel.
23.Romanian central bank governor Isarescu: local currency leu will recover  Romania's national currency will be able to recover after its recent depreciation against the euro, Romanian National Bank (BNR) governor Mugur Isarescu declared on Tuesday, quoted by NewsIn. Isarescu said that the depreciation is a direct consequence of local economic problems.
24.Anti-graft prosecutors investigate airport extension requested by Nokia in Romania Anti-graft prosecutors are investigating the way the local administration in Cluj, Central Romania agreed with a 3.5 km extension of the local airport, as requested by Nokia officials. The company received the promise from local authorities that the airport will be extended. Anti-graft prosecutors say that the local council president is suspected of subjecting the contracts to several business men from his entourage.
25.President Basescu: Romania needs better governance Romanian President Traian Basescu took part at an Romanian Academy debate on a new sustainable development strategy for the country. Basescu used the occasion to talk among others about Romania's problems and the long term objectives needed to sustain the further development of the country. Moreover, he added that what Romania needs is a better governing team.
26.Deloitte: online advertising to grow by 50% in 2008 A Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu study regarding the prospects of the media market in 2008 shows that the Romanian market will grow considerably this year, in pace with the international trends. According to the study, online advertising will grow by 50%, after it reached 10 million euro in Romania last year.
27.Moldova leader Voronin opens talks with Putin on Kosovo precendent After several talks with European Commission, OSCE and NATO officials the President of the Moldova Republic, Vladimir Voronin, arrived in Moscow on Monday to analyze with Russian President Vladimir Putin the future perspectives of a solution for the Transniester conflict, Nezavisimaria gazeta informs. According to the Moldovan Presidency press office the discussion is set for today.
28.What the newspapers say: January 22, 2008 America's economic troubles have an impact on the Romanian economy, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. And another newspaper reads about credits Romanians can take up from other European banks - at record interests. Elsewhere in the news, Germans in Bochum keep protesting against Nokia and Romanians, as one paper puts it.
29.Disputes revived over nomination of new Justice minister in Romania Romania's governing Liberals gathered on Monday to analyze the case of Norica Nicolai, the Liberal nominee for the seat of Justice minister, whom President Traian Basescu refuses to accept in office. After hours of deliberation, the Liberal leadership concluded that they still stood for Senator Nicolai but did no appeal the Constitutional Court to unlock the relation between the presidency and the government over the nomination.
30.First registration tax hits Romanian car market The Romanian automobile market could decrease, freeze or raise by 5% at most this year as compared to the previous year, Romania's automobile producers and importers (APIA) officials declared on Monday, quoted by Romanian news agency NewsIn. Forecasts in late 2007 spoke of a 10% increase for 2008 but this year's evaluation of possible trends take into account the first car registration tax. Both Dacia Renault and Ford sales are expected to suffer most, as the largest car producers in the country.

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