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1.What the newspapers say: July 10, 2006 A Romanian Television campaign to decide who’s the greatest Romanian has led to a shortlist that sparks a lot of talk in today’s newspapers. So does the “quing” of Britain, Prince Philip, with another one of his notorious gaffes - this time related to Romania. The spectacle continues with negative political reactions against a not so orthodox computer game a Romanian team launched this year and a game of attrition between Bulgaria and Romania in the field of tourism.
2.Poll: Romanian President is right in confrontation with prime minister President Traian Basescu remains the most trusted Romanian politician according to a new poll published on Sunday. Some 53% of Romanians trust Basescu, who in the current government camp is followed by Liberal politicians Mona Musca (44%) and Theodor Stolojan (39%), Democratic Party leader Emil Boc (26%), Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu (20%), Bucharest mayor Adriean Videanu, Conservative Party leader Dan Voiculescu and Hungarian Democrats leader Marko Bela.
3."Racial hate" computer game under scrutiny The Romanian National Council against Discrimination (CNCD) received a complained last weekend about a new computer game called “Romanians in space” in which players have to exterminate groups of Hungarian insurgents.
4.Football mogul's victim dies in hospital A man who was shot and seriously wounded by the head of a Romanian football association last month died after two weeks in hospital on Saturday night. Alexandru Radulescu will now be charged with first degree murder for shooting Constantin Radulescu in the head.
5.Romanian unemployment down, statistics show The number of registered unemployed Romanians stood at 481,000 people by end of May 2006, 14,700 less than the same period last year, according to the National Statistics Institute in Bucharest. In April 2006, their number exceeded 517,300, up 6000 compared to April 2005.
6.Romanians richer due to increase in real estate price Romanians have grown richer in the last few years, as the price of residences has increased, a study of the Romanian Central Bank (BNR) shows. A Romanian’s wealth comprises 40% more real estates than a European’s. 90% of the Romanians' belongings represent the properties they own, thus the properties’ prices boom have prompted a real increase of wealth, according to analysts.
7.Czech president pays visit to Romanian counterpart The president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus started a two-day visit in Romania, honouring his Romanian counterpart’s invitation. The talks between the two heads of state focused on the relations of the two countries, regional politics, and Romania’s accession to the EU.
8.Dexia drops out bid for CEC French-Belgian group Dexia pulled out from submitting a bid for the Romanian Saving House CEC, according to the group’s press release posted its site on Monday. The list of potential investors expected to submit bids by July 17 shortened to four regional groups: Raiffeisen, OTP, EFG Eurobank, and the National Bank of Greece.
9.Vodafone and Orange Romania forced to cut down interconnection rates Romania’s National Regulatory Authority for Communications (ANRC)announced the two most important mobile operators in Romania - Vodafone Romania and Orange Romania - that they must cut down their interconnection rates with 11.3% in 4 stages, from September 1, 2006 to January 1, 2009.
10.Romanians to earn Europe level wages in 20 years The salaries in Hungary and in the Czech Republic will increase up to the average wages in the developed European states in 10-15 years, according to a study by the Vienna Institute quoted by Focus News press agency. As far as Romania and Bulgaria are concerned, the Austrian researchers avoided to provide a forecast.
11.Cosmote enters BusinessWeek's IT 100 list Greece's largest mobile-phone company ranks 80 on its first appearance in the BusinessWeek’s IT 100 list this year. Cosmote has continued its expansion into Eastern Europe with the purchase of mobile operators in Romania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia, and plans to take over Germanos, a Greek mobile-phone retailer with an extensive network of Eastern European stores.
12.Romanian children - prostitutes in Germany, investigation journalist Jurgen Roth says Children and women from Eastern Europe in general, and from Romania in particular, are being trafficked to Germany where they are turned into prostitutes, with the complicity of local authorities, investigation journalist Jurgen Roth has said in an interview for
13.Biro umbla cu declaratia de avere vopsita GAZETA a prins-o pe viceprimarita Oradiei ca umbla cu fofarlica. Biro Rozalia a mintit in declaratia de avere, incercand sa ascunda adevarul despre proprietatile imobiliare pe care le detine. Viceprimarita a dezvoltat o pasiune ciudata pentru una dintre cele mai cautate zone limitrofe Oradiei, cu un potential turistic fantastic.
14.Corbii Puterii Teribilele inundatii din comuna bistriteana Tarlisua au pus in miscare si firmele capusa care se infrupta fara jena din ajutoarele banesti acordate de Guvern. Tarlisua a ajuns sa fie asediata, asa cum era de asteptat, de corbii Puterii.
15.Pierdut Partid Democrat, il declar nul GAZETA a descoperit cum au fost manjite primele zile ale democratiei in Romania scaata de jugul comunist. Lupta de interese a inceput in primele zile ale Revolutiei. Infiintat de un grup de revolutionari, imediat dupa alungarea lui Ceausescu, Partidul Democrat a fost furat de cei care vroiau puterea doar pentru ei.
16.A batut Justitia Dupa ce a stat trei ani in strada, un oradean si-a recapatat locuinta din care a fost evacuat abuziv. Ungvari Tamas a contestat o decizie a instantelor bihorene si si-a gasit dreptatea tot in instanta. Gasit nevinovat, pensionarul bolnav vrea acum sa se razbune si sa-i bage la puscarie pe cei care l-au scos afara din locuinta
17.Dupa Pop vine Pavel Social-democratii bihoreni au facut din nou alegeri, de data aceasta in randurile organizatiei de tineret. Deputatul Claudiu Pop a predat stafeta de presedinte interimar al tineretului social-democrat din Bihor. Emilian Pavel a fost ales in fotoliul de presedinte al Tineretului Social Democrat din Bihor.
18.Coruptie la Cadastru Bihor In ciuda semnalelor trase de GAZETA, DNA Oradea nu s-a sesizat, favorizand continuarea netulburata a jafului din centrul Bailor Felix. Una dintre persoanele afectate direct de imensa frauda si-a asumat raspunderea de a sesiza in scris organele anticoruptie.
19.Omul care l-a facut aviator pe Tariceanu Scoala de la Strejnic formeaza piloti pentru companiile internationale si ii invata pe oamenii de afaceri si pe politicieni sa-si conduca avioanele private.
20."Moina" intra pe mana americanilor Compania Global Development Partners din SUA si-a confirmat intentia de a investi intr-un nou stadion, insa CJ are nevoie de ajutorul Primariei pentru a face fata cererii investitorilor
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