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1.What the newspapers say: December 15, 2006 The main event yesterday was a cake. A giant gingerbread cake, in the shape of the new Europe, shared through the afternoon by PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, President Basescu and a lot of European officials in Brussels. “Welcome in Europe. Welcome home!”, said Barroso in Romanian. Staring a the cuisine show, Romanian newspapers failed to see some of the news and concentrated mainly on simple, background data, usually filled with figures and statistics.
2.Newcomers' party in Brussels Romania's and Bulgaria's accession to the European Union was celebrated on Thursday in Brussels, with officials symbolically adding two pieces of gingerbread shaped as the two countries to the gingerbread cake shaped as the EU map before January 1st, 2007.President Basescu and PM Tariceanu had nothing to discuss backstage, but acted as best friends on stage, as usual. The party yesterday was a first event in three months dedicated to the new enlargement wave.
3.Parliamentarians reject "One laptop per child" program Deputies returned to the Education Commission the law draft for Romania joining the worldwide program "One laptop per child" (OLPC). The document was already rejected by the Senate, but was approved by the Education Commission in the House of Deputies.
4.Cheaper natural gas in January The domestic consumption of natural gas will cost 2.5% less starting in January, after the tax on interior production was eliminated. The price for Imported natural gas will also decrease some 12 US$ for 1,000 cubic meters. In addition, the Romanian currency, Leu (RON), has a positive evolution, contributing to the price decrease, the National Natural Gas Regulation Agency informs.
5.EU accession effects on Romanian real estate "partially over" A true revolution occurred on the markets of the ten European countries that joined the EU in 2004, with a fast growth of prices, major deals and a wave of new projects. The same is expected to happen in Romania, but the effects of accession here will be a bit milder as they’re already “partially over” since the 2004 enlargement lured big investors to the whole region, an analysis by the Eurisko company says.
6.Romanian EC forms cabinet The European Commissioner for Multilingualism, Romanian representative in the EC, Leonard Orban, named on Friday a French, a German and two Romanians in the seats of the cabinet he would run, the NewsIn news agency informs. The Orban cabinet complete formula will be announced on Sunday, in an official press conference.
7.Romanians blocked in Spanish Airports Several hundreds of Romanians working in Spain who wanted to return to Romania for the holidays are currently stuck in airports, after the Air Madrid flight company lost its license and had to suspend its flights. Thousands more travelers are in the same situation.
8.Dinamo meets Benfica Lisbon, Steaua against FC Seville Steaua returns to Seville, the city where the team won the Champions' Cup in 1986, to play against FC Seville, currently holding the UEFA Cup and the European Supercup. Dinamo faces again the team that eliminated the Romanian champions seven years ago.
9.Leonard Orban: "Stop fighting, start building post-accession strategies" The European Commissioner for Multilingualism, Romanian Leonard Orban, drew the attention of politicians in Bucharest that they should mainly focus on the post-accession strategies, rather than continuing the interior political quarrels. Orban says that the main emergency for the moment is to create "a management system for European businesses".
10.Defense Ministry builds anti-corruption structure Defense Minister Sorin Frunzaverde announced in a press conference on Sunday that the institution he leads is about to create an interior anti corruption structure, operative after January 1st.The Fraud Investigation Service in the Defense Ministry will assess the institutional risks and vulnerabilities.
11.Spain may lift restrictions for Romanian workers in 2008 Spanish authorities intend to allow Romanian workers to access the labor market in the first two years after Romania's accession to the EU. Restrictions could be lifted after an evaluation conducted at the end of 2007, the Romanian National Radio Announced.The subject was discussed on Saturday in the Romanian govt., where PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu met the Spanish Interior and Labor & Social Affairs Ministers.
12.Bulgaria risks safeguarding clause activation The European Commission may decide to issue an official document imposing a safeguarding clause for Bulgaria, according to the news website. The final decision is due on December 20, referring to the 37th article in Bulgaria's Accession Treaty.
13.Fals si uz de fals in actele IPJ Maramures Haosul din Inspectoratul Judetean de Politie Maramures e cu adevarat in floare. Dupa ce v-am demonstrat ca documente STRICT SECRETE au fost depuse intr-un dosar civil, acum va aratam ca mai multe acte oficiale ale acestei institutii menite sa aplice Legea au acelasi numar de inregistrare. Peste decizia sefilor, subalternii isi fac de cap. Tot in acte.
14.SIF Transilvania finanteaza piata telecom la Galati Societatea de Investitii Financiare (SIF) Transilvania a intrat pe piata telecomunicatiilor. Compania, cu sediul in Brasov, a subscris, in cadrul ofertei publice de vanzare initiate de operatorul de cablu CCC Blue Telecom Galati, 1,2 milioane actiuni.
15.Exclusi, dar la cursuri Desi Senatul Universitatii "Babes-Bolyai" (UBB) a decis excluderea din institutie a lectorilor Hantz Peter si Kovacs Lehel pe motiv ca ar fi adus atingere imaginii institutiei, acestia isi continua nestingheriti cursurile.
16.Cina cea de Taina in varianta clujeana 12 oameni ai strazilor clujene, cu treninguri si haine ponosite asezati la o masa prelunga in ipostazele in care Leonardo da Vinci a impus lumii intregi imaginea episodului evanghelic Cina cea de Taina il au in mijloc, intr-o la fel de cunoscuta ipostaza hristica, pe artistul Erno Ciupe Bartha, cunoscut si in "rolul“ de patron al barului Music Pub.
17.Angajatii de la Mechel au preferat punga cu bani Mechel Campia Turzii a anuntat un program de restructurare. Astfel, 13% din personalul angajat la combinatul rus isi vor pierde din aceasta luna serviciul. Sindicatul de la Mechel a mediat programul de restructurare oferind persoanelor vizate alternative in locul job-ului pe care il aveau.
18.Ex-deputatul Gurzau, prins in scandalul dintre "Ariesmin" si Primaria Baia de Aries Fostul deputat PD de Cluj, Adrian Gurzau, este prins in mijlocul scandalului existent la Baia de Aries (judetul Alba) intre conducerea fostei exploatari miniere "Ariesmin" SA si primarul PSD Silviu Marzan.
19.Hotel de doua stele si-un sfert pentru Revelionul pensionarilor Pensionarii timisoreni cu venituri ce nu depasesc cinci milioane de lei vechi vor avea parte, si in acest sfarsit de an, de un cadou in valoare de 10.000 de euro din partea edililor municipiului.
20.Afaceri ilegale rodesc in fostele sere ale "Orser" Oradea Comitetul Sindicat al societatii "Orser" din Oradea a decis sa dea in judecata patronatul care conduce fostele sere, dupa ce tot personalul a fost disponibilizat fara sa primeasca salarii compensatorii sau sa beneficieze de indemnizatia de somaj.
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